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Company History

Building world-class daysailers, Saffier Yachts dates back to the mid-fifties with Richard Hennevanger, who purchased and refurbished his own boat at the age of 12, with the help of his father. After moving to Australia in 1961 as an adult, Hennevanger started his own shipyard. By the mid-sixties, he employed 16 craftsmen who were building 40 boats per year; called the Santana, the boat was a cabin sailing yacht of 31 feet (9.50m) and 36 feet (11m) in length. By 1972, Richard and his family picked up their belongings, and moved back to their homeland in The Netherlands, where they decided to sail the world as a family. By their return to Holland, their two sons were well versed in sailing, and had gained the same passion for it as their father. Once back in Holland, the family began building boats again – this time, for the KNRM, which solidified them financially.

At the end of 2005, the yard launched the first Saffier 32, and two years later, the Saffier Se 26 open daysailer – which attracted a lot of media attention and put the yard in the limelight. The yard continued to innovate and build luxury daysailers, which are still highly regarded today. By 2014, they launched the Saffier SE 33 Ultimate Daysailer – a model which blends graceful sailing with speeds over 17 knots. Sixteen models were sold in just one year, and the boat was nominated for European Yacht of the Year as well as the HISWA Yacht of the Year – a true testament to a family-run company.

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