Key Features

Leverage your website visitors and client data to build data-driven B2C marketing and sales strategies with YATCO’s lead-generating CRM software 

Streamline Relationships 

Synchronize your Contact Database/CRM management with all websites, fleet management, social media, email marketing campaigns, phone calls, tasks, files, media and more in one secure platform you can access anytime online. Market your yacht for sale or charter listings better and ultimately sell more by organizing all your contact information in one central location.

Monitor Your Clients

Create automatic email marketing campaigns for specific contacts based on designed triggers through our proven customer relationship management software. For instance, you can set up an automated email alert for clients in a particular group when there is a price reduction on a yacht for sale or for charter matching their criteria.  

Set Up Market Alerts 

Receive automatic email alerts from YATCO’s CRM system every time there is a yacht for sale or charter that meets your contact’s interests. With YATCO BOSS, you can easily set up unlimited market alerts for your clients and be notified when a yacht that matches the selected criteria is new to the market, has received a price reduction or has been sold. Engage with your clients on a recurring basis with yacht data based on their unique needs. 

Other Features

Auto Prospecting

Capture all search queries and vessels viewed on your company’s website. Our customer relationship management system will monitor the global marketplace and send you instant notifications that match your client’s interests.

Contact Lists

Organize your contacts based on any criterion by creating Lists. Engage your clients based on their specific yacht for sale or charter needs and desires. 

Email & Tasks

Directly send emails to your contacts from your CRM management account. Assign them tasks and receive email reminders for completion.

Personalized Settings

Add all relevant information related to your client, including the yachts they previously owned and what they are interested in, individual files, spouse information, passport number, birthday, and more, safely into YATCO’s CRM system. 

Interactions & Lead Sources

Access a complete list of all interactions you have had with a contact, including tasks, emails, and website activity. Create Lead Sources suitable for your own company to differentiate and better evaluate the channels your quality leads come from.

Contact Forms

Review the contact forms you have received through the websites you have yacht for sale or charter listings displayed. View all the information the contact provided, together with the page they inquired on and the IP address they used at the time of sending the form.

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