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Luhrs Boats History

Founded in the 1830s by German immigrant Henry Luhrs, the company built top-quality mid-size fishing boats under the umbrella of the Luhrs Marine Group, which also owned and Silverton, Mainship and Hunter boats. Luhrs boats were built in Millville, NJ, but declared bankruptcy and ceased operations in early 2008 – at the head of the downturn. Scroll below to search our yachts for sale database for new and used Luhrs boats.

Millville, NJ

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Luhrs Boats Models

Model Name Production Year LOA Beam Draft
28 Open 2005-2009 29.83ft 11.5ft 2.66ft
290 Open 1992-2002 29.83ft 11.5ft 2ft
30-31 Open 2004-2009 31.41ft 11.83ft 2.5ft
32 Convertible 2001-2002 32.25ft 11.66ft 3.33ft
320 Convertible 1988-1999 31.5ft 13ft 3.08ft
320 Open 1994-2008 31.5ft 13ft 3.08ft
34 Convertible 2000-2003 36.83ft 13.08ft 3.33ft
340 Sport Fisherman 1983-1987 34ft 12.5ft 3ft
3400 Motor Yacht 1990-1992 34ft 12.5ft 3.16ft
3420 Motor Yacht 1991-1993 34ft 12.5ft 3.16ft
35 Convertible 2008-2009 35.66ft 14.5ft 3ft
350 Convertible 1990-1996 35ft 12.83ft 3.33ft
36 Convertible 1998-2007 36.16ft 13.83ft 3.25ft
36 SX; 36 Open 1997-2007 36.16ft 13.83ft 3.41ft
380-40-38 Convertible 1989-2007 37.75ft 14.91ft 3.58ft
380-40-38 Open 1991-2007 37.75ft 14.91ft 3.58ft
41 Convertible 2004-2009 42.25ft 15.75ft 3.5ft
41 Open 2006-2009 42.25ft 15.75ft 3.5ft
44 Convertible 2003-2005 43.16ft 16ft 4.5ft
50 Convertible 1999-2003 50.83ft 18ft 5ft

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