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Company History

Established in 1989, Eurocraft Cantieri Navali constructs yachts ranging from 35 to 60 meters in length, and is based in Savona, Italy. The company specializes in constructing custom superyacht projects in a various materials including steel, aluminum, and composites. Since its inception, the yard has built its own brand of yachts as well as vessels for other builders and designers globally. The company originally worked as a group of three separate shipyards but merged them in 2000 to help bolster the brand. The shipyard operates with its in-house engineering and tech department as well as a woodworking shop, with plans of expansion to include an 800-ton travelift to help grow its refit department. Notable yachts include the 37-meter A2, the 43-meter BARON TRENCK, and the 23-meter BEIJA FLORE.



Savona, Italy


Steel, Aluminum, and Composites