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Founded in 1970, Duffy Boats is a builder of electric boats located in California. These small electric boats are created in the company’s facilities that spans over five acres. Each component of the boats is created in-house, adhering to the highest of quality. Search below for Duffy boats for sale by length, price, year, and more.

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Company History

Located in Adelanto, California, Duffy is a builder of small electric boats that are hand-laminated for durability at its 5-acre manufacturing facility.

All parts of the boats – including its cabinets and tables – are created in-house, meeting the highest quality standards to withstand life on the water. Their woodwork consists marine-quality cherry wood, combined with high quality canvas and foam to create stunning and light interiors.

Duffy constructs six models, which include its Back Bay 16, the Bayshore 18, the Snug Harbor 18, the Bay Island 22, the Sun Cruiser 22, and the Cuddy Cabin 22 – each unique builds in their own way.

Shipyard Stats

  • Type: Electric boats
  • Models: Back Bay 16, Bayshore 18, Snug Harbor 18, Bay Island 22, Sun Cruiser 22, Cuddy Cabin 22



Adelanto, California