Feadship Launches Hydrogen FuelCell Yacht Project 821

Feadship launches the first hydrogen fuel-cell superyacht in the world, Project 821, a triumph of green technology.

Feadship recently launched Project 821 the first hydrogen fuel-cell superyacht in the world. This triumph of green technology within the yachting industry debuted on May 4, 2024, after the conclusion of its five-year construction. At 389ft/118.8m, this motor yacht holds the title as the largest yacht to ever be launched in The Netherlands.

Featured Image Credit: Feadship

Project 821 was created “to cruise between harbors or anchorages and to operate the yacht’s hotel load and amenities with emission-free power from green hydrogen.” It has a cruising speed is 14kts with a 6,500 nautical mile range and a maximum speed of 17kts. Its owners are represented by yacht brokerage Edmiston, who are also handling the vessel’s sale. Naval architecture is credited to Feadship De Voogt Naval Architects with yacht interior and exterior design by RWD Studio

Director of RWD Studio, Charlie Baker, stated the design studio is “immensely proud to have been involved in such a forward-thinking project, as a collaboration alongside Feadship and Edmiston. We hope it inspires other projects to think differently in the future.” Project 821 seems to have already sparked interest as Jan-Bart Verkuyl, Feadship Director and CEO of Royal van Lent Shipyard, shared “two long-route Norwegian passenger and car ferries will [undergo servicing to utilize] the system pioneered [by Feadship and] PowerCell Group for Project 821.”

Feadship Hydrogen FuelCell Yacht Project 821
Image Credit: Feadship – Feadship Hydrogen FuelCell Yacht Project 821

The Research & Development team at Feadship has been researching hydrogen as a fuel source as part of their plan to put “net zero” yachts on the market by 2030. Because the only by-products of processed hydrogen are electricity and water (in the form of steam), hydrogen is the cleanest option for fuel, especially as more industries are trying to minimize the use of fossil fuels. Said Verkuyl, “The aim has been to develop a new, clean technology not just for this project, but for the world.”

Feadship Hydrogen FuelCell Yacht Project 821
Image Credit: Feadship – Feadship Hydrogen FuelCell Yacht Project 821

Chief Executive Jamie Edmiston said the goal of the project, “was to build the greenest and most environmentally advanced yacht ever built, without compromise,” noting that while an immense challenge, the team was successful. He continues, “the yacht we see today… is without doubt the best yacht ever built. I am proud to have been involved since the inception of this idea.”

Project 821 runs with up to 44 yacht crew and has accommodation for a maximum of 30 guests between 12 staterooms. However, the 8 guest cabins located on the main deck can be combined to create four luxurious, more spacious VIP cabins. The yacht interior contains an atrium-style spiral staircase, elevator, library, movie theatre, a hospital wing, and floor-to ceiling windows to bring in natural light. Additional features include multiple lounge areas, a variety of dining spaces, and a 27ft glass-bottom pool with a hot tub

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