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Company History

In 1951, 15-year-old Rien Moonen was learning how to run his father’s painting company. Pretty soon he was in charge and his innovative ideas had made the business a success. But it wasn’t until he bought his first boat – a 36-foot (10.9m) steel cruiser – from De Ruiter Shipyards in ’s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands, that he knew what he really wanted to do: Build big, beautiful boats. By 1963, Rien Moonen had taken over De Ruiter and renamed it Moonen Shipyard.

From Boat Builder to Luxurious Superyacht Designer

Once at the helm, he broadened the yard’s capabilities and switched to building luxurious superyachts. His focus was on quality, not quantity, which is why Moonen only launched three or four boats a year for the next 50-plus years. During that time, Moonen Shipyard, which later became Moonen Yachts, built four series of award-winning custom-designed superyachts and semi-custom displacement yachts, ranging from 65 (19.8m) to 162 feet (49m).

Each series of used Moonen yachts for sale – Caribbean, Explorer, Full Displacement and Fast Displacement – combines the Netherland’s shipbuilding heritage and Rien Moonen’s passion for exceptional quality and beauty. The result: A brand with a worldwide reputation for delivering the ultimate yachting experience.

Perpetuating Moonen Yacht’s timeless look while staying one step ahead in performance and safety is no easy feat. It takes forward-thinking designers and seasoned craftsmen with decades of experience, cutting-edge tools and on-site solutions to repeatedly build reliable, versatile, seaworthy yachts. Moonen Yachts has all of these advantages at its two modern yards in ’s-Hertogenbosch and Groot-Ammers. Each site has in-house design and engineering offices, mechanical and interior outfitting departments, carpentry, metalworking and paint shops, as well as climate-controlled outfitting sheds.

Pocket-Size Superyachts Loaded With Extras

Known for their innovative, elegant design, opulence and proven performance record, here are just a few of the features built into the used Moonen yachts for sale today:

  • Large cabins and spacious crew quarters enhance onboard life
  • Almost non-existent noise and vibration levels make cruising a pleasure
  • Panoramic windows maximize natural light and offer spectacular views
  • Time-tested hull designs ensure low fuel-consumption
  • State-of-the-art stabilization technology smooths out the ride
  • Generous beams provide expansive decks and clear, open spaces
  • Spacious lounge areas encourage indoor/outdoor entertaining
  • Proven platforms deliver stability and maneuverability
  • Shallow draft/protected propellers make cruising in coastal waters worry-free
  • En suite bathrooms and large staterooms/cabins offer privacy and peaceful places to relax
  • Top speeds of 14.5 to 16.5 knots and cruising speeds of 10 to 14.5 knots take cruisers to their destination safely and comfortably
  • Amenities such as saltwater pools, hot tubs, bars, and sun decks turn every day on board into a spa day
  • Handmade wooden joinery, custom furnishings and fabrics evoke feelings of indulgence

New Moonen Yacht for Sale Launches 2023

The new tri-deck Moonen 110 under construction at Moonen’s ’s-Hertogenbosch yard includes all the above features and so many more. Exterior designer René van der Velden and Diana Yacht Design took their cue from the highly successful Moonen 84 and 97 builds from 2000 to 2011 and then added the latest advances in technology and creature comforts. The Moonen 110, which is on sale now, will feature a shallow draft for those who favor destinations such as the Bahamas, Mediterranean, Caribbean and Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

Regardless of whether you’re searching for a new or used Moonen yacht for sale, one look at the Moonen logo, with its two intersecting rings, serves as a visual reminder of Rein Moonen’s ability to unite quality and beauty in every boat that bears his name.

Shipyard Stats

  • Founder: Rien Moonen, 1963, ’s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
  • Acquired: 2019, Matthew and Louise Baxter
  • Type: custom luxury superyachts, semi-custom luxury displacement yachts, explorer yachts and all-aluminum fast displacement motor yachts, 65 to 162 feet
  • Models: Caribbean Series: Navarino, Monito, Marquis, Martinque and Matica; Full Displacement series: 84, 96 RPH and 124; Fast Displacement Series: 82, 94, 99 and 129; Explorer Series: 114 and 130
  • Construction: Steel-hulled and all-aluminum superstructure

If you’re in the market for a luxury superyacht with a strong lineage (and almost six decades of successful builds), search our database for new and used Moonen yachts for sale. It’s quick and easy, and our cutting-edge cloud network technology ensures our data is accurate. Scroll down to search our yachts for sale database for all luxury motor yachts and superyachts listed for Moonen Yachts today!



’s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands


Steel-Hulled and All-Aluminum Superstructure