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Founded in 1973 in Alachua, Florida by the Luhr brothers, Hunter marine is now owned by David Marlow; the company is a producer of high-quality sailboats including the Marlow Hunter Yacht 15, Marlow Hunter Yacht 18, and 22. Read more about the builder below, and search for Hunter yachts for sale by length, price, year, and more.

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Company History

The Luhr brothers – John and Warren – come from a long line of German boatbuilders. To keep up the family tradition, they started building power boats in 1969. In the early ‘70s, they added sailboats to their line and founded Hunter Marine in Alachua, Florida. In 2012, David Marlow acquired Hunter Marine. Today, Marlow Hunter yachts have a broad appeal to beginners, families and seasoned sailers alike for several reasons. They are versatile, stable, ruggedly constructed, fast, easy to handle – and affordable. Originally designed by John E. Cherubini, a prominent American designer in the ‘70s, Hunter sailing yachts come in three ranges: day-sailers, mid-size keelboats and large keelboats.

Hunter Yachts – Models

Trailerable Day-sailers 15 to 22 Feet

Easy to trailer, rig and launch, the smallest series of Marlow Hunter sailing yachts are safe for beginners while still providing tons of fun for more experienced sailers. Their rugged fiber reinforced polymer (FRB) construction makes them strong yet lightweight enough to zip across the waves. Day-tripping on any one of these three Marlow Hunter yachts is the very best way to unplug for the day.

Marlow Hunter Yacht 15

You could call the Marlow Hunter 15 a starter sailboat. Designed with the beginner in mind, it’s simple enough for one person to handle safely, and the wide beam makes it comfortable enough for four. When under sail, novice sailers, especially those with kids, appreciate the high sides and self-bailing cockpit.

Marlow Hunter Yacht 18

While families appreciate the generous freeboard, seasoned sailers highly rate the Marlow Hunter 18 yacht’s efficient hull design for its steadiness and strong performance. The MH18 day-sailer’s seven-foot beam adds to stability, results in a bigger cockpit and comfortably carries four.

Marlow Hunter Yacht 22

Looking for a weekend getaway? Hop aboard the Marlow Hunter 22. The spacious cuddy cabin has a comfy v-berth, screened portholes that open and space for a portable head. Don’t think just because the MH22 is rated for five, that it’s slow on the uptake. On the contrary. The hard hull chine and wider beam carried further aft increases stability and performance.

Mid-Size Keelboats 31-37 Feet

Midsize Marlow Hunter sailing yachts beat just about every model in their size range for interior volume. In fact, thanks to a wider beam, all the spaces aboard these Marlow Hunter yachts –– from the cockpit and aft cabin to the galley and salon –– are sizeable. Enhanced interiors –– hardwood flooring, Corian countertops and high-end fabrics –– as well as hull improvements (vinyl ester resins and gel coats, Kevlar and Nida-coring) and innovative safety features make the MH31, MH33 AND MH37 models structurally sound, high-performing sailing yachts.

Marlow Hunter Yacht 31

Actually 32-feet, four inches, with almost a 12-foot beam, the Hunter 31 sailing yacht looks and feels like a much larger boat. The spacious cockpit has a tacking helm pedestal, which takes up a lot less space than the typical twin wheel setup. The signature Glenn Henderson hull design along with a large sail plan deliver the performance Hunter sailing yachts are known for. Add in dinette seating for five and sleeping space for six, real teak furniture and name brand appliances, and you’ve got one of America’s favorite sailboats.

Marlow Hunter Yacht 33

The Hunter 33 sailing yacht was Cruising World’s Best Compact Cruiser (30-35 feet) in 2012. The improved hull design, flush-mount hatches, impressive side windows, longer cockpit, fold-down swim platform and spacious master aft cabin are just some of the many features that captured the cruising world’s attention. And wait ’til you see how effortless Marlow Hunter’s Easy Lift system makes it to lower the dinette table to form the base of the double sleeper sofa.

Marlow Hunter Yacht 37

Launched in 2014, the Marlow Hunter 37 sailing yacht is the largest volume sailing yacht in the under-40 market. The interior layout is roomy and efficient at the same time. It’s easy to sail and fast whether under sail or power. With two large, beautiful staterooms (foreword and aft) and the salon, galley and one of the heads in between, the Marlow Hunter 37 is the most comfortable, well-designed cruiser in its class. It comfortably accommodates four to six people overnight and makes a marvelous home away from home for an extended couple’s vacation.

Large Keelboats 40-50 Feet

Everything on Hunter’s large keelboats is, well, LARGE. Staterooms span the entire width. Strategic placement of the mast post opens up the salon. Expansive galleys with storage to spare ensure uncluttered work spaces. Oversized deck and hull ports supply fresh air and natural light. The T-shaped cockpit is spacious enough for socializing and staying high and dry. Plus, these models have the Marlow Hunter’s trademark cockpit Traveler Arch, B&R rig, double-ended mainsheet system and a Glenn Henderson-designed hull. All you have to add is water.

Marlow Hunter Yacht 40

The MH40, which was released in 2012 on the brand’s 40th anniversary, draws on the best traits of the 65 previous Hunter sailing yachts. To celebrate 40 years of successful sailboat building, Hunter Yachts pulled out all the stops on technology designed to reduce maintenance and increase sail time (e.g., dual helm control, furling mast, fold-down transom, chined hull, dual heads) as well as convenience and comfort. Interiors were handcrafted specifically for each boat to ensure fit and functionality. Above all, comfort and space were the two watchwords.

Marlow Hunter Yacht 42SS

The 2016 version of this Hunter sailing yacht sports the advances introduced on the 31, 37 and 40, and adds some of its own –– hence the “super sport” designation. An all-lead keel and highly developed chines deliver significant power, stability and buoyancy. But it’s not just fast, it’s also functional and extremely good-looking –– inside and out. From real wood cabinetry, providing an unprecedented amount of storage, and solid Corian counters to luxurious, high-end fabrics and accessories, the 42SS could also have been christened “super sumptuous.”

Marlow Hunter 47DS

The Marlow Hunter 47 takes the concept of an open, raised salon to a whole new level. The raised deck or pilot house, as it’s also called, has panoramic windows that let natural light stream in, making the already spacious room look even larger. The wraparound windshield not only improves visibility it adds an element of style. Dual helm stations let the captain take control in comfort and allow him to see almost forever. The 15-foot beam creates space for an expanded aft stateroom –– large enough to accommodate a queen-size berth, lots of storage and private access to the head. There are two forward Pullman-style cabins with a double berth and storage. As with all Hunter sailing yachts, a solidly constructed Glenn Henderson-designed hull provides performance and a smooth ride in all kinds of conditions.

Marlow Hunter 50AC

There’s a contest between the two best words to describe the Marlow Hunter 50AC sailing yacht: Beautiful or efficient. We say, why not both! First, beautiful: Above, the sleek, stylish exterior underscores the yacht’s fine craftsmanship. Below, the spacious, comfortable, well-lit salon boasts 6 feet 9 inches of headroom, and the staterooms’ joinery work, varnished cherry lockers, doors, storage and stylish fabrics and coordinated accessories create a relaxed, home-like setting.

Second, efficient: At just one inch under 50 feet, the Marlow Hunter 50AC with its aft console carries on the Hunter tradition of being single-handedly sailable. Designed with extended offshore cruising in mind, the Hunter 50 sailing yacht is incredibly easy to handle even in challenging conditions. Well-planned layouts and impressive interior volume lead to easy systems access and astounding storage capacity.

Marlow Hunter 50CC

As you might expect, the upside of the center console configuration of this Hunter sailing yacht is, among other things, a massive master stateroom complete with en suite head, queen-plus size island berth, walk-in closet and enough storage for even the longest cruises. The spacious salon is uncluttered, bright and airy, and the galley is certain to impress the most avid foodie. Along with Hunter sailing yachts’ trademark breakthroughs, such as the traveler arch, furling mast, B&R rig and cutting-edge electronics, additional enhancements include a full nav station, and forward VIP stateroom and second head.

Shipyard Stats:

Founders: John and Warren Luhrs
Established: Hunter Marine in 1969, Alachua, Florida
Current owner: David Marlow acquired Hunter in 2012
Size: 18 to 50 feet
Models: MH15, 18, 22, 31, 33, 37, 40, 42SS, 47DS, 50AC, 50CC

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Alachua, Florida


Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRB)