36' 11" (11.25m)

Sarvo37 2023 36' 11" SARVO MARINE Motor Yacht

Copenhagen Denmark €2,200,000 EUR

The 2023 36' 11" SARVO MARINE 37 Motor Yacht Sarvo37 is a boat for sale located in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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LENGTH 36' 11" (11.25m)
BUILT 2023
BEAM 10' 3" (3.1m)
MAX SPEED 70 Knots
LOCATION Copenhagen, Denmark
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A day-cruiser inspired by the classics and built with the future in mind by using recycled aluminium and plastic. 11m of silent, shining splendour with its razor like bow designed to effortlessly cut through the waves at a speed of up to 70 knots, if speed is your thing that is. Alternatively, the SARVO37 can travel a distance of 70-100 nautical miles at a speed of 10-20 knots on one charge.

To maximise the energy of the batteries and for the overall onboard experience of the SARVO37 to be that of utmost comfort, the shape of the hull with its three stages is a key part of the design. Inspired by a vintage Danish mine sweeper, the hull’s razor sharp, V-shaped bow flattens out towards the stern, a part of the design that contributes greatly to the energy efficiency of the SARVO37. Saving energy, both at a high and a low speed, is a key objective for increased range. At lower speeds, the straight prow cuts through the waves like a blade for a comfortable and efficient ride, with a push of the throttle the boat immediately begins to plane.

The SARVO37 is designed for waves typical of the Mediterranean and Baltic seas with the precise placements of the different components of the battery pack contributing to the overall balance of the day-cruiser, allowing for a steady ride even through rough seas. The SARVO37 is the realisation of the vision of Sarvo Breckling and his collaboration with Danish Marine Design with the objective of creating a hull ideal for comfortable sailing and safety perfection.

The look of the day-cruiser is a functional and elegant design completed to perfection by technology exclusively created for Sarvo Marine by the company’s CTO and technical wizard, Jonas Voss, the mastermind behind the electrical systems of some of the world’s most extraordinary super cars. The combination of Scandinavian minimalist design, recycled materials and the extraordinary electrical system that coordinates the output of the engine and battery package, results in a vessel some have suggested to be the ultimate in yacht design, an experience of total elegance.

The battery system is in many ways the heart of the SARVO37. Its power plant technology was developed in-house and validated over a period of 3 years to ensure delivery of “efficient and reliable hyper car related Kilowatts” allowing the SARVO37 to reach a top speed of 70 knots. The extreme power-to-weight ratio of the SARVO37 has previously only been available in the hyper car industry. The battery system can be fully recharged within an hour using the latest CCS standards.

The Sarvo37 is ensured to take you on a breath-taking experience. With a super lightweight motor producing torque and power equal to 4 times that of a 2019 model of the Porsche 911 Turbo S, this boat is not only superior to a sports car on land, but will also out-perform most powerboats used for speed records. All done in a way that allows you to enjoy the experience in close to total silence with the splashing of the water being the only sound.

The advanced drive system of the SARVO37 has the propeller cutting into the waterline rather than being positioned under the surface; partly above the waterline to increase acceleration and speed. The cover above the propeller reduce the amount of air that is mixed with the water, thereby making the boat reach higher speeds and have greater acceleration.

The deck, floor and table are made from durable and weight saving synthetic wood. The seats of the SARVO37 are suspended to absorb shock and vibrations, but can swivel to face the sofa. Specially designed sun cushions are stowed in the stern and kept in place with magnets when in use.

The SARVO37 has a luxurious cabin with a specially designed double bed, toilet and coffee kitchen. The insulated brushed aluminium walls are a cool contrast to the exquisite hand-sewn imitation leather and smoked oak panels inside.

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