Superyacht Tender and Toys

a man on a lake with a superyacht toy

What is a Superyacht without superyacht toys? Here are some of the latest products which can make your experience full of excitement or can simply bring you closer to the blue. We are not going to talk about Jet-skis, wakeboarding and traditional surfing, because we have heard a lot about them already. However, in the last years, a few superyacht toys and accessories have changed the whole idea for water fun.

Here is list with some of the most intriguing superyacht toy inventions:

#1 Submersibles

Isn’t it weirdly awesome to own a private submarine? Yes, it is! But each year new models from the leading manufacturers of leisure submersibles are introduced offering diving into deeper areas and allowing more passengers on board. One of the top launches of the previous year is the Super Yacht Sub 3 by U-Boat Works– considered to be the most compact private submarine offering space for 3 people and reaching depths of 300m. For information you can visit

#2 Quadski by GIBBS Sport Amphibians

No need to hire a car, ATV or any other sort of transportation when you have the Quadski – ride it with up to 45 miles per hour on water or on land. This made possible thankfully the engine of 140 HP! The trill is real! More information at:

#3 Seabob F5 S

Explore the shallow depths and get around in the water as if you are riding a dolphin. In the last year Seabob have upgraded to lighter units, more aerodynamic shape and increased safety making the new addition great even for kids. It can reach depths up to 40m! assures that its high degree of maneuverability also makes it ideally suited for use in larger pool complexes.

#4 PowerDive Systems

PowerDive systems make diving easier and more enjoyable. No need to carry heavy oxygen bottles. Up to 16 meter of depth can be reached by using the system. Not great for professional divers who want to reach deeper areas, but awesome for diving enthusiasts and even first-time divers. PowerDive can be also used as a helping tool for hull maintenance. More information at:

#5 SuperPool by Superyacht Tenders & Toys

SuperPool is a fantastic solution to get the pool experience in the middle of the ocean. The inflatable pool protects from jelly fish and other sea creatures. It makes a safe place for swimming reducing the strength of the water currents. For more information visit:

#6 Lampuga Air

Simply said , Lampuga Air is an electric surfboard built of carbon fiber and powered by lithium-ion batteries. It reaches speeds of 47 km/hour and a life battery of 40 minutes. Features fast design, light weight and flexibility. More information at:

These are some of the best superyacht toys which have come to the market in the last few years. As demand increases, a variety of new models and inventions are developed each year making yachting experience more fun than ever!

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