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Company History

Starting as early as 1827, John Moody created Moody Yachts when he was recognized for repairing fishing boats. He set up a repair yard in Swanwick, near Southampton, United Kingdom, where the company began building small dinghies on the side. This laid the foundation for what Moody became today – a builder of elegant deck saloon sailing yachts. It was Alexander Herbert Moody, the founder’s grandson, who made the official transition from repair shop to manufacturer.

Because he trained in shipbuilding from an early age, he was able to start the company in the right direction to building these graceful sailing yachts. The company pledged that they would always use highly skilled workmanship and the finest materials to build their yachts, and they have seen this through till this day.

In 1965, the Solar 40 was the first GRP yacht to come from the yard, and it was highly praised for its long-distance sailing performance and high level of comfort at sea. The company worked alongside renowned naval architects such as Laurent Giles, Angus Primrose, and Bill Dixon, which led to the yard becoming a premier manufacturer of European sailing yachts.

Shipyard Stats

  • Founder: John Moody
  • Size: 27 to 64 ft
  • Type: Deck saloon sailing yachts
  • Model: Moody Aft Cockpit 41, Moody Decksaloon 41, Moody Decksaloon 45, Moody Decksaloon 54



Swanwick, England