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Exploring Europe

“There is nothing more exciting than exploring Europe via yacht. Whether you have a large cruiser such as a Sea Ray, a trawler, explorer yacht or superyacht, sailing around Europe in the spring and summer times is the ideal vacation.”

Some of the most popular cruising grounds in Europe is of course, the South of France, where superyachts abound. Monaco, Antibes, Nice, and St Tropez are among the hottest places to visit with your yacht. Take in the mountainous coastal terrain, stop ashore and dine at the many restaurants and take in the authentic French atmosphere.

Other sites to see in Europe via superyacht are Spain and Malta, Italy, and Croatia. Croatia is special because there are many islands off her coast to explore such as the islands of Hvar, Korcula, Vis, and many more.

To extend your trip in and around Croatia, head south to the stunning Montenegro, where a state-of-the-art superyacht marina awaits your arrival.

Nothing Like North America

North America has many exciting regions to explore with your yacht.

Cruising at the Great Lakes and in the Northeast

“If you have a smaller yacht such as a Sea Ray boat, then there is nothing like the Great Lakes to visit. Take in the beautiful landscapes and stop ashore to explore nature and the small towns around you. If you prefer more excitement, then stop in the Northeast, where cruising the Atlantic and stopping in Boston, Cape Cod, and New York allows you to take in all the tourist sites known around the world.”

There are marinas abound, waiting to take you in and welcome you to shore when you need to put your feet on the ground.

Visiting the Yachting Capital of the World in Florida should also be one of your stops along your cruise in North America.

Boating in Florida

Florida is one of the most popular cruising grounds for superyachts in North America, and there is much to see here. Taking in the beaches, living the nightlife, and visiting small towns and cities such as Miami and Fort Lauderdale are as exciting as yachting itself.

Once you are south in Miami, head over to the Bahamas and enjoy island hopping at its best in turquoise waters. Even if you have a smaller boat like a Sea Ray, you can cruise overnight and spend some time enjoying your surroundings.

Yachting in Southeast Asia

“As one of the more unique destinations to visit with your yacht, Southeast Asia offers the ideal combination of culture, cuisine, landscapes, and stunning architecture.”

Filled with delightful islands, many can only be accessed by yacht, making this the ideal retreat. Exploring underwater life is an adventurous endeavor and a must do in this corner of the world.

Culturally Rich and Historically Remarkable

Areas to explore in Southeast Asia include Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand, which are each diverse, culturally rich and historically remarkable places to visit. See some of the world-renowned temples and ancient sites, and don’t forget the outstanding beaches and cities.

Blended Cuisine

Among one of the many reasons to visit this region is the cuisine, which blends elements from the Chinese and Indian cultures. The best time to visit this region is from November to August, depending on the location. The weather is wonderful, and there is much less rain to worry about.

Discovering Oceania

Australia, New Zealand and the 24 countries and territories of the Pacific Islands making up Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia are combined to bring you the area known as Oceania. Yachting in this region is stunning, and highly worth the trek from wherever in the world you are.”

Boating in Australia

Australia is a continent that will amaze with its diverse coastline. One stop for the ideal yacht charter is of course, the Great Barrier Reef. Peppered along the east coast of Australia are some of the most popular cities to visit such as Sydney, Brisbane, and Cairns. Diving in this region is exceptional, and a must-see for diving fanatics.

Boating in New Zealand

Although New Zealand may be close by to Australia, it is very different in terms of culture and topography. It’s comprised of two main islands, the North and South Islands. Wine aficionados will adore New Zealand for its many vineyards, with its grape varieties such as Chardonnay, Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir of the North Island. Marine life abounds in New Zealand, and there is nothing like whale watching from the deck of your superyacht.

Boating in the South Pacific

Venturing towards the South Pacific Ocean, visit Fiji and Micronesia for they are leaders in ecotourism and boast an immaculate natural environment which to explore with your yacht. Found further east, is French Polynesia which is made up of over 100 islands that stretch miles and miles long. Mountains and dense forests are surrounded by azure blue waters, where you can find high-end resorts for a break from water life.

Sailing in South America

“One of the world’s most varied continents is South America, and cruising its many different countries is just that. Its natural beauty combined with its many distinctive cultures creates a most energetic yachting vacation.”

Whether you want to escape the crowds in Antarctica and experience its glacial waters, or visit the snow-capped mountains of Chile and Patagonia, your yachting destinations in South America await.

An escape to Brazil gives you a choice of thousands of beaches, natural harbors, bays and islands – many of which are uninhabited.

Take a cruise through the Galapagos islands, located in the Pacific Ocean. This stunning chain of islands comprise of 61 volcanic islands with a total area of 1,740 miles. The surrounding waters of the Galapagos include a national park and a biological marine reserve; there is as much to see on the water as there is on land.

Discover Africa from Aboard Your Superyacht

“Sailing and cruising Africa exposes you to many different cultures and ways of life, from remote islands to stunning archipelagos.”

Boating in the Seychelles

Visit the Seychelles, a group of 115 islands that are directly in the Indian Ocean, where incredible, natural wildlife perseveres. The island of Madagascar is just as magical, and it lies just 250 miles off the east coast of Africa. For diver aficionados, dip into the water and discover its coral reefs; for beach lovers, there are plenty of stretches of beaches to soak in the sun.

Spotting Ocean Life in Kenya

Those looking to spot ocean life should stop over in Kenya, along the Swahili coast. Turtle spotting, whale watching and looking out for sharks are among the many things you will see from the aft deck of your superyacht. For land-lovers, head to one of the many national parks to discover even more wildlife.

Yachting in the Maldives

Let’s not forget the Maldives, where thanks to a climate that is ideal all year, you can sail, dive, snorkel, and take out all the water toys your yacht has to offer. Within the archipelago of 1,190 coral islands, there is much underwater life to explore. Anchor out at one of the many coves and lagoons, and jump in!

Exploring South Africa

Your trip to Africa would be incomplete without a visit to South Africa and its incredible coastline. Escape to its many lakes, forests, and mountains and don’t forget to bring your camera as the views are simply sensational. Be sure to stop in Cape Town and enjoy the metropolis’s many restaurants and shops, as well as beaches and simply beautiful landscapes.

Discover the Diverse World of Boating and Yachting

There are many types of yachts that might get your attention, from motor yachts to sportfish yachts for sale, and you can find them all here on

Performance yacht or Center Console Boat

For those seeking speed, a performance yacht for sale will most definitely be on your list, as will a center console – if you’re into fishing.


For the larger yacht set, there is always exploring the mega yachts for sale – there are thousands here on YATCO that will surely gain your approval, as will the superyachts for sale.

Explorer or Expedition Yacht

Those seeking long-range cruising to far-off locations will surely want to look at the explorer and expedition yachts for sale, as they will most certainly fulfill your mission to travel.


If you’re into slow cruising and truly enjoying the journey, then have a look at the many trawlers for sale. Trawlers are the ideal yachts for those looking to take in the scenery and enjoy their surroundings while cruising.


Those looking for day boating will take a look at the cruisers for sale, as they are best for short overnight stays and get you where you need to go whether it be on a lake or the ocean.

Sailboat or Sailing Yacht

For the original sailors, there are many sailing yachts for sale here on YATCO. Whether you choose a larger sailing yacht that needs a crew, or you prefer handling the vessel yourself, you might go for a sailboat.


Some prefer the comforts of a catamaran, the mighty, dual-hulled vessel that is offered in either power or sail. Either way, whichever type of yacht you select, the right one awaits you, and there is no better place to start your search than our yacht and boat listings here.

Work with a Yacht Broker

For boat buyers and sellers alike, working with a yacht broker is your best bet.

Yacht brokers are the best choice to work with when looking for a yacht for purchase. These professional yacht brokers have dedicated their careers to helping you find the ideal vessel that suits your lifestyle.

  • Yacht brokers are also equipped to handle all of your paperwork and manage the purchase (or sale) of your yacht from the search to the delivery and beyond.
  • They are here to advise you on all aspects of yachting, as they are highly adept in the ins and outs of the yachting industry.

Start your yacht search here and look through the wide range of top brands of yachts.

Once you have conducted your initial search and have a peaked interest into what’s out there, let a yacht broker take the reins and help you take the next step.

Shop By Brand, Location, Type, Year, Length, and More

On YATCO, there are yachts for sale worldwide, and you can search through the top brands, locations, boat and yacht types, and more. Yachts for sale including those that are smaller (from a Sea Ray, for example) and larger (to a Lurssen, for example) offering a wide range of choice. With yachts for sale worldwide, you can either travel to see yachts, or search for yachts that are more local to you.

Either way, the wide range of vessel types and top brands rest at your fingertips and are available here. The boat and yacht world is vast, and is brought to you here, on YATCO. Boats for sale include many top brands from a smaller Boston Whaler flats boat to a mid-size Viking motor yacht, all the way up to Horizon yachts and beyond. 

How to Gain Expose for Your Boat or Yacht

Having a boat listed on YATCO is the ideal way for a vessel to gain the exposure it needs to get sold or bought. The boat and yacht industry is one that is truly unique, with boats for sale worldwide by hundreds of yacht brokers who spend their time traveling to service their clientele.

Once a boat listed reaches YATCO, it is then shared with its many registered consumers and brokers.

The brokers work to sell your boat and yacht as they work on commission, so to earn money, they must sell.

Boats for sale can range in size from 25 feet all the way upwards of 400 feet and beyond.

“The bottom line is, a broker will work for you because they are passionate about their work, about boats and yachts, and the industry as a whole.”