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Company History

Founded in 1971, Najad, a Swedish manufacturer, has been designing and building elegant sailing yachts in the 40-60-foot range, that blend performance, comfort, and security at sea.

Created as ocean-going yachts, each boat can be easily handled by two people. Standing for quality, excellence in design, craftsmanship and comfort, the company employs a distinct attention to detail in each boat they build. The yard has launched a successful 2,000 yachts to date and has become one of the world’s most acclaimed brands in boat building out of Sweden. The yard’s series of yachts include the N395 AC, N395 CC, N450 CC, N505 CC Next Generation, and the N570 CC.

Shipyard Stats

  • Size: 40 to 60 feet
  • Type: Ocean-going sailing yachts
  • Model: N395 AC, N395 CC, N450 CC Next Generation, N505 CC Next Generation, N570 CC, and previous models