141' 2" (43.03m)


Portsmouth United States $11,950,000 USD

The 2014 141' 2" EASTERN SHIPBUILDING GROUP Schooner COLUMBIA is a sail yacht for sale located in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, United States.

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LENGTH 141' 2" (43.03m)
ASKING PRICE $11,950,000 USD
BUILT 2014
BEAM 25' 6" (7.77m)
MAX SPEED 13 Knots
LOCATION Portsmouth, Rhode Island, USA
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Type Racing / Fishing Schooner / Sailing Yacht
Builder Eastern Shipbuilding Group
Year 2014
LOA 141’2” 43.02m
LWL 110’0” 33.53m
Beam (Molded)  25’6”   7.77m
Hull Depth Amidships (Molded)  19’6”   5.94m
Hull Material Steel
Decks Teak wood with Holly strips
Flag United States
Classification Lloyds Registry- 100A1, SSC Yacht, Mono, G6
Design/Engineering John W. Gilbert & Associates
Main Engine One Caterpillar C-18, 587 HP
Max Speed – Under Sail Up to 17 knots
Max Speed – Under Power 13 knots
Cruising Speed – Under Power 10 knots
Range - Under Power/Sail 4000 nm
Ballast (fixed) Lead - 47 tons
Displacement 260 LT
Gross Tonnage 145 Tons
Guest Accommodations Sleeps 12 in 4 staterooms, each with ensuite facilities
Crew Accommodation Sleeps up to 15 crew, including Captain’s Cabin/Day Cabin
Hull Length 141’2” 43.02m
Bowsprit   17’8”   5.38m
Length on Deck 132’4”  40.34m
Registered Length 115’4” 35.16m
Length at Waterline 110’0” 33.53m
Registered Beam (Molded)   25’6”   7.77m
Hull Depth Admidships (Molded)   19’6”   5.94m
Registered Waterline (DWL)   14’4”   4.37m
Eye Level (Above DWL)   10’5”   3.17m
Frame Spacing      19”   482.6mm
Construction guidance
The vessel’s hull, superstructure and underwater gear are designed and constructed in accordance with the Lloyds Registry Rules for Building and Classing Steel Vessels.
VESSEL overview and history
The original COLUMBIA was a 141’ classic Gloucester Fishing Schooner built at the historic A.D. Story shipyard of Essex, Massachusetts and launched April 17, 1923. Essex was the center for American Fishing Schooner construction. Designed by the innovative William Starling Burgess, the COLUMBIA was bred for speed. In the fall of 1923, the COLUMBIA challenged the BLUENOSE, Canada’s legendary schooner, in the International Fishermen’s Cup Races in Halifax, The BLUENOSE was skippered by Captain Angus Walters and the COLUMBIA was commanded by Captain Ben Pine. Nearly winning the title, the COLUMBIA was narrowly defeated by the BLUENOOSE and was one of the few American schooners to provide a challenge to BLUENOSE.

Tragedy struck the promising young COLUMBIA on August 24, 1927 near Sable Island, the notorious “Graveyard of the Atlantic”, where the COLUMBIA was lost with all hands in a gale.

Decades later, the owner of Eastern Shipbuilding Group, Inc., in Panama City, Florida, discovered the original lines plan of the COLUMBIA in the Essex Shipbuilding Museum in Massachusetts. He took the opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream of bringing a significant piece of maritime history back to life. Drawn by her proud history and her beauty, the owner began the journey of bringing the COLUMBIA back to life, and returning her to the glory she deserves.

Working with John W. Gilbert and Associates of Boston, Massachusetts, the design was re-engineered with a steel hull instead of wood. An engine room and staterooms were added to the design. Covey Island Boatworks of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, built the rigging and spars. Blocks were fabricated by A. Dauphinee & Sons and all the sails were constructed by Michelle Stevens Sailloft, LTD, both from the Second Peninsula, Lunenberg, Nova Scotia. Teak decking was completed by Teakdecking Systems of Florida.

In early 2006 the owner researched the original COLUMBIA’s history and made the commitment. He and his management staff, employees and subcontractors brought to life the design, engineering, purchased the materials and constructed the exact replica of the COLUMBIA (ESG Hull 981).

The hull lines were redrawn from a copy of the original hand drawn lines plan using AutoCAD computer software by John W. Gilbert & Associates. The hull plate, its formed shapes and structure, were electronically lofted, nested and numerically cut (NC) using ShipConstructor computer software at Eastern’s Allanton Engineering and Steel Processing Facility.

The vessel’s services, steering and propulsion systems were designed and installed for maximum efficiency when under sail or diesel power. There is a transverse bow thruster for ease of docking and undocking. The twin electrical power generation plants, switchgear and wiring were designed and installed meeting current marine regulatory requirements. Also installed are modern interior and exterior lighting, underwater lighting system, air-conditioning and heating and machinery space electric ventilation with plenty of thermal and acoustic insulation.

The onboard electronics, communication and navigational equipment are state-of-the-art with two 36 nautical mile radars, wind sensor, navigational LED lighting, electronic charting, electronic compass and autopilot for open water high performance efficiency. The entertainment systems are interfaced with a VSAT broadband Satellite system with phone, entertainment and internet service.

Using today’s technology coupled with proven early 1900’s craftsmanship, Eastern’s Team of shipbuilders, sub-contractors and vendors collectively constructed and completed sailing trials of this new, modern, historic schooner on September 18, 2014 from Eastern’s Nelson Street Facility in Panama City, Florida.

Eastern’s COLUMBIA is truly a robust steel hull replica derived from the historic Gloucester Fishing Schooner, meeting today’s USA regulatory requirements, utilizing today’s technology, machinery, materials, electronics and safety equipment.  It was designed with modern crew amenities and comfort in mind. It is a vessel designed with onboard features like no other for a worldwide port-to-port sailing adventure.
Displacement 260 LT
Deadweight Tonnage 32.5 LT
(ITC) Gross Tonnage 145 Tons
Net Tonnage 43 Tons
Vessel Speed Under Sail Up to 17 knots
Under Power 13 knots (max)
Under Power Cruising Speed 10 knots
Under Power/Sail Range 4,000 nm
Main Deck Plate 1/4”
Side Shell Plate 5/16”
Bottom Plate 5/16”
Watertight Bulkheads 1/4”
Hull Non-Watertight Bulkheads 1/4”
Bulkwark Plate 1/4”
accommodation details
Interior by Eastern Shipbuilding Group Interior Mahogany custom cabinetry – wood hand crafted, bunks, lockers, desks, leather settee and tables
(4) Guest Cabins Sleeps 12 with ensuite facilities
(7) Full heads
(1) Captain’s Cabin Sleeps 3 with ensuite facilities
(1) Crew Cabin – Forward (12) single berths, (1) head and shower
tank capacities @100%
Total Fuel Oil in (4) tanks 6,252 US Gallons / 23,666 liters
Fixed Ballast Lead (47 Tons)
Potable Water 2,050 US Gallons / 7,760 liters
Gray Water #1 150 US Gallons /  567 liters
Gray Water #2 200 US Gallons / 757 liters
Black Water 150 US Gallons / 567 liters
Fish Holds (2) @ 225 ft3  (insulated)
Main Deck Area 1,700 ft2
Deck House Top Area 540 ft2
Main Mast (1) 19” x 124’10” Covey Island Boatworks, Douglas Fir Laminated Lower.
Sitka Spruce Laminated Top Mast
Foremast (1) 19” x 115’7” Covey Island Boatworks, Douglas Fir Laminated Lower.
Sitka Spruce Laminated Top Mast
Sails Michelle Stevens Sailloft LTD. Oceanus SAIL Cloth
Total Sail Area 10,220 ft2
Spars Covey Island Boatworks, Sitka Spruce Laminated
Standard Rigging Covey Island Boatworks, Traditional Gaff-Rigging 6x19 and 6x36
Parceled and served, Lignum Vitea Deadeyes
Running Rigging Covey Island Boatworks, Traditional New England Ropes
Vintage “Sta-Set” Double Braided Lines
Blocks Covey Island Boatworks, A. Dauphinee & Sons
Machinery system details
Diesel Propulsion              (1) Caterpillar C-18, 587 HP @ 1800 RPM
Propulsion System (1) Hundested CPG32 CP, 3.07:1 Reduction
Tail Shaft (1) Hundested CP 120mm Tail Shaft
Propeller (1) Hundested CP (4) Blade Full Feathering Propeller
1200mm Dia. Material Ni-Al-Bz
Tail Shaft Bearings Cutlass Strut & Stern Tube Bearings
Tail Shaft Gland (1) Simplan Dripless Seal
Bow Tunnel Thruster (1) Key Power KP-16, 70 HP @1500 RPM Electro-Hydraulic
PTO Drive off the Main Engine
Main Rudder (1) Eastern Shipbuilding Group, Foil Type
Rudder Bearings Thordon SXL Bearings
Steering System (1) Pine Hill Equipment Electro-Hydraulic Steering System w/2x 10 HP HPU’s
Steering Rams (2) Pine Hill Equipment Hydraulic Cylinders
Steering Control (1) Electro/Hydraulic w/Manual Backup
Propulsion Control (1) Hundested Electronic
Bow Thruster Control (1) Key Power Electronic
Generator Engines (2) TAW Power Systems – John Deere, 65 kW, 200 AMP @ 1800 RPM Gensets
Generator Rating (2) Kohler 65 kW each Continuous Rating 230 VAC, 3 Phase, 60 Hz @ 1800 RPM Marine Generators
Electrical Installation Eastern Shipbuilding Group, 230/120V AC and 24/12V DC
Main Switchboard (1) TAW Power Systems – Parallel Operation Swithboard, 230V AC,
65 kW 60 Hz, 3 Phase
Distribution Panels Ward Electronic – 208/120V AC 60 Hz, 3 Phase Primary Distribution Panels
Engine Cooling Heat Exchanged, Raw-water Cooled
Fire Pump (2) MP Pump, Inc. 5 HP #36085
Fish Hold Refrigeration (2) Eskimo Ice Makers E1510d-230-WP
Freshwater Makers (2) Cathelco Seafresh H208 Water Makers, 37 USG/per hour, w/RMF-2 Re-mineralizers
Freshwater Pump (2) Mach 5, #3380SWTH
Hot Water Heaters (10) On-demand Electric Hot Water Heaters Hubbell, MTX018-3R
Bilge Pumps (1) MP Pump, Inc. 5 HP #36085
Transfer Fuel Pump (1) Oberdorfer 1.5 HP T12CT
Fuel Filter Separators (3) Racor Duplex Filter – Diesel Engines
Fueling Stations (1) Vessel Fueling Station
Sewage Treatment (1) Dometic Sanitation 42 Gallon MSD Unit
Sewage Pump (1) Dometic Sanitation 24V
Toilets (7) Dometic Sanitation – Touchpad Control
Supply Ventilation (1) Delta T-fan
Exhaust Ventilation (1) Delta T-fan
HVAC and Duct Work (1) LeBlanc & Associates, Cruisair 20T Unit
deck equipment details
Bow Capstan and Anchor Winch (1) Electro/Hydraulic – Ridderinkhof #R-AMW-H 20.5
Sail Winches (10) Hydraulic (4 Fwd, 4 Mid-ship, 2 Aft) Harken #74
Sail Winch (1) Hydraulic (Mid-ship) Harken #68
Sail Winch (1) Hydraulic (Aft) Harken #980
Sail Winches (8) Manual – Harken
Manholes Pacific Coast Marine
Watertight Doors Pacific Coast Marine
Port lights Pacific Coast Marine
Deck Hatches Pacific Coast Marine
Deck Prisms Marine Skylights
Radar #1 B&G Broadband 36 nm, 4G Radar, 24” Radome
Radar #2 B&G Broadband 36 nm, 4G Radar, 24” Radome
AIS System Simrad NAIS-400, Class-B AIS w/GPS Antenna
Chart Plotter (4) B&G ZEUS 12” Color Displays w/Sail Software
GPS (3) B&G ZG50 GPS
Navigation Displays (3) B&G 20/20HV Displays
Graphical Function Displays B&G Hercules Base Back-GFD H3000/CPU HTDRA
Echo Sounder Simrad GFD H3000 Interface, Flanged Transducer
Speed Log Simrad, GFD H3000 Interface, Flanged Speed Sensor
Speed Display B&G H3000 AWA 360 Display w/SimNet Interface
Autopilot Simrad AP20, WR20 Remote Commander w/SimNet Wireless Interface
GPS Compass Simrad HS70 w/SimNet Wireless Interface
Course Computer Simrad AC12, w/SimNet Wireless Interface
Rudder Feedback Simrad RF300
Wind Sensor B&G Vertical Masthead Pack-1050mm
VHF Radios (2) ICOM Radio/Hailer, 25W 12VDC w/NEWMAR Hailer and Deck Horn
VHF Handheld (2) ICOM IC-M604A
Weather Station (1) Simrad Weather Module
Security Camera System (2) Orlaco Compact Color HR Cameras with LED Lights
Underwater Lighting Lumishore Color Change Lighting
Navigation Lights COLREGS/USCG approved LOPO 3nm LED
Ship’s Bell One
Ship’s Clock One
Ship’s Barometer One
Ship’s Whistle (1) Federal Single #41X 24VDC
lifesaving equipment
EPIRB (1) A5 406 Mhz Unit
SART (2) S4 9GHz X-Band Search and Rescue Transponders
Life Rafts (4) USCG approved 15-man throw-overboard inflatable rafts
Life Jackets (30) USCG approved adult life jackets
Ring Buoys (2) 30” Ring Buoys w/lights and lines
Fire Stations (2) Main Deck
First Aid Kit One
Flares (10) Rocket Parachute Flares
alarms & firefighitng details
Engine Alarm System Local Monitoring, by Caterpilar & TAW Power Systems
Fire & Smoke Detection (1) USCG approved, smoke and heat detection
General Alarm System (1) w/two Contact Makers
Fire Extinguishers (2) Co2 – Machinery Space; (4) Dry-Chemical – Accommodation Space
Fire Axe One
deck & accomodations details
Joiner Fabrication Eastern Shipbuilding Group
Exterior Deck Covering Teak Deck Systems – Teak wood w/Holly strips
Interior Deck Covering Teak Deck Systems – Teak wood w/Holly strips
Overhead Sheathing Traditional V-Bead Wood – painted
Bulkhead Sheathing Traditional V-Bead Wood – painted
Mahogany custom cabinetry – wood hand crafted, bunks, lockers, desks, leather settee and tables
Thermal Insulation 4” Rock Wool
Noise & Sound Insulation Soundown, Barrier acoustic insulation
Exhaust Insulation 2” Rock Wool Insulated Blankets
GALLEY / laundry equipment
Refrigerator KitchenAid 28 ft3 – Stainless Steel #KSC24C8EYP02
Freezer Cospolich Refrigerator Co. – Built-in unit
Range KitchenAid, electric four-burner #W10524726A
Microwave Oven Range Hood, KitchenAid #W10249655A
Ice Maker KitchenAid, #KUIC15PLXS3
Trash Compactor Electrolux, #E15TC75HPS
Dishwasher KitchenAid #KUDE70FXSS5
Washer/Dryer (2) LG 24” All-in-one, Combo units, #Wm3455HS
Galley/Mess Countertops Stainless Steel
Mess Area Tabletop Tiger Maple & Mahogany Wood
Galley Sink Single, Stainless Steel
Main Salon Tabletop Tiger Maple & Mahogany Wood – retractable
Wet Bar Tiger Maple & Mahogany Wood w/sink
(1) Maxx Ice Refrigerator #MCR3U
(1) Maxx Ice Icemaker #MIM5C-0
(1) Maxx Ice 28-Bottle Wine Cooler #MCWC28-0
Main Salon Fireplace (1) Electric Dimplex #DWF36PG
electronics / communications / audio-visual
VSAT KVH V3 w/M5 Dome, Mini-VSAT Phone/HDTV/Internet System
Marine TV Antenna Shakespeare SeaWatch Marine Antenna, 14” Diameter
Main Salon Television (1) Samsung 46” Smart HD TV
Television/DVD Players (6) RCA 22” HDTV/DVD Combo-units
Radio/CD System Crestron/Boston Acoustic & JBL
paint system
All Plate & Shapes Wheelabrated with Carboline 8703, Pre-construction Primer
Exterior Coating below WL ALEXSEAL – Primer 161
ALEXSEAL – Fairing Compound 202
ALEXSEAL – Super Build 302
ALEXSEAL – Finish 442
Exterior Coating above WL ALEXSEAL – Primer 161
ALEXSEAL – Fairing Compound 202
ALEXSEAL – Super Build 302
ALEXSEAL – Finish 442
Potable Water Tank Coating International Paint – Interline 925
Void Tank Coating International Paint – Intershield 300V
Interior Superstructure International Paint – Intershield 300V
International Paint – Interthane 990
Machinery & Storage Spaces International Paint – Intershield 300V
Fuel, Lube Oil & Dirty Oil Tank Coating - none
cathodic protection
Impressed Current System Cathelco (ICCP) Miniteck System

All speeds, measurements, capacities, consumptions, etc. may be approximate or estimated.  Specifications provided for information only.  Data was obtained from sources believed to be reliable and is not guaranteed by owner or brokers.  Buyer assumes the responsibility to ascertain the correctness of all data contained herein and otherwise provided and must instruct his agent and surveyors to confirm all details for accuracy prior to purchase. Subject to prior sale price and inventory change or withdrawal from market without notice.



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