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Alden Yachts was established in 1909 by John G. Alden, a highly renowned naval architect and yacht designer that gained notoriety with his MALABAR designs that won various races in his time. Alden Yachts was a fine builder of sailing yachts ranging in size from 44 to 72 feet, up until the company closed in 2008. Search below for Alden Yachts for sale by length, price, year, and more.

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Company History

Alden Yachts was founded by naval architect and designer John G. Alden in 1909, and was located in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. Alden produced over a thousand designs before he retired, and over a hundred more after that. By 1932, he was widely known for his craft due to his creation of the MALABAR designs that were highly successful on the offshore racing circuit. His boat MALABAR IV, an Alden design, was the winner of the Newport-Bermuda race in 1923, while MALABAR VII, another Alden design, was the later winner in 1926, and once again, MALABAR X took home the prize in 1932. Other Alden designs took the top four places as well. Alden’s designs were later donated to the MIT museum’s Hart Nautical Collection. 

Alden Yachts were earlier known for being fast, seaworthy offshore schooners, however today, the company’s varied range of remarkable yachts are classics that garner much attention on the water.

Alden Yachts Models

These classic Alden yachts are now available on the brokerage market and include more modern designs such as the Alden 72, Alden 54, Alden 52, Alden 50, Alden 46, Alden 45, Alden 44, and the center cockpit design by Bill Cool – the Alden 55. Known for their seaworthy, blue water capabilities, these yachts are still highly sought after today, despite the fact that they are no longer in production under John G. Alden. 

The 46 Alden, a fine example of Alden design and his life’s work, is a Saloon Express sailing yacht, is the ideal vessel for a liveaboard or overnight cruising. The 46 Alden offers a bridge deck with a steering station on the starboard, with a galley below. The 46 Alden features all modern amenities one should expect from an Alden design, including a full head with a stall shower, a forward master stateroom with large closets, and plenty of storage space. 

Alden Yachts carried on until 2008 under the guidance of naval architect Niels Helleberg. Niels Helleberg scanned and cataloged the Alden design collection and helped direct it to the MIT museum. Niels Helleberg provided design and print services up until he closed his offices in 2014. Helleberg also created the website and database for Alden yachts and these too, were also transferred to the MIT museum to help in offering continued access to these important design archives. 

Shipyard Stats

  • Founder: John G. Alden
  • Size: 19 to 64 feet
  • Type: Cruising and racing sailboats and sailing yachts
  • Models: Alden 44, Alden 45, Alden 46, Alden 50, Alden 52, Alden 54, Alden 55, Alden 72

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