Superyacht Summit Adria Interview with Co-Founder Bogdan Gusarev

The first Superyacht Summit Adria is happening on April 18, 2024 in Split Croatia. Co-Founder Bogdan Gusarev shares insight into this important event.

The first Superyacht Summit Adria is quickly approaching on April 18, 2024, to be held in Split Croatia, uniting the yachting industry across the Adriatic and the world. Organized by WeAreSuperyachts, who hosted their first summit in Türkiye in the fall, YATCO recently spoke with Co-Founder, Bogdan Gusarev to share some insight into this pivotal event in the industry. 

Following the great success of your Türkiye Summit and the highly anticipated Adria Summit, tell us a little about the reasoning behind your new Summits in the Eastern Mediterranean – why do you think they are so timely and needed in the industry right now? 

Our new Summit taps into the region’s growing yachting popularity, responding to industry demands. It’s the perfect time to connect experts, spotlighting the latest trends and innovations in the Adriatic.

This Summit offers a prime platform for networking and exploring the opportunities in the Eastern Med, aligning with the industry’s forward momentum. 

You’ve been in the industry a long time – how have you seen this part of the world evolve into the yachting hub it is today?  

My time in Monaco and Tuscany gave me a solid start, but it was diving into the Turkish market and the Adriatic Sea that really opened my eyes to the region’s potential in the yachting world. As we’re wrapping up preparations for our Summit, the strong impact and contributions from key players has become evident.

Our goal is to unite these efforts, using our expertise to further highlight and integrate this emerging hub with the international yachting community. 

Who is this Summit for?  

The Summit is designed for both seasoned local superyacht experts and those from overseas who want to better understand and connect themselves in this area.  

What other events can we expect to see from WeAreSuperyachts in the coming years? 

We’re launching our own podcast series soon, there’s also a party planned for this spring, plus, we’re introducing the WeAreSuperyachts People Awards during the Superyacht Summit Türkiye in Istanbul this year, celebrating the outstanding contributions of individuals in the industry.  

YATCO is proud to be a media partner for this event, following their first highly successful Superyacht Summit Türkiye and helping spread the word on the event and the promotion of the Adriatic region. 

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