YATCO Announces Partnership with Triton News

Joining forces to better serve the yacht market, YATCO and Triton News have announced a new partnership. Read more.

Joining forces to better serve the yacht market, YATCO and Triton News have announced a new partnership. Founded in 2004, Triton is one of the industry’s premier content providers and networking organizers. In addition to its online site, Triton produces bi-monthly publications and hosts highly attended networking events for captains, crew, and yacht industry professionals.

Triton News and YATCO Collaboration

As the industry’s go-to source for yacht brokers and industry professionals, the partnership between YATCO and Triton News was a natural fit. “The long reach of Triton readers and followers mixes perfectly with the customer base of YATCO,” says Triton publisher Jim Bronstien. “By partnering together, we can deliver much more content and information to both groups.”

“We are really excited to partner with Triton,” comments YATCO founder and CEO Steven Myers. “Our technology platform and ability to connect the yacht industry in new ways match perfectly with Triton’s long-standing platform of reaching out to the industry through networking and content delivery.” YATCO’s services have expanded to lead the industry in innovative, intelligent software solutions and services for yachting professionals to compete in the digital age.

Triton News Network

As a result of this collaboration, the Triton News Network will now be powered by YATCO. With a new website and app to be released within the next few months, yachting professionals will have expert insights and yacht news at their fingertips. The partnership between Triton News and YATCO will provide an all-in-one platform for both yacht crew and maritime industry professionals – a trusted resource for industry news insider advice, and yacht details.

YATCO and Triton’s Mission Statement:

YATCO and Triton have partnered to serve yachting professionals through informative content while leveraging technology-driven platforms to advance the maritime industry.

Our shared vision is to empower and innovate through technology solutions built with integrity and accuracy.

To learn more about Triton News, click here.

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