Next Generation of Yachting – Part 14: Konner Webb, Burgess

The next generation of yachting is fresh, and has a lot to offer. Read more about Konner Webb, Burgess here.

Looking to the future of yachting, YATCO interviews several fresh faces in the industry to discover how they got their start, their career highlights so far, and what they predict for the future of the yacht market. 

Konner Webb is a Retail Charter and Brokerage Assistant for Burgess.

Featuring Konner Webb, Retail Charter and Brokerage Assistant of Burgess

How did you start in yachting? 

I grew up between South Florida and the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. Growing up along the bay, and coming from a boating family, I spent a lot of time around various vessels and began photographing them. 

In the years that followed I began traveling to boat shows around the world and quickly fell in love with the yachting industry. 

In 2020, I went down to Florida and began working small jobs on various boats, which lead to a deckhand position on a 50m. While my time as a deckhand gave me invaluable insight into the inner workings of a yacht, I realized my passion was with the broader yachting industry.

I started out as a freelance photographer shooting boat shows and charter shoots for shipyards and brokerage houses. This led me to forge many contacts within the yachting industry, expanding my network with owners and industry professionals alike. Cultivating my passion for photography and expanding my knowledge of various vessels and key industry players. 

In 2022, I joined the Burgess team. 

As a younger professional in the industry, what trends have you seen, and what do you predict for the coming years? 

I believe social media marketing will play a significant role in the future of our industry, particularly with the next generation of clients.

What kinds of challenges have you faced in yachting, and how have you overcome them? 

I have always been the youngest person in the room, which can be intimidating at times. Many of the professionals I work with have spent their entire lives developing their expertise.

As someone relatively new to the scene, my colleagues’ experience sets a high standard and that can present unique challenges.

However, I cannot imagine a better group of peers to learn from. As my knowledge grows, so does my passion. 

What are some of your most memorable and successful moments? 

Great memories are tied with each photograph that I capture. I bring my camera everywhere and love to document each moment, whether I am traveling for work or pleasure. This summer I captured a series of photographs in Italy. I have seen my work grow a lot since I first started shooting. The desire to capture and edit the perfect image is quite magical. 

My work has led me to share and create many great images, whether that be taking photos during a boat show or on a charter shoot in the Bahamas making a smiley face with the water toys.

Charter shoot in the Bahamas, making a smiley face with the water toys 
by photographer Konner Webb
Charter shoot in the Bahamas, making a smiley face with the water toys
by photographer Konner Webb

What advice would you give to someone looking to join the yacht world? 

It is all about networking and getting your name out there.

From attending boat shows to various events, you will find yourself surrounded by extremely passionate individuals. 

What do you aspire to for the future? 

I have never really had a five- or ten-year plan. If there is anything I have learned, it is the importance of being surrounded by a good team. Often, opportunities present themselves when you least expect it. 

Instagram: konner.webb

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