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Read on as YATCO speaks with Arksen as they share the history of their company – from birth to the present day and what the future holds.

Arksen is a marine adventure company based in London UK. They build exceptionally capable vessels, enabling families and friends to confidently explore some of the most wild and untouched places on Earth. With a goal to encourage and motivate the next generation of explorers, scientists and conservationists, Arksen is a technology and innovation company building the most authentic, capable and efficient explorer vessels of their kind.

Image Source: Arksen H 82

Read on as we speak with the Arksen team as they share the history of their company – from birth to the present day and what the future holds.

Tell us a bit about the birth of Arksen, what was the catalyst to its creation? 

Arksen was founded by Jasper Smith, a British entrepreneur with a passion for adventure and the environment. The catalyst for its creation can be traced back to an expedition that Jasper took with his family in Greenland in 2017. During the trip, he was struck by the beauty and fragility of the Arctic environment, and he became acutely aware of the threats posed by climate change and human activity. 

Inspired by this experience, Jasper began to think about how he could use his skills and resources to make a positive impact on the world. He decided to focus on the marine environment, recognizing that the ocean plays a critical role in regulating the earth’s climate and supporting biodiversity.

Arksen H 70
Arksen H 70

Jasper’s vision for Arksen was to create a company that would design and build expedition yachts that could explore the world’s oceans while also advancing ocean conservation and scientific research. He wanted to create a platform for adventure, education, and exploration that would inspire people to take action to protect the ocean.

To bring his vision to life, he assembled a team of experts in yacht design, engineering, and sustainability. Together, they developed a range of expedition yachts that are designed to be rugged, efficient, and self-sufficient, with a focus on minimizing environmental impact.

Today, Arksen is a leading force in the expedition yacht industry, with a growing fleet of yachts and a strong commitment to ocean conservation and scientific research. The company continues to innovate and push the boundaries of what is possible in expedition yacht design, all while working to protect the ocean and inspire a new generation of ocean advocates. 

This philosophy is also central to how Arksen operates as a business and we have adopted the Sustainability Group’s FuturePlus program to constantly monitor and assess our processes across the Group. 

The Adventure Series has been gaining global recognition since its inception. Following your first unveiling in the US, what’s next for this series?

The first two vessels are heading to Seattle to attend a number of local shows in Washington with our first US dealer, Ben Oaksmith. We continue to expand our global dealership network in the US and have just signed another in Holland with more being announced soon. In addition, we have plans to introduce a range of adventure ribs underneath the Arksen 28 later this year.

Arksen 28
Arksen 28

The Adventure Series is an interesting space for Arksen, it’s our opportunity to bring many more people to waterborne adventure. One of our key values is increasing accessibility, so expect to see our experiential ownership programme expand in the next 12 months to include some unique subscription models.     

What’s next for Arksen – with the Explorer Series, Adventure Series, Adventure Syndicate, Arksen Overland and the many philanthropic projects, will there be a certain focus for 2023 or what can we expect to see coming from the team in the future? 

This is a big year for Arksen as the wider vision for the company comes to life.  

As you say, we launched our Overland company in spring, and this will be quickly followed by the first of our two 85ft explorer vessels that will splash into the water this year. The first in late spring/early summer, the second in autumn. Before these though, we will launch our high-tech performance apparel company, Arksen Labs. Following our central philosophies, they are designed and built to circular economy principles using the most sustainable fabrics available.

Arksen 85 yacht
Arksen 85

This doesn’t distract from our continual focus to assess how things can be improved across the adventure/explorer space. We are also working on two projects that we hope to bring to life in the near future: fully off-grid and modular cabins that can be built locally using local workers and native materials to create off grid living in style; and an events business that curates bespoke experiences that enable our clients to get the most from their Arksen products.

Arksen 85 Master View
Arksen 85 Master View

How has the reception of 10% for the ocean been and what would you like to share with our readers on this powerful initiative? 

10% for the ocean has been incredibly timely. Marine charities and non-profits have been gaining more and more attention in recent years, and we are harnessing this focus to improve funding for all. This is being increasingly recognised by a cross-section of society. In the last six months we’ve seen more and more individuals fundraise under our banner (completely independently), and have collaborated with brands like Henri Lloyd. There is a lot more coming (in true Arksen style, expect the unexpected) and we always invite interested parties to discuss how they can partner with us.

Arksen H98
Arksen H 98

Where existing ocean charities collectively manage to raise 0.6% of all charitable giving, we aspire to increase this to 10% providing a far greater share for all. We aim to achieve creating a novel approach to fundraising and developing one of the most concerted and exciting modern day marketing strategies (and we’re happy for more to be involved). Funds go directly to specific projects, ensuring donations are spent where they are needed most.  

You have a number of other important philanthropic projects on the go – can you share any special moments from these efforts?  

It’s amazing just how much our activities resonate with others who want to join us. Indeed, one of our clients very generously commented: 

Arksen 30 Yacht
Arksen 30

“The Arksen team’s love and respect for the oceans is evident not just in the vessels they produce but also in the innovative initiatives they have devised to encourage marine conservation and research projects as well as creating a network of support to adventurers. I believe giving back to the oceans through these initiatives is a real selling point for exploring enthusiasts lucky enough to be indulging their passion on the sea.   

Buying into Arksen’s unique concept is giving the new generation of these explorer enthusiasts the possibility, not just to visit the last great wilderness of our planet, but also to actively contribute to its protection and regeneration.” 

Arksen 30 Interior
Arksen 30 Interior

Of course, part of the joy of adventure and exploration is being able to share our experiences and discoveries with others. It builds awareness about areas and topics that otherwise go untold and unnoticed. It’s one of the reasons why storytelling is so integral to our brand. Which is why we partnered with Oceanographic magazine to provide an annual grant for a visual Storyteller in Residence. The first Storyteller in Residence, Henley Spiers, has a phenomenal talent and skill – we are greatly looking forward to raising awareness around the ocean stories that he is focused on.

Arksen 30 Interior
Arksen 30 Interior
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