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Jet powered boats are those powered by an inboard engine and a jet pump, mimicking those used by personal water crafts. Search all jet boats for sale available by location, size, price, brand, and more.

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Jet Boat Buying Guide

Jet boats are those powered similarly to a personal watercraft. Unlike other motor boats that use an external propeller, a jet boat draws in water from under the boat through an intake and into a pump-jet inside the boat, then expels it through a nozzle at the stern. This creates a “jet” like stream of water. Benefits to this boat type include safety as there are no propellers to worry about, as well as ease of navigation since there is no drag or depth restrictions due to the engine.

What is a Jet Boat, and How Does it Differ from Traditional Boats?

A jet boat in the most basic sense is powered differently to traditional boats. Instead of a traditional motor, a jet boat takes in water, uses an impeller driven by the inboard engine which then forces a high-pressure jet of water out through the back of the boat. Jet boats are an easy transition for those first starting to boat, while also benefitting from use in shallow areas without a heavy engine hanging off of the back.

What Types of Jet Boats are Commonly Available for Sale?

Used jet boats for sale usually only run in size from around 15 to 30 feet so if you’re in the market for one – you’ll need to settle on a boat of this size.

Do Jet Boats Require a lot of Maintenance?

Similar to other small boats, jet boats will require regular maintenance. From oil changes to cleaning and waxing, you’ll want to stay on top of upkeep for your jet boat to increase the longevity of the vessel. One of the biggest issues a jet boat can encounter is weeds or even tow lines that can get tangled around the pump intake. By staying on top of this, you can make sure you don’t do any damage to the pump intake.

How Much do Jet Boats Cost?

Jet boats range in prices depending on the year the boat was built, the brand, the condition and the length of the boat. Most will start around $30,000 but can cross into the $100,000 and above mark for the higher end models.

Which Manufacturers Make the Best Jet Boats?

You’ll find a few major jet boat motors for sale from a variety of builders. These include: