The YATCO Yacht Builders Series – Part Seven: BOA Yachts

BOA Fly Sailing 40M yacht, BOA YACHTS offers personalized yacht designs, nature-friendly luxury yachts and services such as charters, sales, & refits.

BOA YACHTS was founded by investor and founder Özkan Arseven and co-founder Cenk Avdan. The company is based in Türkiye, with headquarters in Kuruçeşme, Istanbul and a second office in the heart of Bodrum Marina. BOA YACHTS strives to provide a qualitative sea experience through personalized designs, nature-friendly projects, and simple luxury. Additionally, the company offers guest services such as yacht chartering, sales, surveys, refits, and more.

Today we hear from BOA Yachts co-founder Cen Avdan, based in Bodrum, Türkiye. 

What is the ethos and/or mission of the BOA Yachts shipyard? How would you say that sets you apart from others in the industry? 

We are motivated by our passion for the ocean. Our main philosophy as a shipyard is to make vessels more qualified and original.

In fact, the wooden acajou tree that we enjoy [working with] is also environmentally friendly as modern boats are laminated with a cold epoxy method. Wooden boats that are laminated with epoxy are the most resistant to wear and tear on the sea. However, unfortunately, today we are trying to breathe healthy air among steel piles. Contrary to popular belief, [the wood seen on many yachts is often a wood-colored finish]. Because the yacht hulls are covered with fiber and converted into composite, they can still have the same modern appearance.

The increase in labor costs and the scarcity of woodworkers directed shipyards to steel. However, in our organization, [we employ some of the] most experienced and most qualified woodworkers in the world. Of course, the final decision always belongs to our customers, but our preference is [this woodworking method]. What makes us who we are is our workmanship, [quality of our products, and economical pricing].

BOA YACHTS is building a 131ft/40m yacht, BOA Kingdom, currently in its 12th month of construction. Additionally, two additional concept projects, 150ft/46m and 160ft/49m motor yachts, are in the signing stage. Our shipbuilding activities continue in Bodrum and İçmeler, Türkiye. 

Can you describe a ‘typical’ client? What are their priorities? 

If a person wants to have a custom boat built, they expect the vessel to be original and are careful to make it unique. They may enjoy being in the design process so [they can customize their yacht] according to personal taste. The most difficult part is revising the finalized design projects, but that is often enjoyable. Some prioritize guest comfort and some design, but our goal is to create a striking design while providing comfort. The biggest expectation is of course to receive the boat on time. We do not give our guests any commitments that we cannot fulfill; trust is at the forefront. Our guests expect us to reveal our expertise in this business. 

We have recently [noticed that yacht owners] are moving away from futuristic and utopian designs

As a builder, what would you like to see change in the industry? 

Changes we believe should be made in the yachting sector: 

Embracing environmentally friendly practices

The yacht sector should adopt more sustainable practices for the preservation of nature. It is important for yachts to consume less energy, reduce waste, and keep the seas clean. 

Increasing education and inspection

Yacht sector workers should receive more education and there should be more [safety inspections in the industry]. This will improve safety standards and prevent accidents. 

Expanding innovation and technology use

The yacht sector should produce safer, more efficient, and environmentally friendly yachts by using available innovation and technology. This will increase the sector’s competitiveness and ensure customer satisfaction. 

Providing transparency in pricing

Pricing in the yacht sector should be discussed more transparently. Providing customers with clear price information helps increase trust and prevent fraudulent activities. 

What challenges do shipyards and builders face, and how have you overcome these?  

To be honest, the untraceable costs are a little challenging for us, we are faced with constantly changing costs every day. On the other hand, interruptions in the supply chain are the biggest enemies of our operation. We can overcome difficulties or possible crises by following plans implemented at the beginning of a project. 

Do you have any predictions for how the market will evolve in the next decade? 

It appears the 30+ age group in the yacht sector is expected to grow by 100%, but we believe that healthy growth will be more productive.

What is your favorite yacht and why?

Our favorite yacht is the 40-meter BOA KINGDOM. As for the reason, guests will have a unique deck experience on this boat, you can see and feel the sea from everywhere. There is no place it cannot take you with its 137ft/42m mast and 200ft/60m+ sail.

BOA Fly Sailing 40M Yacht
BOA Fly Sailing 40M Yacht
BOA Fly Sailing 40M Yacht

Find BOA YACHTS on YATCO to view current yachts for sale. 

This interview has been edited.

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