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Cabo Yachts is an internationally recognized American brand founded in 1991 by Henry Mohrschladt and established in Adelanto, California. These yachts are sought after for their popular express and convertible sportfishing yachts, which range from 31 to 52 feet in length. The boatbuilding company has always looked for ways to enhance their products and offer boat lovers a first-class sportfishing experience.

The company has become an iconic American brand that represents the very best sportfishing yachts with older vessels still available on the market at a premium price. Throughout their exciting history, Cabo Yachts has improved its vessels and incorporated innovative design to stay ahead of their competition, but without jeopardizing the company’s high-quality, “purpose built” sportfishing platform.

Its production ceased in 2013, but in 2019, after six years, the company introduced their first new model – the Cabo 41. Find Cabo Yachts for sale on the most accurate boats for sale database of new yachts and used yachts for sale for the West Coast of the USA.

Adelanto, California

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