The International SeaKeepers Society Vessel Donation Program – Helping to Keep Our Oceans Alive Through Yachting

The International SeaKeepers Society Vessel Donation Program

The International SeaKeepers Society supports its mission through boat and yacht donations that support the DISCOVERY Yacht Program, their foremost initiative in accomplishing scientist-led expeditions, citizen science, educational outreach and community engagement. Donors are assisted throughout the process, from pick-up of the vessel to preparation of the necessary paperwork to complete the donation. Benefits of eliminating ownership costs while making a positive impact on the state of our oceans are significant.

Who is The International SeaKeepers Society?

SeaKeepers is a non-profit organization that supports oceanographic research, conservation, and education through direct involvement with the yachting community. By connecting vessel owners with the scientific and educational community, SeaKeepers takes full advantage of its unique potential to advance marine science and raises awareness on global ocean issues. In a collaborative effort with various organizations, academic institutions, and government agencies, SeaKeepers facilitates comprehensive programs and experiences that are unique with both the vessel and the science in mind.

The International SeaKeepers Society Vessel Donation Program

How to Donate Your Boat to The International SeaKeepers Society

The initial step in donating your vessel, is to contact, where members of the SeaKeepers team will learn more about your vessel, answer any questions you may have on our Yacht Donation Program, and make arrangements to inspect the vessel. To learn more about the benefits of donating your boat, please visit:

Why Should You Donate Your Boat?

Vessel owners can donate to The International SeaKeepers Society to relieve themselves of the considerable expenses of continued ownership; claim a charitable deduction on their federal income tax (as applicable); and help support ocean conservation and education of participants around the world.

Other Ways to Support The International SeaKeepers Society

There are many ways to support SeaKeepers without donating a vessel. If you have a vessel and would like to use it to participate in their at-sea programming, you can join our DISCOVERY Yacht fleet, by contacting ; you can become a member and donate annually to support the mission by visiting; or you can donate time by attending one of our shoreline clean-ups and help us to remove trash from the beaches and our waterways. Schedules for these clean-ups are found here:

To learn more about all donated boats and yachts to The International SeaKeepers Society, visit WWW.SEAKEEPERS.ORG and find out how to support Scientist-led expeditions, Citizen Science initiatives, Educational Outreach events and Community Engagement activities for ocean conservation.

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