Featured Center Console Boat: Scout 357 LXF Walkthrough & Video

The new Scout 357 LXF offers a large center console boat for fishing, cruising & overnight stays.

Building on the Scout 355 LXF, the all new Scout 357 LXF features a larger boat, with ample storage, fishing capabilities, and a cabin below deck for overnight stays. Enjoy this video and walkthrough with Alan Lang, Director of Sales and Marketing at Scout Boats in South Carolina.

Watch the Scout 357 LXF – Walk-Thru video on YouTube.

Video Transcription: Scout 357 LXF

Hi, I’m Alan Lang, Director of Sales and Marketing with Scout Boats. I’m standing on our all new Scout 357 LXF which is the successor to the 355 LXF. You’ll see that we’ve changed this bow area to really widen it up. We still have the actuating electric table here in the center so I can use this as a table, and drop it down halfway; cushion goes on top  to create a lounge all the way across or I can drop it all the way to the floor or halfway again without the cushion and use this area as a casting deck if I needed to.


Up front, I’ve got the anchor windlass with foot pedals, that I also can control back at the dash.

I’ve got Illuminating ambient lighting that pops up out of the deck rod holders up here and one thing new about this Scout 357 LXF is I’ve got these built in back rests with plenty of room for my legs so lots of comfort up here, safety, grab rails, etc. There’s storage on both sides and up in the forward part, it gives me access to my anchor chain and road.

Underneath the table, there’s a large storage area for extra vests or whatever you want to put down there.

And then moving up, I’ve got cup holders and butterfly lids and coolers on both sides up here in the gunnel.

So, on this particular model, you’re looking at the Grigio interior, which is sort of a Scout white and light grey; it’s been a very popular option.

We’ve got a large console lounge here with storage underneath for my shore power cord, Armstrong ladder for the starboard side transom, plenty of room for beach bags, supplies anything you need there with the dry box.

Scout 357 LXF Center Console


Moving aft, I’ve got another control for my stereo, an area here to set flipflops, keys, whatever accessories you want to bring on the boat. And then moving back to the console, we’ve touched this up in here with a little bit nicer interior than what you’ve seen in the past. So, down here in the cabin, I’ve got a great area of sleep for two.

Scout 357 LXF Center Console Boat - Cabin
Scout 357 LXF Center Console Boat – Cabin

I’ve got windows on either side that I can open up to get a little fresh air, also air conditioning down here, speakers, television, sink, refrigerator, vanity mirror, storage on the port side for utensils, trash can, access to the back side of my console, storage cabinets up top, additional Fusion head unit switch panels and also, I’ve got all my engine keys down here to not clutter up my dash. Once these are turned on, I can crank the engines digitally from up at the helm.  


Moving back to the helm, I’ve got a really pretty acrylic dash with two 12-inch screens centered by a 16-inch screen. We’ve got an optional scan strut cell phone charger, two cup holders, vessel view gauge, Mercury joystick, AC at the helm, binnacle controls, and a glove box here with a couple of USB and USBC ports. Up top, I’ve got my optional Seakeeper controls, an additional switch panel for anything that I might need in an emergency situation, and VHF radio. You’ll notice the icon at the dash that’s lit up red that can be turned off at night if you want to, but what it does is it indicates that there’s power to the boat.

Scout 357 LXF Center Console Boat - Helm
Scout 357 LXF Center Console Boat – Helm

And on this model, our sunroof is made out of fiberglass, so once that’s deployed, it leaves you with two kinds of T-top windows that allow the natural light to come through. And with it being a fiberglass sun shade, you can pretty much run full speed without worrying about doing any damage to the shade itself. One really cool thing you’ll see about the larger Scout’s on the starboard side of the console is storage for your brush, gaff, line hook, and lines that’s dedicated and lockable.

Port Side

On the port side of the leaning post, you’ve got a trash can, on the starboard side of the leaning post, you’ve got tackle drawers, and also the controls for your fiberglass aft sun shade. Bolster cushions running from almost the entire boat, all the way back with a handrail that takes me all the way back here to the stern.  

We’ve got a newly designed side door; this thing reminds me of a bank vault, it’s so sturdy. The in-floor fish boxes are even larger than what we had on the previous 355 LXF. The leaning post back here, I’ve got an aft facing seat so I can watch my rods or sit back here and enjoy time with my friends. I can fold down the back rest, and I’ve got a little rigging station here or a table with built-in cup holders.

Scout 357 LXF Center Console Boat - Forward Seating
Scout 357 LXF Center Console Boat – Forward Seating

Stern Transom

Back at the stern, we’ve got a walkable transom with no splash well so, if you’re parked, you know at a beach or at a restaurant, anybody walking across your transom isn’t going to have to worry about slipping down inside of the splash well with rigging running through, it it’s all very clean and wide open.

Scout 357 LXF Center Console Boat - Storage
Scout 357 LXF Center Console Boat – Storage

Port Side Transom

On the port side transom back here, we’ve got a nice built-in storage box.

Scout 357 LXF Center Console - Forward Seat

The dive door back here in the stern has been changed to a single door; nice and sturdy that swings in, I’ve got split bait well lids, so each side folds over which reveals a cutting board on the underside, access to my bilge area and underneath the seat back here, I’ve got access to my optional Seakeeper, or a cooler box storage box and I’ve also got hose reels here for raw and freshwater hoses.

At the stern of the boat, you’ve got a two-person forward-facing transom seat, rod holders, shore power, engine flush system, starboard side rod storage.

One other thing you’ll notice about this Scout 357 LXF is the cockpit’s just a little bit larger than what you saw on the 355 so this is a new mold, new boat, successor to the 355 LXF, very excited about it.

This boat is equipped with AC at the helm and down below that runs off of your battery power with the Seakeeper option. We also have solar panels up top that trickle charge the system.

Now this boat is part of our S-Class series which is a play on “S” for Scout, also a stepped hole, and then S-Class stands for performance and luxury.

It is epoxy infused so the fit and finish on this boat when it comes out of the mold after being baked for eight hours at 145° is a fully cured, first class finish that looks great even with darker colors.

Scout 357 LXF Center Console Boat - Engines
Scout 357 LXF Center Console Boat – Engines

This boat is equipped with the V10 triple Mercury 400s, reaches speeds to mid to high 70s, very fast boat. One thing I want to point out about our 357 LXF and our other LXF models is they’re known as being gentlemen and ladies fishing boats. They’re built very tough, they look beautiful but they’re also so great for fishing on top of entertaining luxury and they have the appointments that you come to expect and a very high-end fishing machine.  

Check out the Scout 357 LXF and everything else we have to offer today at Scoutboats.com

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