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Company History

Founded in 2014 by Sergei Dobroserdov, an experienced yacht broker and designer, Dynamiq Yachts has set a new standard in the yacht building market. It is the first in the industry to introduce the use of an “online configurator” that allows the customization of a yacht down to the minute detail.

The company made waves with its first launch in 2016 with 128ft (39m) Jetsetter, and its subsequent build, the GTT 115 was built set to a design by Studio F.A. Porsche and was revealed in 2017. The Dynamiq Yachts yard’s latest series, the Global series, is a set of long-range explorer yachts that they are building on the “EPIQ” platform, which stands for efficiency, performance, innovation, and quality, as well as its sleek new GMT line. Due to launch in 2021 is the GTT 135 (41m).

Shipyard Stats

  • Size: 90 to 164 feet
  • Type: Luxury motor yachts, superyachts

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Massa, Italy


Marine-Grade Steel, Aluminium and Sealium


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