Key Features

Lead Generation

Promote your boat and yacht for sale listings on the all-new SEO Optimized which is now riding through the ranks of Google and visited by qualified consumers worldwide. With twenty years of history, savvy buyers know that YATCO is the leading marketplace for quality yacht listings and no games.

Control & Own Your Data

Set visibility controls for every boat and yacht for sale listing to ensure you are reaching the right audience. Your listings can be published to YATCO BOSS internally, your company’s website, YATCO MLS,, Syndication (other brokers’ and third-party websites), and any other systems that can accept the BOSS XML data feed. Alternatively, should you choose to keep your fleet management data private and confidential, it will always remain confidential and yours. With YATCO, you own your data!

Market Alerts

Receive automatic email alerts unique to your professional interests or set alerts for each and every one of your customers and prospects. Be notified the instant your yacht of interest are listed, price reduced, and sold

Other Features


Network with the world’s leading companies and brokers to promote your listings globally.
YATCO members are world-class professionals and can deliver you deals with confidence and ease.

Add, Edit, Search & Print

Add, edit, search and print yacht listings based on BOSS security roles and administrative roles, which are easily customized to meet your company’s needs.

My Marinas™

Create a “dock” for each of your clients and manage their listings of interest with ease. Print, export, email, or save your clients in an organized and efficient manner.

Fleet Library

Store and organize your active boat and yacht for sale listings, pocket listings, trades, past deals, sold vessels, or the entire market of vessels you choose in your fleet management database.

Boat Shows and Show Lists

Receive free promotion in all of the YATCO Show Books and Show Lists which happening every month around the world. If your listing is in the region of the show (regardless of your participation), you will be displayed in our Online Regional List in the weeks before each show.

Vessel History

Track all online and offline activity for each boat or yacht for sale listing. Quickly send reports to your sellers showing all activity, showings, boat shows, marketing expenses, and activities happening on their vessel.

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