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Company History

Prior to its acquisition by Pendennis Shipyards Limited, Devonport Yachts, founded in 1989, were built in the United Kingdom. Over the years, Devonport Yachts has built a total of five custom superyachts, including 96-meter VAVA II, 82-meter SARAFSA, 77-meter SAMAR, 50-meter ALAMSHAR, and the 42-meter AQUARELLA. Devonport Yachts had a long history in building and supplying boats for The British Royal Navy. Now rebranded as Pendennis Plus, the company has been added to the Pendennis Group, which gives the yard the freedom to continue building, this time, bespoke superyachts at 60-meters +, as well as conducting superyacht refits.

Shipyard Stats

  • Size: 60 meters plus
  • Type: Superyachts



United Kingdom