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Company History

In 2005, Pirelli Group, the world leader in specialty tires for race cars, motorcycles and bikes, teamed up with TecnoRib, one of Italy’s major manufacturers of rigid inflatable boats, to create a new range of slick-looking, high-performance inflatable vessels. The result was a series of ultramodern cabin, open and walkaround speedboats, and two lines of tenders that definitely set the bar for future rubber boats.

Today, with 20 models ranging in length from 10 to 60+ feet, you could say that combining the cutting-edge technology and prestige of Pirelli and TecnoRib’s know-how and commitment to customization paved the waterways for a new generation of inflatables.

Pirelli Speedboats

There’s no denying Pirelli’s speedboats are a thrill to drive, but you don’t capture market share just because you go fast. Pirelli RIBs also lead their class in performance, design and comfort. Here’s a brief rundown on the speedboat series:

Cabin 1900 1400, 1100, 35, 42

What these five models have in common is intelligent onboard design that distributes space based on usage and adds to comfort without hampering performance, handling and safety. This full lineup of specialized speedboats ranges from the Pirelli 35, which makes the most of its 36 feet (walkaround layout, sunbathing areas, spacious cockpit and wide, comfortable berth), to the Pirelli 1900. The Pirelli 1900 debuted at the Cannes 2017 Yachting Festival. This 60-foot flagship, with its 16-foot beam, wide open spaces and a top speed of 45 knots, is the largest in the series.

Open 1400, 1100 Sport, 880 L Exhibition, 880 Sport, 770

The first RIB launched as a result of the Pirelli-TecnoRib collaboration was the 770 in 2006. Open models range in size from 25 feet (770), 29 feet (880), 37 feet (1100) up to 45 feet (1400). The defining characteristics that make each of these models outstanding day cruisers include ergonomic space allocation, effortless handling, plenty of safety features and lots of power.


If you’re having a hard time imagining a roomy RIB with style, then you need to check out the Pirelli 42. This sporty walkaround inflatable boat accommodates up to 14 people, can be powered by diesel or gasoline engines, has stem and stern sun pads and a dinette table that converts to a berth. It makes a first-rate standalone day cruiser or support vessel for a mega yacht. While more compact than the popular Pirelli 42, the Pirelli 35 delivers the same level of style, speed and onboard accessories. And, believe it or not, has room for up to a dozen people.

Pirelli Tenders

Designed and manufactured by TecnoRib, all Pirelli tenders are built with the same attention to detail and share these characteristics:

  • Reduced height to ensure they fit in a yacht’s garage
  • High performing, seaworthy, versatile and easy to handle
  • Plenty of space to relax and catch a few rays
  • Safety-first access to boarding and departing

The primary differences between Pirelli tenders are their size, engines and propulsion.

Pirelli T-Line, T45, T65, T75

Pirelli T-Line tenders are off the charts when it comes to luxury. Designed and built specifically to fit maxi yachts (70 feet or larger), Pirelli T-Line models are typically customized to complement the yacht they tend.

Pirelli J-Line, J29, J33, J39, J45, J50, J Azimut Edition

The “J” in J-Line stands for “Jet,” because these tenders come equipped with jet-drive engines, such as the high-performance Rotax Ace 903 90 hp, that are specifically designed for marine use. Pirelli J-Line tenders are built to be used on yachts and mega yachts.

A buoyant partnership

When TecnoRib opened its doors in 2005, it was on a mission to fill a gap in the rigid inflatable boat market. Sure, there were plenty of RIBs floating around in Italy, where TecnoRib is based, but none like the ones the in-house experts had in mind. They envisioned an inflatable boat that could handle rough conditions, cater to comfort and deliver the quality construction, handiness and ergonomic designs discerning cruisers and yacht owners want.

TecnoRib approached the Pirelli Group and suggested combining their respective experience and expertise to develop a series of rigid inflatable boats that were second to none. The two companies signed a license agreement, and in May 2006, the Pirelli 770 made its debut at the Pirelli Regattas in Santa Margherita Ligure.

Over the next 10 years, the range expanded to include 11 more speedboats. Then in 2015, T-Line and J-Line tenders were introduced to attract owners looking for support boats with the same quality construction, performance and luxury as their yachts. TecnoRib’s insistence on customization was the unique selling point that clinched many a sale.

Whether you’re interested in day cruising along the coast or want a tender for your mega yacht, nothing beats a Pirelli. What sets Pirelli-TecnoRib rigid inflatable boats apart from all others for sale today is the inclusion of these eight essential elements: comfort, design, experience, know-how, performance, personalization, power and versatility.

Pirelli Design Shipyacht Stats

  • Established: 2005, Milan, Italy
  • Founders: Pirelli Group, TecnoRib
  • Type: Rigid inflatable day cruisers and yacht tenders, 10 to 60+ feet
  • Models: Speedboats 1900 1400, 1100, 35, 42 1100 Sport, 880 L Exhibition, 880 Sport, 770; T-Line T45, T65, T75; J-Line J29, J33, J39, J45, J50, J Azimut Edition
  • Construction: Pirelli advanced rubber; resin-infused carbon-fiber hulls

Rigid inflatable boats make great day cruisers and yacht tenders, especially when they’re built by Pirelli and TecnoRib. Search our easy-to-navigate, real-time database today for the Pirelli speedboats and tenders we have for sale. 

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