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What Are Classic Boats?

Classic boats are private yachts that are reminiscent of an era gone by. They are very different from the modern-day yacht, in that they stand out as older, yet highly appreciated vessels. In addition to their age, the classic boat is simply built differently. They are designed in such a way that their look is timeless, as many owners appreciate having them almost as an art piece.

Classic boats can be either sailboats or motor boats. They are made for owners who want to put in time, effort, and love into keeping the vessel run at its best. Because their beauty has gone through the ages, they need to be meticulously maintained to keep up with the original interior and exterior decks. Don’t let the maintenance deter you from owning such a vessel – there is upkeep with modern-day vessels as well, just a different type.

What Are The Different Types of Classic Boat Hulls?

Traditionally, classic boats are made of wooden hulls, as well as plenty of wood surrounding its interiors and deck spaces. Because there is so much attention to detail on a classic boat, they are generally very elegant yachts and have features made of chrome, brass, and even bronze. These details come at a high price, but owning such a vessel is like owning a piece of art.

Why Should You Buy a Classic Boat?

Most classic boat owners are passionate about their vessels. These vessels cut through water differently than their aluminum or steel counterparts, and have many stories to tell. A lot of these classic boats hold much in their history. Many of them have been through wars, and some have even hosted the occasional celebrity onboard. Historians, hopeless romantics, collectors, or simply those who want to own a piece of history should inquire about owning a classic boat. YATCO has a wide variety of classic vessels to browse through. As the Official MLS of Yachting™, we have every vessel listed under strictly professional brokers.

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