Key Features

Store, access, and publish your company’s digital media and content anywhere, anytime with YATCO’s online file management system.

Manage All Digital Files in One Place Online

Easily organize and manage all your company assets in one place with YATCO BOSS’s online file manager. Assign documents to individual contacts on their customer relationship management record or specific yachts for sale or charter to increase your company’s productivity and streamline brand management.

Control All Your Yacht for Sale and Charter Listing Data

Manage all yacht for sale and charter listing media, such as videos, photos, virtual tours, documents, and other media to quickly share with potential clients or publish to the company’s email marketing templates, website content, social media platforms, YATCO MLS, or any other digital platform.  

Optimize Digital File Search

Optimize your digital files for searching by automatically assigning meta-data and tags to individual assets with YATCO’s online file management, making it easier to find and easily share with clients or distribute internally.

Other Features

File Integration & Sync

Attach yacht photos, videos, and documents to your yacht for sale or charter listings and contacts.


Keep your information, media, and data safe and secure with YATCO BOSS. Our expert developers ensure your files are kept private with multiple layers of online security and protection.


Consolidate all your files in one central location online. Spend less time tracking them down so you can work on increasing your ROI.

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