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SEAZONE on mobile phone, Many yacht management teams are looking to increase efficiency. SEAZONE’s vision is to simplify the workflow of yacht management.

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Many yacht management teams are looking to increase efficiency. Less time spent on administration and reports – More time to focus on customer relations and increase the volume of your operation. More revenue with less labor. SEAZONE’s vision is to simplify the workflow of yacht management. 

With so many different software, programs and apps, we spend most of our days trying to navigate through the clutter of information.

Thankfully, there’s now an all-in-one program that will take care of every aspect of yacht management and put it in one place, so that you don’t have to spend hours trying to get your head around how to do it all! Learn more about SEAZONE today!

The first thing to know about yacht management software.

Not all Yacht management software created equal.

It’s an incredible tool to help you manage your yacht business, from deck management to owner relations. However, most systems in the market today are too complicated or expensive. SEAZONE is all-in-one online tools for yacht management teams designed to serve all yachts, in all sizes. It’s amazing how smoothly things can run when all your data is accessible in one place. 

With over 70 years of accumulated experience in yacht management, we learned that the basic rule in yachting is: If it’s complicated – No one will use it. Designed with simplicity in mind, SEAZONE provides solutions in real time, from any device.

SEAZONE desktop version. Many yacht management teams are looking to increase efficiency. SEAZONE’s vision is to simplify the workflow of yacht management.

What You Need to Know About SEAZONE

Who uses SEAZONE?

Well… Everyone can. The system is so easy and intuitive that it takes minutes to set up, and even the most technological hesitant captains, will love it. It doesn’t matter how big or small your fleet is. From managing 5 high end superyachts, to manage a fleet of 40+ smaller boats. 


  • expenses,
  • administration,
  • charters,
  • create comprehensive reports,
  • find crew,
  • each boat individually, and
  • monitor your fleet through our innovative dashboard.

How SEAZONE helps you with crew searches.

Crew is essential to every yacht. Finding a qualified crew can be difficult, stressful and time consuming. Crew search on SEAZONE makes it easy for yacht managers and recruiters to find exactly what they’re looking for, saving time and hassle in searching for that perfect member of the team. A premium tool acting as a crew database, with over 20,000 professional crew profiles from all over the world. 

The search is Geolocation based, with matching algorithm so you no longer need to post your openings across social media and drown in dozens irrelevant Emails. Crew agents and management teams use SEAZONE database for free to find the best candidates for their clients, with minimum time, and absolutely 0! costs involved. You can even get your own customer success manager and reference checks to selected candidates.

SEAZONE cards. Many yacht management teams are looking to increase efficiency. SEAZONE’s vision is to simplify the workflow of yacht management.

How SEAZONE helps you build reports.

It’s not just about creating reports – SEAZONE creates detailed, professional reports in just 1 click, that the crew, management and Yacht owner can easily access on their mobile phones and view at all times.

Our yacht accounting software allows you to create highly specific reports so that you can keep a close eye on expenses while also keeping an eye on crew and boat maintenance. No more excel spreadsheets and various programs that confuses even the most organized captains and managers. No more miscommunication or money lost between the cracks.

SEAZONE aggregates all your necessary information in one space, saving you time and helping you deliver your promise to the Yacht owner by using best practices and the best tools.

How SEAZONE helps you with charter management.

When your program is commercial, you must address it as a business, even if the purpose is to offset annual cost for the owner. That means that you must be able to collect data and maximize revenue. 

When you can have a clear boat calendar, produce usage statistics reports, APA reports and even separate expenses per charter, you have the ability to generate extra value to the owner.

How SEAZONE helps you store all your documents in one place.

Instead of having to carry your boat paperwork crew/guests list and crew’s contracts, certificates and passports around with you all day in a rubber banded stack, you can simply store them on SEAZONE. When it comes time to show a document for any reason (such as check out) at immigration or customs, all you have to do is access it through Seazone’s interface on your phone and share it directly with them! Moreover, you will get notified by SEAZONE online assistant before any of the certificates expire, so you can be always on top of things.

Cloud solution is the safest way to store your data 

By using the safest and most secure server you can sleep well at night knowing that your boat and crew information is safe. No solution is perfect but research has shown that a secure cloud solution is a safer way to store documents than your personal computer or hard drive, especially on board. SEAZONE is fully GDPR compliant to ensure that your personal data is yours and not transferred to a 3rd party. 

What does it mean if I get a free trial?

The best way to understand how SEAZONE will be able to help you is through a free trial. Simply sign up for your free 30 days trial account and take advantage of all of our incredible features and tools at no cost for 4 weeks! The only thing that we ask for after your 30 days trial is that you subscribe to any of the modules you have found useful.

We highly recommend that you schedule a 1 on 1 DEMO with us before starting the FREE trial to maximize your value from the system and ask everything you want to know in person. 

Our development team is known to be extremely agile to create solutions tailor made to your team needs. We can’t promise that we can do it all, but try us.

To schedule a demo contact:

About the Author

Yulia Froiman, CEO & Co-Founder of SEAZONE

Yulia Froiman, CEO & Co-Founder of SEAZONE


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