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Ski boats are built for those who enjoy water sports and want to make the most of their time on the water with thrilling adventures. Ski boats have a powerful engine to maximize output, a flat hull, and special tow points for water skiers. Search for your next ski boat here.

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Wake and Ski Boat Buying Guide

Skiing and wakeboarding boats have become very popular in recent years. Ski boat brands are built for those who enjoy water sports and have a powerful engine to maximize output, a flat hull, and special tow points for water skiers. Wake boats are similar to ski boats, however, they are designed to displace more water, and thereby create bigger waves for wakeboarders. Find your next ski and wakeboard boats for sale below.


What Is a Ski Boat?

A ski boat is designed to create a smooth wake and ride for water skiers to glide over while being towed behind the boat. When cruising in a ski boat, you want to keep the passengers onboard to a minimum to ensure a smoother ride for your water skiers. The surface should be soft and smooth for them to navigate on. The best ski boat manufacturers will offer smooth surf systems, and even the ability to go water skiing and wakeboarding behind.

When looking at used ski boats for sale, or used water ski boats, you should keep in mind the size of boat you need, and whether you like any particular boat manufacturers. From Sea Doo to Sealver Wave Boats, there a number of good ski and wakeboard boats for sale.

How Much Does a Ski Boat Weigh?

The exact weight of your water ski boat will depend on a few factors, the main ones being – the length/size of the boat, and the engines. The larger both of these are, the heavier your boat will be. As an example, you could be looking at anything from 2,500lbs, to those over 6,000 pounds in weight. Bear in mind this doesn’t include your trailer, so you will need one that can accommodate the exact weight of your ski boat.

Can You Ski Behind a Pontoon Boat?

Yes, you can ski behind a pontoon boat, however, it will be a little different than skiing being a more powerful ski boat. Since ponton boats have less maneuverability and speed than the best ski boats, you may not get the same thrill or accessibility. This makes it a great place for beginners or those looking to add a little water sport to their pontoon cruising.

How Much Does a Jet Boat Cost?

As with any other boat type, the cost of your jet boat will depend on a few things:

  • Size/Length
  • Age
  • Good Condition

Newer models will usually cost the most, with older models in need of some TLC that aren’t in good condition, costing the least. On average, you could be looking at a price range of $25,000 – $100k and over for a jet boat. With such a wide range of used ski boats for sale, and boat manufacturers on the market, there’s likely to be something in the right budget for you.

Is a Jet Ski and a Jet Boat the Same?

No, a jet ski is a smaller personal watercraft that can usually only fit a maximum of two people. A jet boat is powered similar to a jet ski, however, it is a larger vessel that can accommodate much more people. They both use a certain propulsion system that forces water up and out to aid with the engine in propelling them forward. They are great on tight turns and in shallow areas but will be smaller than other boat types. Jet ski boats like those designed by boat manufacturer Sea Doo are very popular for playing in the water or storing onboard your luxury yacht. Smaller personal watercraft like this is also prone to fouling and can get debris tangled in the surf system.

However, there are some models, like Sealver Wave Boats that allow you to connect your jet ski up to a jet boat with a jet ski boat attachment. This essentially turns your jet ski into a jet ski boat or jet boat. Sealver Wave Boats are just one company that offers this, so if this is something you’d like to explore, please discuss your options with a yacht broker near you.


What Is a Wake Boat?

Wake boats have been specifically designed to create the maximum output of wake surf behind the boat, in order for wakeboarders to enjoy riding the waves and getting as much air as possible. They are boats with V-shaped hulls with an inboard engine to keep the aft of the boat weighted down more, increasing the flow of water, and therefore, wake surf for those behind.

When looking at wakeboard boats for sale, you’ll want to consider the capabilities of those using the personal watercraft and the surf system involved. Wakeboarding and wake surfing offer an extreme thrill for those willing to try it!

Can You Wake Surf Behind Any Boat?

No, unfortunately you cannot wake surf behind any boat. You’ll need to look for boats with inboard V-drive boats or inboard direct drive boats. These create the best wake surf needed to wake surf safely, while having the most fun! This is why a water ski boat is good for skiing, and wakeboarding and wake surfing are best done behind a wake boat.

How Does a Wake Boat Work?

A wakeboard works by filling its ballast tanks to increase the boat’s displacement, thereby maximizing the output of the waves behind it. The heavier the boat, the greater that boat is displaced (versus a ski boat, where you want to minimize the output and therefore weight of the boat).

How Much Is a Wake Boat?

Similar to a ski boat, a wake boat’s price will depend on the size of the boat, the engines included, and whether the wake boat is in good condition or not. As wakeboarding and wake surfing gain popularity and given the advanced designs and technology necessary for a wake boat, you could expect to see wakeboard boats for sale upwards of $150,000; however, you can often find small wakeboard boats for sale on the brokerage market for as little as $20,000.

How To Surf on a Wake Boat?

Learning the ropes of wakeboarding and wake surfing behind a wake boat can be a thrilling time! As with most sports, you’ll want to make sure you have the right gear, in the right size. When you’re just starting out, you’ll want a larger wakeboard to help provide balance, and right fit for your weight. You’ll want to head out on the water with an experienced driver to give you a consistent wake and steady ride. Try to go on a lake or river with limited obstructions, waves, and when it’s not too busy if you’re just getting started.

And don’t forget your life jacket and wake surfing ropes!

Can You Fish Off a Wake Boat?

While it is possible to fish off a wake boat, it’s not exactly the right tool for the job. Wake boats lack the appropriate design and deck to allow for good fishability. Sport fishing boats would be better suited than trying to fish and ski off of the same boat type. Fishing boats also come equipped with rod storage and other fishing boat details like reinforced decks for wear and tear, and increased deck space to allow space to move as you fish.

The same would go for fish and ski boats – although it’s possible to accomplish both on a fish and ski boat, you may not want to. Like with many things in life, stick to the strengths of each boat type. Whether you want a Sea Doo to rip around on or are looking for the best ski boat brand and boat manufacturers to partake in some skiing and wakeboarding, your boat broker can help you find the best boat to suit your needs. When it comes to fish and ski boats, stick to what you need in the moment.

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