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Electric Boat Tips

What is an Electric Boat?

An electric boat is a vessel that uses an electric drive system as its primary source of propulsion. As the popularity of electric powered boats grow, and a deeper focus on the environmental impact of fossil fuels is brought to light, electric boats will come in an even greater variety of shapes and sizes, with many companies offering some sort of eco-conscious propulsion systems. Some of the top brands making waves today offering high powering electric powered boats include Candela C-8, Duffy Sun Cruiser 22, General Dynamics Electric Boat (with their naval contracts), and the X Shore Eelex 8000.

These types of electric motors include a

  • full electric battery,
  • hydrogen fuel cell electric,
  • lithium-ion batteries, or
  • increasingly, a hybrid version of these.

Electric-powered boats often feature unique efficient hull designs, the ability to travel extensive nautical miles and even reach impressive top speeds. Electric motors are no longer seen as less powerful than traditional fossil fuels used in other engines.

Are Electric Boats Cheaper?

While this relatively new boat technology grows and expands, we may see prices come down; however, at the moment, most electric boats will come with a higher price tag than yachts of a similar size and make using traditional engines. This is due to a variety of factors, but some to note are:

  • New Technology – As with many industries, newer, advanced technologies will usually cost more as early adapters trial and test them out. Once it becomes more mainstream, we should see prices drop on high performing electric motors.
  • Niche Market – While there isn’t a lot of demand for electric engines, the market remains relatively small and niche. Until these electric powered boats are mass produced, we won’t see much of a decline in prices.
  • Limited Manufacturers – With only a select few companies to choose from, it can be harder to get access to electric motors or make them widely available for all yachts.
  • Cost of Parts – Advanced technologies like electric propulsion systems are not cheap to manufacture. And if something needs replacing, this will also cost more than traditional systems to replace or get parts for.

What is the Average Cost of an Electric Boat?

The average cost of an electric boat will vary based on a few factors.

  • Size – What is the length of the electric powered boat you are in the market for?
  • Age – Since the technology is relatively new, most used electric boats won’t be too old, but this may help bring costs down as the years progress and you can get an older model for a cheaper price.
  • Condition – Is it a brand-new high performing electric boat that can run for many nautical miles on its lithium-ion battery? How was the hull designed? What top speed can the boat reach?
  • Technology – Different technological advances will affect the overall price of the boat.

Make and Model – Some example prices of top brands include:

  • Candela C-8 – High performing with an impressive top speed of 30 knots, and unique hull designed to be incredibly light, the Candela C-8 has a starting price tag of $390,000.
  • Duffy Sun Cruiser 22 – Perfect for days on the water, this electric boat has a starting price of $57,000.
  • X Shore Eelex 8000 – This model starts at $329,000, is one hundred percent electric, with a top speed of 30 knots to make the most of your nautical miles at sea.

When taking into the above factors, you’ll likely find an electric boat that starts around $55,000 brand new and rises up into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

What are the Top Electric Boat Brands?

As demand for electric boats grows, and more brands shift to lithium-ion batteries, and a reduction in fossil fuels, this list will expand as well. In 2023, some of the top electric boat brands and models include:

  • Alva Yachts Ocean Eco 54
  • Candela C-8
  • Duffy Sun Cruiser 22
  • General Dynamics Electric Boat (naval contracts)
  • Say Carbon Yachts
  • Vita Lion
  • X Shore Eelex 8000

As electric powered boats continue to gain popularity, this market segment will only continue to grow so be sure to keep an eye on this exciting space.