YATCO Partners with Scaura to Help Its Yachting Professionals Deliver Superior Interactive Presentations

YATCO Partners with Scaura to Help Its Yachting Professionals

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, November 10, 2021 —YATCO, the Official MLS and Ultimate SaaS Platform of YachtingTM, is proud to announce the company has partnered with Scaura, a visual and interactive tool that will empower YATCO’s yachting professionals to deliver to their clients high-quality presentations of their vessels and information.

A New Tool to Present and Share Boats and Yachts for Sale Listings

Part of a simple plug-and-play solution, the collaboration will allow members of YATCO’s BOSS platform to easily share their listings in a sophisticated format. The partnership is part of YATCO’s mission to lead the industry digitally by connecting with top firms that support its yachting professionals and provide solutions to help them do what they do best – sell.

“We are excited to partner with the expert team at Scaura,” says Steven Myers, CEO and Founder of YATCO. “With this collaboration, we continue to support our professional members by giving them access to new tools that enhance their digital marketing efforts.”

Making the interaction with the buyer more professional, efficient, and impressive.

The solution provided by Scaura has already been tried and tested by renowned companies from around the world and in the yachting industry, including Sunseeker, Grand Banks, Riviera, Oceanco, and more. By importing all their yachts data to their own branded environment within Scaura, yachting professionals can easily and quickly enhance the listings information, analyze the shared data, and generate PDF files with their own brand. Combining all these features with YATCO’s CRM, email marketer, and other software solutions will make the entire interaction with the buyer a lot more professional, efficient and impressive.

“With the number of listings YATCO possesses and the customer-facing sales solution we have developed over the years, we truly believe this partnership will make life much more professional and easier for all yachting companies,” says Martijn van Dort, CEO and Co-Founder of Scaura. “We are very excited about this new venture.”

Including over $30 billion in yachts for sale, YATCO supports thousands of yachting professionals worldwide and facilitates over $5 billion a year in sold vessel transactions through YATCO BOSS while serving the yachting community with accuracy, reliability, and state-of-the-art technology.


YATCO, The Official MLS and Ultimate SaaS platform of YachtingTM, is the sole online service dedicated exclusively to central listings by qualified professionals only with over 20 years in the yachts for sale marketplace. With over $30 billion in yachts for sale, the company supports more than 2,000 professional yacht brokers and facilitates over $5 billion a year in sold vessel transactions through its proprietary BOSS (Back Office Software Solution). Committed to 100% pure data, YATCO serves the professional yachting community with accuracy, integrity, and cutting-edge technology.

About Scaura

Scaura is a fast-growing SaaS platform focusing on making sales enablement visual and efficient. By emphasizing the brand experience and providing an interactive way of presenting, Scaura enhances the sales process by supporting client interaction with relevant information and content in the most efficient way. Serving clients from all over the world in many different industries, Scaura has positioned itself as the go-to player for companies seeking visuality and simplicity for their sales teams.

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