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Ocean Yachts History

Ocean Yachts is a family-owned boatbuilding company founded in 1977 by Jack Leek. The Leek family began building strong boats as early as 1721. Today, it offers semi-custom, seaworthy sportfishing boats and cruising yachts ranging from 37 to 73 feet in length. Whether it is for cruising or fishing in big open waters, the yachts are built fast with the client in mind, ensuring the vessel meets all of their sporting needs.

Ocean Yachts cater to fishing enthusiasts and ocean cruisers looking for a yacht with speed, durability, luxury, and style.

Its president John E. Leek III continues his family legacy in client service, luxury design, and advanced engineering, resulting in some of the finest cruising yachts and sportfishing boats currently available in the market. The company also provides its clients with affordable refit and repair services, including detailing, upgrades, custom work, repowers, and much more.

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Egg Harbor, New Jersey

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Ocean Yachts Models

Model Name Production Year LOA Beam Draft
29 Super Sport 1990-1992 29ft 11.5ft 2.41ft
32 Super Sport 1989-1992 32ft 12.33ft 2.5ft
35 Super Sport 1988-1994 35ft 13ft 2.41ft
37 Billfish 2008-2011 37.66ft 13.83ft 2.5ft
38 Super Sport 1992-1995 38.75ft 14.16ft 3.66ft
38 Super Sport 1984-1991 38.33ft 13.66ft 3.16ft
40 Super Sport 1997-2005 40.33ft 14.16ft 3.66ft
42 Super Sport 2006-2010 42.08ft 15.33ft 3.91ft
42 Super Sport 1991-1995 42ft 15ft 3.58ft
43 Super Sport 2000-2005 43.83ft 15.16ft 3.58ft
44 Motor Yacht 1992-1999 44ft 15ft 3.58ft
44 Super Sport 1985-1991 44ft 15.16ft 3.5ft
45 Super Sport 1996-1999 44.66ft 15.16ft 3.58ft
46 Super Sport 2005-2009 46.5ft 15.83ft 4.16ft
46 Super Sport 1983-1985 46ft 15.16ft 3.5ft
48 Cockpit 1993-1999 48ft 15ft 3.58ft
48 Motor Yacht 1989-1994 48.5ft 16.33ft 4ft
48 Super Sport 1995-2003 48.66ft 16ft 4.16ft
48 Super Sport 1991-1993 48ft 15.16ft 3.5ft
48 Super Sport 1986-1990 48ft 15.16ft 3.5ft
50 Super Sport 2004-2008 50.5ft 16.75ft 4.41ft
50 Super Sport 1982-1985 50ft 16ft 4.16ft
52 Super Sport 2001-2006 52.58ft 16.33ft 4.33ft
53 Motor Yacht 1988-1991 53ft 17.16ft 4.5ft
53 Super Sport 1991-1999 53ft 16.33ft 4.33ft
54 Super Sport 2007-2012 54.5ft 16.83ft 4ft
55 Super Sport 1981-1990 55.66ft 16.33ft 4.33ft
56 Cockpit 1990-1992 56ft 16.33ft 4ft
56 Super Sport 1999-2002 56ft 16.83ft 4.41ft
57 Super Sport 2003-2007 57ft 16.83ft 4.83ft
58 Super Sport 1990-1993 58ft 17.5ft 4.83ft
60 Super Sport 1996-2001 60ft 17ft 4.66ft
62 Super Sport 2002-2008 62ft 17.41ft 5ft
63 Super Sport 1986-1991 63ft 17.66ft 4.66ft
66 Super Sport 1993-1999 66ft 17.66ft 5ft
70 Super Sport 2000-2004 70ft 19.66ft 5ft

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