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Company History

Inspired by his father who was a craftsman at various boat building companies, Ramazan Mengi founded Mengi Yay Yachts after many years of learning construction techniques of small fishing boats. He worked as a tradesman for many years and was eventually able to open his own workshop by 1976. Later on, once he was most established, Mengi’s son joined the company and began by learning the fundamentals of yacht building, as well as establishing himself through the various departments of the company. The company shifted its facilities to Tuzla in 1983, where all yacht building in Turkey took place at the time.

By 1986, the company had built its first 100 fishing and rowing boats; word spread throughout Turkey about these dependable boats, and the company became increasingly popular. In this same year, the company expanded its range beyond 20 meter boats and began construction of gullets, ketches, motor sailors, motor yachts and trawlers over 20 meters. Just one year later, the company launched the largest gullet at the time, project NB6 at 27.5 meters – the boat was built within just 12 months.

By 1989, with the growth of its team came the growth into mega yachts over 30 meters; they were not only built at the yard, but were also engineered and designed in-house. In 1996, the son of Ramazan took the reigns as CEO of the company. The company was joined by youngest son, Mustafa, who brought with him a new energy for building high-end motor yachts and about ten years later, the yard had its first steel superyacht on the boards. In 2008, Mengi Yay Yachts build a stunning, two-masted wooden schooner of 42 meters called GWEILO that was designed by Dykstra & Partners and built at the Tuzla facility – she is one of the most beautifully designed yachts on the water today. In 2010, the company built 40m SERENITY II, which set a new design approach for the trawler yachts designed by Endaze Designs. Two years later, the yard expanded to a larger shipyard in Yalova, with two buildings and six sheds; with these current hangars, the company owns one of the largest and most sophisticated yards specifically designed for new construction, as well as the refits for luxury motor and sailing yachts up to 130 meters in length.

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