51' 9" (15.77m)

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SWAN 48 - 2021 51' 9" NAUTOR'S SWAN Nautor Swan 48
Pietarsaari Finland
€1,136,120 EUR

The 2021 51' 9" NAUTOR'S SWAN Nautor Swan 48 Cruising Sailboat SWAN 48 is a sail boat for sale located in Pietarsaari, Finland.

Brand new, untouched and unwrapped German Frers Nautor Swan 48 - available for launch and delivery for the 2021 season. Fantastic specification for Mediterranean sailing and with a great set of North Sails, lovely iconic white hull and smart, modern oak interior. Cruiser racer of exceptional quality from Finland, which is perfect for relaxed and rewarding family sailing and which would be perfect for regatta sailing and all those wonderful Nautor Swan events.


Note: Please note all photos are from a sistership.

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LENGTH 51' 9" (15.77m)
BEAM 15' 1" (4.60m)
LOCATION Pietarsaari, Finland
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Builder’s/Manufacturer’s Comments:

For Nautor’s Swan, 48 is a magic number. One of the most iconic Swans ever was born in 1971 under this number: the mythical Swan 48. Designed by the best yacht designer of that time, indeed one of the best of all times, Sparkman & Stephens of New York, this iconic yacht won some of the most prestigious offshore races, like the Bermuda Race and Transatlantic Race and achieving selection for the Admiral’s Cup – the “Formula One” race series of that time.


However, racing was not the main purpose of the boat: like any Swan, she was born to be a perfect family cruiser, capable of sailing around the world in total safety and comfort. Quoting from the original brochure: “With many international races behind her – the Swan 48 is keeping up an irresistible challenge as top class ocean racer. With the speed of a bird of prey she combines the luxury and grace which make her the swift, smooth-going Swan of tomorrow. The Swan 48 is equipped to the highest professional standards and the woodwork has the class given it by the Nautor specialists, men who have learnt their crafts around the Gulf of Bothnia, where woodwork and shipbuilding skills are traditional. The unique design and professional skills behind the Swan 48 make her the complete ocean cruising racer.” To prove this, 46 units were sold during five years of production.


Following the same principles, in 1995 Germán Frers designed a new Swan 48 with the same level of grace and performance as the original one: another shining success, with 57 yachts built, now becoming beloved and highly regarded yachts on the brokerage market.


Today, almost forty years after the original one, it’s time for another mythical Swan 48.

Designer’s Comments:

German Frers, Architect:

Like every design coming off our drawing board, the new Swan 48 has been designed with heart and passion, but rather than acting only on the flash of a moment of inspiration, this new Nautor model is the result of a rational brief, based on a market analysis and the experience of the builder, agents and designers, coordinated by the Nautor Project Line Leader. One can safely say the Swan 48 is a new model created by the work of a team of experts, and she offers the best equipment and material specifications and solutions available in the market. The equipment and tanks are low in the bottom of the hull and close to the longitudinal centre of buoyancy. The angle of positive stability is in the order of 120 degrees.


The displacement reflects the quality of the construction and the equipment dedicated to provide best comfort onboard. A yacht that will be safe, a pleasure to sail, will have an easy motion at sea due to the form stability and moderate ballast of the three keel options available, standard, shallow and racing. Following the latest larger models, the new design shows no distortion in the stern sections, the deck beam has been carried all the way back to the transom in combination with a twin rudder arrangement. Positive control shallow rudder draft and extra sailing length are some of the advantages of this design. A well illuminated, massive interior volume where every one of the three cabins and two toilets that include separate showers has been carefully developed in detail by the interior designer.


On deck there are separate areas for relaxing and sail handling. All halyards and sails are controlled from the cockpit and the tails stowed in dedicated bins. Protection from the elements is given by the spray hood mounted in combination with the bimini. The lazarette is large enough to accommodate and stow a fully inflated 2.80 metre tender. For sailors interested in racing at the Corinthian level there is a performance package offer available from Nautor, including a racing keel, a square top mainsail, carbon fibre mast and rigging, long bowsprit, upgraded deck gear together with recommendations to remove some of the cruising oriented equipment like the gen set.

Interior Designer’s Comments:

Misa Poggi:

Working on the interior of a Swan yacht means creating a special atmosphere for onboard comfort and contentment and a reciprocal enrichment beyond the practicalities of place, function and space, always involving Finnish passion for excellence.


The process for producing a sense of intimacy combined with the necessary seamanlike features is a multi-faceted one that enriches itself thanks to the collaboration of the great expertise of the Nautor’s Swan team, our technicians and, of course, evaluating the dreams of Swan enthusiasts.


The atmosphere onboard and its energy are determined by the relationship between spacial elements and materials.


Nautor’s Swan materials are chosen carefully and tested by the whole team to guarantee their best performance in all the challenging areas of the sailing context.


RCD Status: The yacht conforms with the essential safety requirements of Directive 94/25EC or RCDII (2013/53/EU as appropriate (Recreational Craft Directive) and is Category A – “Ocean”.


Hull & Superstructure:

  • Scantlings, materials and workmanship throughout are consistent with the construction of a light hull, but without any sacrifice of strength or stiffness.
  • The hull topsides are foam cored glass fibre reinforced vinylester construction. Hull bottom is monolithic for increased impact resistance.
  • The layup is vacuum assisted vinylester resin infusion in a female mould.
  • All transverse and longitudinal stiffeners are glass fibre layups with unidirectional fibre reinforcements on tops. Engine bed is integrated in the GRP bottom grid and has steel inserts for bolts. Special care is taken to assure rigid foundation and proper adhesion to hull.
  • Forepeak and lazarette structural watertight bulkheads are built in a sandwich construction of foam core and glass fibre reinforced vinylester laminate.
  • Other structural bulkheads are of marine plywood.
  • Stainless steel headstay – main shrouds – and backstay chain plates are bolted to the hull laminate.
  • Vacuum infusion post cured.
  • Gelcoats are of weather-resistant type.
  • Topside gelcoat colour is Ashland white.
  • Boot top and cove stripe gelcoat colour is dark blue.
  • Massively constructed, oversized bottom structure.
  • Jotun bottom paint, rolled 4 layers epoxy primer and 2 layers antifouling. Colour – black.
  • Maxi style toerail with space for principal deck gear.
  • All tanks and most of the loads on the bottom of the yacht.



  • The keel is of SG420/12 cast iron fin assembled to a 3% antimonial lead bulb.
  • Keel bolts are of A4-70 stainless steel.



  • Twin rudder steering system with double steering wheels.
  • Rudders of PVC-foam cored glass fibre reinforced polyester laminate with tapered hi-tensile stainless steel stock.
  • Each rudder bearing is supported by two self-aligning bearings.
  • A weed deflector is in front of each rudder.



  • Through-hull connections below waterline are seacocks in Marelon (of bronze in engine room), finished flush with outside and located in an accessible position.
  • Inboard side of seacocks fitted with a stud long enough to take two hose clamps.



  • Scantlings, materials and workmanship throughout are consistent with the construction of a light deck without sacrificing strength of stiffness.
  • Deck is of sandwich construction, using multiaxial glass fibre reinforced vinylester laminate and a low-density closed cell foam core.
  • High-density core of solid laminate in way of deck fittings.
  • External surfaces that are not teak covered have a gelcoat finish.
  • Coaming and coach roof gelcoat colour is Ashland white.
  • Coaming stripe gelcoat colour is dark blue.
  • Teak deck of 36x9mm teak battens with 4mm black caulking.
  • Side decks, bathing platform, cockpit sole and seats are teak covered.
  • Teak deck is vacuum packed and bonded to the deck with epoxy.
  • Teak on coach roof, nominal thickness 6mm.
  • Teak on coamings, in way of winches, nominal thickness 6mm.



  • Open transom with foldable steps down to swimming platform.
  • Platform is operated via a wired remote control located inside the lazarette deck hatch.
  • Pair of swim ladder fittings on transom platform.


Hull Windows:

  • 1 x Pair of hull windows on each side of saloon.
  • 1 x Additional pair of hull windows in owner’s cabin with manually operated blinds.
  • 1 x Additional pair of hull windows in aft cabins with manually operated blinds.
  • All windows of 10mm PMMA. Clear view opening 250 x 900mm.


Engine & Gearbox:

  • 1 x Volvo D2-75, 75hp (55kW), 4-cylinder marine diesel engine.
  • Soft mounted.
  • Sail drive leg, Volvo 150S.
  • Feed line to engine is equipped with fuel filter/water separator. There is a single 10 µ cartridge filter for the main engine. All flexible hoses comply to ISO 7840.


Engine Controls (Cockpit Starboard Coaming):

  • Engine control ON/OFF.
  • Start and stop buttons.
  • Single lever control of throttle and gear shift.
  • Control light for starting battery charging.
  • Oil pressure alarm.
  • Tachometer with hour counter.



  • Three bladed, 20 x 15LHS folding propeller.
  • Bow thruster, Side power SRV100-24IP DC powered, swing type. Controlled by joystick unit located on starboard pedestal.


Steering System:

  • Twin rudder steering system with double steering wheels.
  • Steering head sprockets are connected to a central steering track through 5/8” chains and 6mm wires.
  • There are four Ø 140mm sheaves for steering lines.
  • End stops at outboard end of steering track.
  • Aluminium tillers connected to central track with link bars.
  • There are two composite steering pedestals at aft end of cockpit seats.
  • 2 x 1.05m glass fibre white painted steering wheels.
  • Emergency steering tiller stowed in the lazarette.


Cooling System:

  • Thermostat controlled fresh water cooling system with a heat exchanger.
  • Seawater discharge is through the exhaust system.


Exhaust System:

  • The wet exhaust system has a marine silencer with water-lock for the main engine.
  • Cooling water and exhaust gases from the main engine exit under the transom.


Hydraulic System:

  • Manual hydraulic functions for the rig backstay tensioner.

Electrical Systems


  • Electrical diagrams are delivered with the yacht, for both DC and AC.
  • Cables are labelled with identification numbers at both ends.
  • All watertight bulkheads wires are run up to deck head height when penetrating the bulkhead or are sealed in place to produce water tightness.
  • 24V DC system with insulated return.
  • 230V AC is a three-wire grounded system.
  • Wires are sized to minimise voltage drop.


Voltage Systems & Outlets:

  • AC and DC voltage of the yacht’s main systems can be monitored via the electrical panel referred to as ‘main switchboard’, located on starboard side of saloon.
    1. Switches of trip-free circuit type.
    2. AC system monitor displaying V and A.
    3. Battery monitor of digital type displaying V, A and Ah.
    4. Switches for interior and navigation lights.
    5. Fuel tank level gauge with selector switch.
    6. Main switch and fuses for engine DC and Earth fault test panel in separate locker.
    7. Service main battery switch box.
    8. Main switch and fuses for AC.
  • AC system is 230V 50Hz single-phase three-wire AC-System.
  • 2-pole 24V insulated return DC-system for lighting, blowers and pumps.
  • 230V outlets of Schuko type.
  • 1 x Double outlet in saloon, at Chart Table and in the cabins.
  • Single outlets in the heads.
  • 2 x Double outlets in the galley.
  • 24V DC outlets installed one at Chart Table and one in cockpit.


Battery Banks:

  • Lithium-Ion Victron Smart LiFePO4 service battery. 25,6V 400Ah/3. Included in the installation is also a Victron BMV 712 Smart battery monitor. This battery is located inside hanging locker in owner’s cabin.
  • AGM start battery 12V 50Ah for main engine.


Battery Chargers:

  • 1 x combined charger and inverter 2V 70A charger with 3-step charge characteristics for service battery. There is temperature sensing at the battery. Inverter capacity is 2000VA.
  • 70A battery charger.
  • 24V 16A DC battery charger for bow thruster.
  • Additional 12V 5A charger supplied by 230V system for start battery (generator power).



  • Service batteries are charged by a 110A alternator with 3-step regulator on the main engine, or by a 70A combi charger working on AC.
  • For the starter battery there is a 12V 115A engine alternator.



  • M-GV8 PICCOLO K 230V / 50Hz diesel generator.
  • 8kVA (6kW) continuous 230V, installed in the engine room. Includes touch panel screen full colour 5”.
  • Fuel system and sea water system modified to suit generator installation.
  • Electrical system modified to work together with generator.


Shore Power:

  • 23 V 32A 50Hz shore power.
  • Shore inlet plug installed on coaming on port side.
  • Shore power cable is 15m long.
  • Shore inlet provided with circuit breaker, earth fault protection, polarity alarm and land connecting cable.
  • The inlet supplies power to battery charger, water heater and 230V outlets.


Earthing System:

  • The AC system is using the keel as underwater earthing point.
  • Mast and shrouds are electrically connected to the keel.

Plumbing Systems

  • Components and valves are labelled.
  • Deck drains are connected mainly to outlets above waterline.
  • All deck drains that cannot be direct over board are connected to and integrated through hull fitting on each side.


Fresh Water & Water Heating System:

  • Pressurised hot and cold water system provided with distribution to all heads and to the galley, plumbing made of push-fit type plastic pipes.
  • Water pressure system equipped with one 24V DC pump.
  • Electric water heater with engine cooling coil, total hot water capacity of 40 litres (10.6 gallons). In-built heating element is working on AC power.
  • Water connection installed on aft deck.
  • Freshwater pipework mainly of nylon tubing and fresh water hose.



  • Schenker Smart 100 Digital modular, 24VDC with a capacity of 100l/h, 2400l/day.
  • The watermaker has dual pre-filters and fresh water flush.


Bilge Pumps:

  • The bilges are divided into three sections; forepeak, amidships (main and lazarette).
  • 2 x Forepeak DC driven submersible pumps.
  • 2 x Main bilge DC driven submersible pumps.
  • 1 x Lazarette DC driven submersible pump.


Grey & Black Water:

  • Both WCs are connected to a black water polyethelene holding tank.
  • Tanks discharge to seacocks. Deck suction lines are also provided.


Sea Water System:

  • Seacocks in Marelon for all through-hull connections below waterline located in accessible position. The seacocks have studs long enough to take two hose clamps.
  • Seawater is used for toilet flushing.
  • Seawater hoses are of marine seawater resistant rubber.


Deck Wash System:

  • Deck wash using pressurized fresh water. 1 x Outlet with quick connection and shut-off valve in anchor windlass locker.


  • Dipsticks provided for fuel and water tanks.



  • Total fuel capacity of 360 litres (95.1 gallons) in 2 x PE-HD tanks with gauges.
  • 1 x filler for each tanks.
  • Tanks vented through hull, fittings just below the shear line.
  • Fuel feeder and return lines have shot-off valves on each tank.


Fresh Water:

  • Total water capacity of 500 litres (132 gallons) in 2 x polyethylene tanks provided with inspection lids and vent pipes.
  • There is a filler hose from side deck to each water tank.


Greywater/Blackwater Holding Tanks:

  • Total holding tank capacity of 100 litres (26.4 gallons).
  • 1 x Blackwater holding tank for forward toilet with capacity of 50 litres.
  • 1 x Blackwater holding tank for aft toilet with capacity of 50 litres.
  • The tanks are fitted with inspection lids and vent line.


LPG System:

  • A manual leak detector and remote magnetic shut-off valve are fitted inside the gas bottle locker. There is also a manual shut-off valve next to the stove in the galley.
  • In the forepeak locker there is a space for 1 x 2.75kg camping gas bottle.
  • LPG is used for the gas cooker in Galley.
  • Gas installation to ISO 10239.


Monitoring System:

  • Alarms are on the main switchboard in saloon.
  • Blackwater tanks are equipped with ¾ and full tank alarm at main switchboard.
  • Electrical bilge pumps can be operated in annual or automatic mode. Automatic mode is controlled by a level switch next to the pump.
  • Fuel and water tank levels are shown at main switchboard.
  • LPG gas supply to the gas stove is operated by a switch near by the stove, which controls a solenoid valve at the gas bottle.

Navigation & Communication Equipment

  • Silva 125FT magnetic steering compass at each steering console. Compass adjustment and deviation card is not included.
  • B&G autopilot for B&G Triton System. Autopilot controller located on port pedestal.
  • B&G Zeus3 9 inch multifunction displays, one on each pedestal in cockpit which are of the larger size
  • 3 x B&G Triton/H5000 20/20 HV displays located on the Selden mast bracket.
  • 2 x B&G Triton2 4.1” digital displays in cockpit.
  • 1 x B&G Wind Sensor WS310 mounted at mast head.
  • 1 x DST800 combined speed, depth and temperature sensor.
  • 1 x B&G Precision-9 compass
  • 1 x B&G NEP-2 network expansion port, located at chart table.


Communication Equipment:

  • 1 x B&G ZG100 GPS antenna on the port pushpit lower rail.
  • B&G V60-B VHF radio with built-in AIS-transceiver class B. Including NSPL-500 VHF antenna. GPS antenna is positioned on pushpit.
  • 1 x B&G H60 VHF wireless handset positioned in the cockpit.
  • 1 x VHF antenna mounted at the mast head.

Domestic Equipment


  • 1 x Front loading refrigerator cabinet, 130 litres.
  • 1 x Drawer fridge, 42 litres.
  • Refrigerators driven by 24V battery with thermostat controls installed in the galley.
  • 3-burner LPG stove with oven. Gimballed and provided with fiddles. Flame failure protection burners. Manual gas shut-off cock adjacent to stove. Remote controlled shot-off and leak detector near gas bottle with control switch. Gas installation is according to ISO 10239.
  • Cooker hood ducted to an extractor fan located in lazarette.
  • Littala crockery package (October 2019). Including dinnerware, glasses, and cookware from Littala collection for 6 people



  • Heirlooms bed linen white cotton sateen TC57, with three row Antibes embroidery.
  • 2 x Double fitted sheets – one in owner’s cabin and one double for guest cabin aft port.
  • 2 x Single fitted sheets.
  • 1 x Double duvet cover 220x220cm.
  • 4 x Single duvet covers 150x210cm.
  • 6 x Pillowcases 50x60cm.



  • 2 x Planus 24 V DC electric marine WCs
  • Flush panel with two buttons for each toilet-pressurised fresh water lines plumbed for toilet flushing.
  • Single lever mixers at washbasins.
  • Single lever shower mixers with hand showers.


Heating & Ventilation:

  • Air conditioning system designed for Mediterranean climate conditions.
  • Webasto Blue Cool S-Series self-contained units installed to serve the following:
    1. Owner’s Cabin 6.000 BTU/h.
    2. Saloon 16.00 BTU/h.
    3. Port Aft Cabin 6.000 BTU/h.
    4. Starboard Aft Cabin 6.000 BTU/h.
  • Power supply 230V AC single phase 50/60Hz.
  • Also included: cabin control panels with displays for each unit, seawater circuit with pump for cooling-off the units, seawater intake with strainer, thermally insulated ducting and air grilles.
  • Heating mode available in reverse cycle.

Note: Diesel generator needed to run the air conditioning system off the dock.


  • Opening deck hatches and portholes for natural ventilation of saloon and the cabins.
  • Engine room ventilation via air inlet and outlet through aft deck superstructure, extraction and supply with thermostat controlled blowers. Thermostatically controlled.
  • Battery box naturally ventilated through mast. Make-up air to the box from bilge.



  • Marine stereo system Fusion MS-RA770 (AM/FM, WiFi streaming, optical in, USB, Bluetooth).
  • 1 x Pair of B&W CCM-362 deck head speakers in saloon. Connected to B&G NMEA2000 bus, which allows control from MFDs.
  • 1 x Pair of Fusion XS-F65CWB cockpit speakers connected to saloon stereo unit.


Internal Lighting:

  • Switches for lighting in cabins and toilets. All lights are of LED-type unless otherwise stated.
  • LED lights inboard in all cabins and toilets.
  • LED lights or indirect lighting outboard in all cabins and toilets.
  • LED reading lights with switch above double berths.
  • LED light with arm at Chart Table.
  • LED light in Engine Room.
  • Red night light in overhead in galley, controlled form main switchboard in saloon.


External Lights:

  • Stern light LED.
  • Port side light LED.
  • Starboard side light LED.
  • Navigations lights are switched from main switchboard in saloon.
  • Steaming light on forward side of mast, controlled from cockpit panel.
  • Anchor light at top of mast controlled from main switchboard panel.
  • 2 x Spreader lights, facing down on 1st spreader, controlled from cockpit panel.
  • Windex light at top of mast, controlled from main switchboard.
  • Compass light, controlled from main switchboard.


Summary of Accommodation:

  • 6 berths in 3 cabins.
  • Furniture in European Oak, varnished, satin finish.
  • Wooden interior is varnished using two component urethane varnishes. The surfaces has a semi-matt finish. Painted surfaces are in RAL 9010 warm white colour two component paint with semi-matt finish.
  • Doors, partitions and panelling are oak-faced plywood.
  • Vinyl covered removable overhead panels are installed in all accommodation areas.
  • Floorboards are 15mm. The top face is European oak with light koto stripes. The floorboards are varnished with six coats of urethane satin varnish and have the same finish as the rest of the interior.
  • Two suction lifters are provided.
  • All locker doors are fitted with high quality furnishing hinges and are kept closed with push button latches. A doorstopper is fitted where needed.
  • All bathroom mirrors are glass.
  • Mosquito screens and blinds for all deck hatches. There is a separate loose mosquito screen for the companionway.
  • Handrails are mounted at the companionway and two in the saloon overhead.
  • The wardrobes include hanging rails and shelves. Hanging lockers are equipped with lights. Cupboards consist of drawers and door covered stowage volume with shelves.
  • Topsides where visible are lined vinyl covered.
  • Hardware and outfit components are of type designed to eliminate rattling or hanging. The cabin doors are provided with locks and catches to hold them in open position where possible.
  • Structural bulkheads covered with plywood skin panels.
  • Partitions are made of plywood construction with either oak veneered wood, painted or padded surfaces.
  • Loose furniture can be secured to floorboards or bulkheads in order to be stored at sea.
  • Cabinets, tables, bureaus, seats and dressers have rounded corners.
  • Hanging lockers are equipped with latches.
  • Bulkheads in European Oak, varnished, satin finish.
  • Fabrics in natural colours.
  • Leathers in smooth grain Penelope Oggi Nuvola.
  • Sofas in Caleido White with self-piping in white.
  • Dining chairs in Caleido White.
  • 5 x Throw pillows (35x55cm) in Caleido Taupe with Caleido White stripes.
  • 6 x Throw pillows (35x55cm) in Caleido White with Caleido Taupe stripes.
  • 1 x Leather pocket for large panel in saloon, with 3 integrated pockets. With decorative stitching
  • 4 x Individual leather pockets in forward owner’s cabin. With decorative stitching


Description of layout from forwards:


Forward Owner’s Cabin:

  • Double bed on centreline.
  • Bed fitted with plywood leeboard.
  • Storage beneath the berth
  • Foam mattress, 12.5cm over Scandi-Flex battens.
  • 2 x Reading lights installed at the head end of the berth.
  • 4 x Recessed lights installed in the deckhead panels.
  • Hanging lockers on starboard side.
  • Shelf cabinets and upper lockers to both outboard sides.
  • Bulkheads covered with veneered panels.
  • Hull sides exposed outboard covered with white vinyl panels.
  • Full height mirror on backside of owner’s cabin door.


Owner’s En-Suite Bathroom:

  • Built in first grade materials using wood, GRP and Corian.
  • Lockers are in wood and the vanity tops are made in Corian.
  • Separate shower stall of GRP.
  • Floorboards in shower of water resistant material.
  • Under mounted Corian washbasin.
  • 1 x Faucet at washbasin and 1 x faucet with wall mounted hand shower in the shower stall. Faucets of polished chrome.
  • Shower door opens inwards into shower stall. There is a step to keep water on the drained side.
  • Shower stall door in clear acrylic glass with polished stainless steel fittings.
  • Mirror on upper cupboard doors.
  • LED spotlights.
  • 2 x Hansgrohe towel hooks.
  • 1 x Hansgrohe towel bar.
  • 1 x Hansgrohe concealed waste bin.
  • 1 x Hansgrohe soap dispenser.
  • 1 x Hansgrohe toilet role holder.



  • Dining area on port side and navigation area on starboard side with open layout arrangement.
  • Bulkheads covered with veneered panels.
  • Hull sides outboard covered with white vinyl panels.
  • 2 x Foldable chairs with armrests at the dining table. The chairs can be secured onto floorboards while sailing.
  • Place for entertainment electronics located outboards in the navigation area.
  • Dining sofa has seat depth of 500mm.
  • Stowage behind sofa and seats and behind backrests outboard.
  • Dining table is 850x1280mm.
  • 3 x Recessed indirect lighting in the deckhead panels.
  • 1 x Recessed light above saloon table.


Navigation Area:

  • Navigation area is located in the saloon on the starboard side with instrument panels facing outboard.
  • Chart table made of oak, shallow storage space under the tabletop.
  • Navigation seat has depth of 550mm.
  • Stowage behind seat and behind backrests outboard.
  • The electronics are fitted in the panels.
  • 3 x Recessed lights above chart table.
  • A gooseneck LED-navigation lamp is fixed at the instrument panel.



  • Galley located on port side aft of the saloon.
  • Lockers in wood.
  • Worktops and fiddles are in white Corian.
  • 1 x Stainless steel sing with one kitchen faucet model Hansgrohe Focus.
  • Drawers, waste bin and stowage space for pots and pans in lower lockers.
  • Upper lockers with stowage space for crockery, glasses and dry food.
  • 2 x Recessed lights (one light can also be used as a leading light) in the ceiling panels. One light is above the sink and one night light.
  • Fitting of Littala crockery items in lockers and drawers with wooden pins, bespoke cutouts and dividers.


Aft Heads & Shower:

  • Built in first grade materials using wood, GRP and Corian.
  • Lockers are in wood and the vanity tops are made in Corian.
  • Separate shower stall of GRP.
  • Floorboards in shower of water resistant material.
  • Under mounted Corian washbasin.
  • 1 x Faucet at washbasin and 1 x faucet with wall mounted hand shower in the shower stall. Faucets of polished chrome.
  • Shower door opens inwards into shower stall. There is a step to keep water on the drained side.
  • Shower stall door in clear acrylic glass with polished stainless steel fittings.
  • Mirror on upper cupboard doors.
  • LED spotlights.
  • 2 x Hansgrohe towel hooks.
  • 1 x Hansgrohe towel bar.
  • 1 x Hansgrohe concealed waste bin.
  • 1 x Hansgrohe soap dispenser.
  • 1 x Hansgrohe toilet role holder.


Aft Guest Cabin Port:

  • Double bed with outboard shelf.
  • Bed fitted with plywood leeboard.
  • Storage beneath the berth.
  • Foam mattress, 12.5cm plywood bottoms.
  • 2 x Reading lights installed at the head end of beds.
  • 2 x Recessed lights installed in the deckhead panels.
  • Hanging locker.
  • Bulkheads covered with veneered panels.
  • Hull sides outboard covered with white vinyl panels.


Aft Guest Cabin Starbooard:

  • Twin berths with outboard shelf.
  • Storage beneath the berths.
  • Foam mattress, 12.5cm plywood bottoms.
  • 2 x Reading lights installed at the head end of beds.
  • 2 x Recessed lights installed in the deckhead panels.
  • Hanging locker.
  • Bulkheads covered with veneered panels.
  • Hull sides outboard covered with white vinyl panels.


Engine Room:

  • Located under the companionway.
  • There is a removable front part of the engine box and service hatches on each side.
  • Internally sound insulated.

Deck Equipment

Deck Layout:

The deck plan has been designed for maximum efficiency, safety and comfort. The deck design, particularly the coach roof, is the most relevant part of a yacht in terms of aesthetics and character. Nautor has always paid close attention to this aspect and the ‘wedge’ coach roof design has been a brand hallmark since its introduction in 1971 with the original S&S-designed Swan 48. The design of the new Swan 48 represents the latest generation of wedge coach roof to evolve from that original design. It is designed with a combination of soft curves and faceted surfaces, presenting a new style but still in the family feeling of her bigger sisters, the Swan 65 and 78. It also introduces the ‘Eagle’s Eye’ feature, a long brow that gives the whole coach roof the appearance of a raptor’s intense gaze.



The cockpit, well protected by deep coamings along its length, has Swan’s typically functional layout with a forward area dedicated to guests, that is fully protected by spray hood and bimini, a central section where all sailing gear is concentrated with winches within easy reach of the helmsman, and an aft area dedicated to sunbathing and direct access to the sea via the opening platform. Safety is always a priority on a Swan. To this end, a special solution for the main sheet has been developed to prevent the sheet crossing the whole cockpit and reduce the danger from an accidental jibe. As an option, the platform can also provide access to the tender garage. Other areas, like the forward sunbathing area with cushions well integrated into a recessed part of the coach roof, are dedicated to comfort at sea.


  • Cockpit seats with back rest.
  • Storage lockers accessible through hatches in cockpit seats.
  • Removable varnished teak cockpit table with folding leaves.



  • Spars are built of aluminium, white painted with measurement bands in black. Double spreader fractional rig with discontinuous shrouds and 20 degrees swept aluminium spreaders on a wide shroud base
  • Self-tacking jib system.
  • Electrical jib furler.


Mast Details:

  • Oval aluminium section. Battens cars for full-battened mainsail, all halyard exits smoothed for rope halyards equipped with stainless steel chafe guards.
  • Single spin box and lead with 2:1 provision.
  • Double genoa box.
  • Stainless steel nose tang for FS.
  • Stainless cap for shroud terminal.
  • Diagonal terminal in spreader root.
  • Stainless steel boom and vang gooseneck.
  • Aluminium aerofoil spreaders.
  • Mainsail luff-MDS batt car system.
  • The mast is stepped through deck onto composite mast step.
  • Tie rods connected between mast collar and mast.
  • Aluminium mast shoe.
  • Harken Switch track on Seldén aluminium or carbon mast.


Boom Details:

  • White painted aluminium section, for loose-footed mainsail.
  • Sheaves at outboard end for two single line reefs led to deck winches.
  • Sheave for outhaul.
  • Provisions and blocks for German mainsheet system.
  • Lazyjacks
  • Attachment for preventer system.
  • Hydraulically powered outhaul and boom vang hydraulic via the four function hydraulic pump in cockpit on starboard side.



Rig Dimensions:

  • IG: 20.80m / 68.24 ft.
  • J: 5.66m / 18.57 ft.
  • P: 19.90m / 65.29 ft.
  • E: 6.60m / 21.65 ft.
  • TPS: 6.95m / 22.80 ft.


Sail Areas:

  • Fore triangle: 58.9m² / 633 sq.ft.
  • Main sail: 77.1m² / 830 sq.ft.
  • Jib: 62.5m² / 673 sq.ft.
  • Gennaker: 216.7m² / 2333 sq.ft.


Standing Rigging:

  • Nitronic 50 rod rigging.
  • Trough deck manual furler for the jib, control line led under deck to cockpit.


Running Rigging:

  • Ropes of double braid polyester.
  • Main halyard with screw shackle, headsail halyards and sheets with snap shackles.
  • Internal halyards.
  • Performance running rigging.
  • Staysail rope pack including sheets and 2:1 halyard with shackle block.
  • A0 rope pack including 2:1 halyard with shackle block.


Sail Handling Systems:

  • Self-tacking jib system.
  • 2 x Aluminium genoa sheet tracks.
  • 2 x Genoa cars with adjustable pin stops.
  • 2 x End stops with fairleads aft.
  • 2 x End stops forward.
  • 1 x Stand-up block for main sheet at deck.
  • 1 x Double block aft end of boom for main sheet.
  • 2 x Blocks forward end of boom for main sheet.
  • 10 x Halyard blocks, recessed at mast.
  • 2 x Blocks for gennaker sheets, one each side on the bulwark.
  • Organisers mounted under deck for halyard leads to cockpit.
  • Spinlock clutches in cockpit.


Winches & Windlass:

  • 2 x Harken 60.2 STEA 24H electrical primary winches in cockpit.
  • 2 x Harken 60.2 STEA electrical main sheet winches in cockpit
  • 2 x 10” single grip winch handles.
  • All halyards and control lines are led back to the winches in the cockpit.



  • Sails by North Sails.
  • Full batten mainsail NPL Tour UltraX 350.
  • Furling jib with battens NPL Tour UltraX NorLam NLU450.
  • Furling inner jib NPL Tour UltraX NorLam NLU350.
  • Code 55 NPL code Xi Xi06 CD.
  • G2 running gennaker NorLon NY150 (1.5oz).
  • Harken 26mm luff system.
  • Facnor FX+ 4500 furling kit.
  • Facnor 2:1 Halyard block.
  • Tylaska shackle for Main Halyard 2.


Hatches & Windows:

  • 2 x Lewmar flush 2G Size 20, one above each aft cabin.
  • 2 x Lewmar flush 2G Size 60 above saloon.
  • 1 x Lewmar flush 2G Size 60 above owner’s cabin.
  • 1 x Lewmar flush 2G Size 10 above owner’s cabin toilet.
  • 1 x Lewmar flush 2G Size 10 above owner’s cabin corridor.
  • Splitted wedge shaped hinged hatches to forepeak locker/windlass space.
  • 1 x Hinged hatch to lazarette.
  • 2 x Solimar 064P450 port lights, one in port aft head and one in Galley.
  • 1 x Solimar 06413-07 port light in each aft cabin to cockpit.
  • Light grey tinted acrylic deckhouse windows, two on each side. Windows are bonded to superstructure.
  • Lockable companionway with manually forward sliding hatch and a drop board of tinted acrylic.



  • Pulpit and pushpit are of Ø 25mm stainless steel tubes. Pulpit is 610mm high with one intermediate rail. The pushpit consists of two side pushpits. The upper rail is at 900mm above cockpit level.
  • Deck shower installed on bathing platform.
  • 1 x Deployable re-boarding rope ladder attached to transom lifeline.
  • 1 x Socket for flagpole on pushpit.
  • 150cm flagpole.
  • 3 x Wichard 6604 folding pad eyes for jackstay attachment in the cockpit.
  • 1 x Harken 627 pad eye for gennaker tack line attachment on the bowsprit.
  • 1 x Harken 648 pad eye for A0 tack line attachment on bow.
  • 2 x Wichard 6605 folding pad eyes for boom preventer lines forward of the main shrouds.
  • 2 x Wichard 6606 folding pad eyes for jib outhaul.
  • 2 x Wichard 6605 folding pad eyes for gennaker sheet.
  • Spacing of lifelines and stanchions are conforming to OSR requirements. 5mm stainless steel wire lifelines with polished turnbuckles and eyes. Lifelines are lead through 310mm high stainless steel stanchions. There are detachable lifelines at stern of easy access to the bathing platform.
  • Sprayhood recess.
  • 2 x Storage lockers in cockpit benches.
  • Carbonautica 2.3m white painted GRP foldable gangway with light or dark grey antislint. Width 370mm. Including single pin deck fitting, black painted aluminium stanchions, trapeze system and padded bag.
  • Dinghy garage.


Anchoring & Mooring Equipment:

  • Stainless steel bowsprit/anchor arm has integrated Delrin anchor rollers with GRP cover.
  •  Maxwell RC10, 24V windlass with gypsy only for use with galvanised 10mm grade 40 chain. The windlass has an Aisi 316 stainless steel base. One wired remote control in the bow locker.
  • 1 x 27kg stainless steel anchor with swivel.
  • Galvanised anchor 80m chain
  • 10m, 16mm plaited nylon anchor line spliced to a devils claw for unloading windlass to mooring cleat when anchoring.
  • 6 x fixed mooring cleats; one pair forward, midship and aft.
  • 1 x boat hook.
  • 6 x F-3 fenders, 215x745mm.
  • 4 x 20mm, 15m plaited nylon mooring lines.


Covers, Canvas & Cushions:

  • Large sprayhood over the main companionway. When not in use sprayhood is folded away in deck recess. Sprayhood recess has a GRP protection cover.
  • Sunbrella cockpit cushions with backrests forward of steering wheels.
  • Sunbrella padded canvas cover for cockpit table.
  • 2 x Foldable Sunbrella sunbathing cushions on coach roof.
  • 2 x Sunbrella canvas covers for steering wheels and pedestals.
  • Sunbrella sun awning.
  • All exterior canvas in Sunbrella Dune.
  • Sunbathing mattresses and cockpit cushions to have piping in Sunbrella Dune.
  • Sunbrella main sail cover.


Safety Equipment:

  • Safety lines for deck.
  • Safety belts for Galley and Navigation Station.


Fire-Fighting Equipment:

  • 1 x Fire extinguisher port mounted on engine room bulkhead. In the event of a fire, the small port can be opened to allow a hand-held fire extinguisher to be used to access the engine room.
  • 4 x Portable fire extinguishers; one in deck locker and three inside.
  • Fire blanket in Galley.
  • Battery powered smoke detectors in all living areas.
  • Smoke detector in the engine room which gives alarm at the main control panel.



  • Owner’s manual in English provided with directions for use and maintenance, drawings and diagrams for main systems and handbooks for machinery and components.
  • Basic spare parts kit for engine.
  • Basic plumbing spares.
  • Basic electric spares.
  • 2 x suction lifters for floorboards.
  • Launching and rigging at Nautor’s yard in Jakobstad including 1 x lift at launch, rigging, 1 x sea trial and familiarisation of yacht.
  • Stickers for yacht’s name and homeport on transom.

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