Arksen Delivers Project Pelagos

Project Pelagos Explorer Yacht Sea Trial. UK based shipyard, Arksen has announced the launch of their 85ft explorer vessel, Project Pelagos.

UK based adventure lifestyle brand and yacht builder, Arksen has announced the successful launch of their new Arksen 85 explorer vessel, Project Pelagos. At 85ft, Project Pelagos is a “highly efficient long-range aluminum explorer vessel for remote cruising, research and adventure and driven by the company’s commitment to sustainability and circular economy principles in its proprietary design, and manufacturing conducted through best-in-class operators reflecting Arksen’s OEM model.” Pelagos is a great option for those looking for the explorer yacht lifestyle, in a pocket yacht size.

Jim Mair, CTO of Arksen shares, “The delivery and inaugural voyage of Project Pelagos mark a significant milestone, heralding a new era in explorer yacht excellence. As the vessel prepares for future expeditions, the Arksen team remains dedicated to propelling the industry forward with innovative designs and a profound commitment to our planet’s oceans. Project Pelagos is proof that with the right tools, there are no limits to where we can explore.” 

Arksen 85 Explorer Yacht - Aft
Arksen 85 Explorer Yacht – Aft

The company had three main goals for building the yacht: the efficient yacht hull design and three-deck format ensure functionality without compromising on size or speed; with spacious interior designs in a free-flow and open layout format making it perfect for families or entertaining. At 7,000 nautical miles of range, Project Pelagos is designed to go as far as you want, with a top speed of 20 knots and effortless stability.

Arksen 85 Explorer Yacht - Close Up of Windows and Side
Arksen 85 Explorer Yacht – Close Up of Windows and Side

The first owner of the new vessel comments, “Having spent 35 years offshore cruising I have been searching for the perfect vessel with true exploration capabilities and scope for comfortable on-board living. Arksen has provided the ultimate solution reflecting its competitive edge in terms of supreme design, economical energy management systems, and excellent construction which make this a vessel capable of going anywhere. This is a truly impressive example of a vessel which meets all the needs of demanding marine exploration. Arksen stands apart thanks to its innovation, its commitment to marine conservation and research projects, and its desire to create an adventure community. Buying into Arksen’s unique concept is giving the new generation of explorer enthusiasts the opportunity to visit the last great wildernesses of our planet whilst actively contributing to its protection and regeneration. I’m convinced that the pioneering and refreshing path Arksen is forging will make them a driving force in the future of the explorer yacht industry.”

Arksen 85 Explorer Yacht - Helm
Arksen 85 Explorer Yacht – Helm

Arksen remains on track to launch their other Arksen 85, Project Ocean later this year. 

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