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2020 353' BENETTI Motor Yacht Displacement Motor Yacht Livorno Italy
Price on Application

The 2020 353' BENETTI Displacement Motor Yacht Displacement Motor Yacht LUMINOSITY is a yacht for sale located in Livorno, Italy.

One of the most significant yachts recently completed, LUMINOSITY benefits from years of design work and construction. She has massive volume (5,844 GT) as a result of 3m headroom in places. Amazing views through 811 m2 of floor to ceiling windows. 12 staterooms, a conference room, hospital, gym, and an incredible beach club with pool. Commercial helicopter capability, PYC certification, diesel electric propulsion and many green attributes and the ability to spend 12 hours at anchor, silently, on battery power are but a few of her stand out features.

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LENGTH 353' (107.60m)
ASKING PRICE Price on Application
BUILT 2020
BEAM 55' 10" (17.00m)
MX SPEED 16.00 Knots
LOCATION Livorno, Italy
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00. GENERAL               

The vessel described in this specification is a diesel electric motor yacht with a displacement hull, equipped with six diesel generators (plus 1 for emergency), battery pack, two Azipod propulsion units and two bow thrusters.
Reference GA: 272-0101-22
The hull is built in steel and the superstructure is built in aluminum alloy.
Builder: Azimut Benetti Spa, Benetti Shipyard
Exterior designer: Zaniz Jakubowski /Reymond Langton Design /Giorgio M. Cassetta
Interior designer for Owner’s and guest’s areas: Zaniz Jakubowski Design
Designer for all external décor: Azimut Benetti Spa, Benetti Shipyard and Zaniz Jakubowski Design
Interior designer for crew spaces, pantries, galley and wheelhouse: Zaniz Jakubowski Design
LOA 353’00” 107.60m
Beam Max 55’09”   17.00m
Max Draft 14’11”     4.55m
Flag Any of the Red Ensign Group
Gross Tonnage 5,844 GT
Fuel Tank Capacity 105,669 USG 400,000 L
Ballast Water Capacity  49,136 USG 186,000 L
Fresh Water Capacity  21,134 USG   80,000 L
Helicopter Fuel: Jet A1 or JP5   1,850 USG     7,000 L
Max Speed at Half Load 16 knots
Cruising Speed at Half Load 10 knots
Range at 10 knots and 650kw Hotel Load (Half Load)  8000+ Nautical Miles
Accommodation for Owner & Guests 1 Owner’s suite on Owners Deck
11 staterooms on Lower Deck, Main Deck, Owners Deck and Bridge Deck including one 4 berths children stateroom and one Pullman berth in Owners Deck blue guest stateroom.
Total: up to 27 guests
Accommodation for Crew 1 x Captain’s cabin on Bridge Deck
1 x Officer cabin on Bridge Deck
10 x double crew cabins on Lower Deck
1 x triple crew cabin on Lower Deck
1 x quadruple crew cabin on Lower Deck
8 x Officer cabins on Lower Deck
Total 37 crew
Common Areas Guest area: main salon, main stairs and corridor, beach club, gym (equipment is Owner’s supply), Hamman, lower deck lobby with embarkation shell door, moon lounge, external areas, hospital
Crew area: crew mess, crew galley, crew lounge, main galley, pantries, crockery store
Technical space: cold rooms, cigar room, flower room, wine room, laundry, heli-fuel room, battery room
Classification and Certificates Classification Society: Lloyd’s Register of Shipping
Class Notation: ✠ 100 A1 PASSENGER YACHT
The helicopter landing area on sun deck (and its fire and fuel facilities) is certified by an industry recognized aviation body (HCA, Helideck Certification Agency), in compliance with Annex 2 of the Passenger Yacht Code.
01.01 Hull The hull and decks are entirely built of welded steel (shipbuilding quality, grade AH36), according to the Classification Society rules: AH36 is used up to main deck only (including forecastle).
01.02 Superstructure The superstructure is built of AA5083 H321 light alloy (for plates) and 6082 T6 light alloy (for extruded stiffeners and large extrusions used for decks, bulkheads and sides). Depending on strength/stability calculations and detailed design, the first tier is built (in whole or in part) by means of the same steel of the hull (shipbuilding quality, grade AH36).
Hull Paint The hull top sides and superstructure are painted White
Windows Where allowed by PYC, windows throughout the superstructure are fitted from the outside, glued and sealed with an appropriate UV resistant marine adhesive, onto an aluminum frame.
Total glass surface 811m2 for a total of 120 tons. Where required by PYC, the windows are fire rated.
Teak Decking The following surfaces:
Exterior decks;
Forecastle area;
Fixed stern platform;
are planked in teak laid with king planks, margin boards and covering boards as per Benetti LIB 21100 standard, as far as practicable: a filling compound is used to fair the deck surface as necessary. The teak planking is glued onto the decks by using weights. Plank thickness is 20mm finished, planks average length (where not restricted by deck boundaries) is not less than about 3.5m, minimum length is not less than about 3.0m. In the high traffic zones (fore deck and bathing platform) teak thickness is 27mm, 25 mm finished.
Total teak surface 1415m2. Teak thickness is 22mm, 20mm finished.
Anchor Windlasses Two combined reversible vertical anchor winches/capstans are provided, each having a wildcat gypsy (equipped with chain counter) and capstan both driven by an electric motor (arranged for dual rotation and two speed control either way).
Anchors Two “Pool-N” type balanced HHP (High Holding Power) anchors, made of stainless steel AISI 316L with glass bead finish. Weight is as per Class requirement equipment number plus one.
Anchor weight 2.475 tons each.
Chains          Two U3 high tensile steel galvanized chains (with stud link, Kenter joining shackles, end link and chain swivel) are provided, of equal length.
Size and length are according to Classification Society requirements. Equipment number plus one plus one chain length in excess for each anchor (total not less than 250m per side), chains are marked at 27.5m intervals.
The last link of each chain is securely connected under deck in the chain locker, with quick release in case of an emergency.
Capstans System of electric driven captive/drum winches is provided:
2 sets per side on main deck aft
2 sets per side on the fore deck
In addition, electric capstans are provided:
1 set per side on the waist
1 set per side on the foredeck (integrated into the anchor windlass)
All parts of the capstans which are placed above deck are made in stainless steel; visible parts are polished.
They are controlled by remoted wired control and locally on switchboard.
Each capstan has a pull as follows:
for maximum 30 minutes, at 10m/min, at maximum load
for maximum 10 minutes, at 20m/min, at half maximum load
The maximum load of the capstans is 40 kN
The total pull capacity of capstans and anchor windlass warping drum is about 240 kN
Cranes          Rescue Boat Cranes
2 x telescopic, electric-hydraulic driven, SOLAS approved, overhead launch and recovery systems are installed on the bridge deck, one on each side as shown on the general arrangement plan, to handle the rescue boats. SWL 2 tons each
Liferaft Cranes
Two electric-hydraulic driven, SOLAS approved davits are provided on bridge deck, one on each side as shown on the general arrangement plan, to allow dry-shod evacuation by means of DLLR life rafts. SWL 3.2 tons each
Tender Cranes
2 x man riding with the capacity of 6 tons each. These cranes are capable of supporting guests on tenders.
Top Deck Cranes
Two cranes on the top deck for disembarking cars and toys, such as Rolls-Royce Phantom, Volkswagen Caravelle, Melges sailing boat and motorcycles (Owner’s supply) are placed on the top deck forward of the helipad which is approximately 18 meters above the waterline. Each crane has a lifting capacity of 3.5 tons and a hook outreach outboard of minimum 3.0m, configured to lift a car or other cargo from the centerline of the yacht and place it on quayside.
Toy Cranes
600kg SWL beam crane is installed within the toy area. Crane is integrated in the shell door mechanism
Crew Door Cranes
500kg SWL beam crane is installed within the crew loading area.
Total Cranes
There are 12 total cranes on board which are positioned as follows:
2 on top deck for toys
2 on Bridge Deck for life rafts
4 on Bridge Deck for rescue boats
2 on Main Deck in the garage
1 on Lower Deck at the loading bay
1 on Main Deck in the jet ski garage
Tenders Tenders are Owner’s supply, taking into account the total lifting capacity of 10 tons of launch and recovery system.
For design purposes, Owner supplied tenders will be assumed as follows:
1 × Reliant X40T Limousine tender  – 11.50m × 3.65m × 2.61m; 8,470kg
1 × Reliant X40 Express craft – 11.50m × 3.65m × 2.84m; 9,298kg
1 × Reliant X40L Lander craft – 11.50m × 3.87m × 2.89m; 11,000kg
Details on the three large tenders, which could be available by separate negotiation, are available on the Reliant Yachts website: X40T Limousine, X40 Express and X40L Lander.
Two retractable hydraulic boat booms, are installed amidships on starboard side, near the boarding platform.
Shell/Deck Doors Large hull openings are fitted with doors, whose structures are sized according to the rules. Hull doors below main deck are watertight, as per rules. The shell doors themselves are made in light alloy. The inside of the shell doors is provided with flush aluminum inspection hatches, where deemed necessary.
The frames of the openings are fabricated in steel, with a seal recess in stainless steel. The hull structure surrounding the openings are reinforced as per rules requirements.
Hull doors are hydraulically operated, by means of hydraulic rams (built of stainless steel, invisible either in opened or closed situation).
The doors are kept in position by hydraulic operated stainless steel dogs, fitted at appropriate distance along the circumference of the opening.
Suitable proximity is fitted for open/closed position and locked/unlocked indication, with status indication/alarm in the wheelhouse.
A hand operated back-up system is provided for opening/closing and locking/unlocking of the doors, in case of failure of the relevant hydraulic power packs; chain blocks and pad eyes are also suitably placed and supplied.
Gangway A hydraulically operated aluminum riviera gangway, with self levelling steps and bottom platform, is installed at the stern, below the main deck, on starboard side, as shown on the general arrangement plan.
The gangway is of the telescopic and swiveling type, with a maximum outreach of 5m beyond the stern platform and is able to fully retract into the transom behind an inboard turning hydraulic operated watertight hatch. The gangway is able to raise 20 degrees, lower 20 degrees and swivel 90 degrees to starboard and 15 degrees to port. The gangway is built with a seawater resistant aluminum hatch, matching the shape of the transom minimum width 900mm, over the outsides of the gangway boom.
Side Boarding Ladder Two hydraulically operated aluminum side boarding ladders are installed, one on each side of the main deck, as shown on the general arrangement plan. Each boarding ladder consists of an upper platform, a ladder and a lower platform. The boarding ladders are retractable into a suitable recess, flush with the side shell plating. The length of each ladder will be such that the lower end will be approximately 500mm from lightest waterline, at a 45 degree operating angle.
Staff Elevator The yacht is provided with one crew/stores elevator, located as per the general arrangement plan, compliant with EN 81-2 and ISO 8383 standards.
Main features are as follows:
Cabin size (w × d × h): 900mmm × 1,440mm × 2,100mm (without decoration)
Max working load: 450kg
Stops: 6
Speed: about 0.6m/sec
Cabin door size is 800 × 2,000mm; material is stainless steel AISI 304 brushed finish.
Guest Elevator One custom built rectangular Owner’s elevator is installed in way of the main staircase, operating between the lower deck and the sun deck, with stops on lower, main, Owner’s, bridge and sun decks.
The elevator cabin and door are all glass (“extra clear glass” quality) sides and top with invisible drive system concealed behind the decorative wall which have two vertical slots for the cabin support frame to slide through. A thin stainless-steel connection ring on the glass cabin roof connects the walls and glass ceiling.
Cabin size (w x d x h):       1,900mm x 1,850mm x 3,050 mm
Max working load:              1,275 kg
Stops:                               5
Travel height:                    14,800 mm
Speed:                              about 1 m/sec
Cabin door size is 900mm x 3,000 mm, with under door drive and glass door leaves integrated in the cabin.
Pools  1 x counter flow swimming pool, with associated cold plunge pools in the beach club, with dimensions and layout in accordance with the general arrangement plan (the pool has a maximum water depth of 1.22m, and the bottom is inclined to facilitate drainage). 30m3 capacity plus cold plunge at +4° with capacity of approximately 3.5m3.   This swimming pool includes underwater speakers and a moving platform which converts the pool into a dance platform.
1 x Whirlpool is fitted forward, port side, on sun deck, as per the general arrangement plan. Approximately 6 m3 capacity with glass sides.
Heat transmission calculations are based on the ISO 7547:2002 standard.
The air conditioning system is capable of the following performances:
Summer conditions:
Internal air (Owner’s areas): 22°C
max R.H. 55%
Internal air (guests/crew areas): 22°C
max R.H. 55%
Winter conditions:
Internal air: 22°C
max R.H. 55%
Electric systems are arranged as follows:
AC Power
690 VAC / 60 Hz, three-phase three-wire with insulated neutral (for propulsion system and heavy loads)
440 VAC / 60 Hz, three-phase three-wire with insulated neutral (for Hotel system heavy loads)
208 VAC-120VAC / 60 Hz three-phase four-wire with neutral earthed, but without hull return (for Hotel medium loads)
220 VAC / 50 Hz single-phase two-wire with insulated neutral with dedicated frequency converter (for Accommodation European 50Hz sockets only)
DC Power
600VDC two-wire insulated system (from main battery power pack)
24 VDC two-wire insulated system (from auxiliary batteries)690V, 60 Hz, 3F AC main switchboard, divided in two sections (supplying main electric power for propulsions, thrusters, HVAC and other ships load)
Lights Acqualuce custom made lights are installed throughout. A Lutron system manages the scenarios (lights, blinds)
Navigation system is supplied by L3 MAPPS UK and is based on Wärtsilä Nacos Platinum workstations. Two X-band radars (one facing aft in order to eliminate blind sectors) and an S-band radar, combined with two FLIR thermal cameras enable the highest target recognition.
A dynamic position system is integrated with thrusters and Azipods for a complete range of vessel control, maneuvering and station keeping applications.
One Wesmar sonar with traveling transducer is hull mounted for safety and security reasons.
The centralized Audio/Visual system is supplied by AHT: the entire system is based on Crestron NVX distribution modules and allows a complete, redundant and fully customizable source distribution.
KEF floor standing speakers are used in main public areas in order to achieve superior acoustic quality.
The IT network is provided by Videoworks and its infrastructure is based on  fiber optics and on Cat. 8 cables that allow a “future proof” performance level.
A Frankentek integrated security system is supplied, based on 35 Panasonic cameras, 5 underwater cameras (one PTZ), deck sensors, biometric fingerprint readers and a complete door monitoring system.
It allows several scenarios in order to choose security level and maintain inaccessibility to some private areas.
A citadel is in the under lower deck. The area is fitted with ventilation, fresh water and sanitary systems independently run by batteries and bullet proof doors.
Main Gensets                                     6 x Caterpillar C32 994 e kW/each 690V 60Hz
6 x HUG DPF fuel/soot burners are fitted to treat exhaust gas from 6 gensets at the same time when exhausting dry in the stack.
Azipods 2 x ABB CO0980, 2200kW each  
Propellers 2 x ABB fixed pitch propellers, six bladed
Watermakers 2 x Idromar reverse osmosis watermakers
40,000 l/day each (80,000 l/day in total)
1 x 20,000 l/day technical water
Bow Thruster 2 x Brunvoll FU45LRC1375 400 kW each, variable pitch propellers
Stabilizer System One set of Rolls-Royce retractable zero speed fin stabilizers Neptune 200/12m2
Interactive Panels Approximately 370m2 of LED interactive panels are connected to the main presence sensors for interactive purposes and can display fully customizable video contents. The interactive panels are extended on the main staircase on all 5 decks (LD, MD, OD, WD, SD) for a total of 18m. in height approximately and with total of 112 interactive panels.
Accommodations 2,600m2 surface of accommodation in total. 1,600m2 for Guests and 1,000m2 for crew. 
Beach area – 230m2
Owner’s Stateroom – 150m2 which includes a solid marble bathtub built in Carrara marble for a total weight of 1.4 tons and a capacity of 1.5m3
Main Salon – 290m2
The main salon includes a rotating floor with a diameter of 5m
Marble There are 46 different types of marble on board for a total surface of 600m2 approximately
Cables The overall length of the cables on board is around 500km
Multimedia Main Items 70 x TV’s on board
10 x Intelligent mirrors on board (touch screen with multimedia and internet connection)
4 x Cinema projectors
1 x Virtual window of 6m2 in the Owner’s Stateroom which is connected to the external bow camera
1 x Custom screen of 8m2 in the Beach Area
Satellite Antennas 5 x Satellite antennas for the TV’s and internet connection. Two of them are ST94 type.
A/V Rooms 2 x A/V main rooms with 12 full height racks
Flower Motion Wall 19m2 wall which includes 264 flowers, sculpted in Corian resin
The wall has a walk by sensor which allows the flowers to open or close themselves when somebody is nearby
Shell and Hull Doors 2 x Beach club/gym port & starboard – 50m2 each
1 x Main foyer starboard
1 x Aft transom hull door
2 x Garage portside and starboard
1 x Toy store
1 x Loading bay area
2 x Anchor inspection - 2m2 each
Swim Ladder  1 x Hydraulically retractable 3m wide swim ladder on the swim platform
Toys (All Owner’s Supply) 1 x Sailing boat – Melges Performance 24
1 x Inflatable slide
1 x Anti Jellyfish inflatable pool
2 x Multiplex  carbon fiber awning system for Owner’s deck FWD area and for the Sun Deck FWD area
For design purposes, the following is provided for:
Main Garage Area 
1 × Reliant X40T limousine tender  – 11.50m × 3.65m × 2.61m; 8,470kg
1 × Reliant X40 Express craft – 11.50m × 3.65m × 2.84m; 9,298kg
1 × Reliant X40L Lander craft – 11.50m × 3.87m × 2.89m; 11,000kg
Jet Ski Garage Area
2 x Jet skis - Max size and weight: 3.0m × 1.05m × 1.0m; 325kg each
4 x Small kayaks
16 x Mountain bikes
2 x Segway type personal transporters
1 x Bauer Verticus 5 dive compressor
External Sun Deck
1 x Car max 4000 x 850mm
1 x Van max 4100 x 850mm
2 x motor bikes
Helicopter Landing Commercially approved day and night helicopter deck with Matre fire-fighting including foam, helideck sized for Bell 429 or similar.
 Fuel and refuelling system (Facet) are installed. The system is capable of both refuelling and defueling. Storage for approx 7,000 litres of heli fuel.
D Value 13.68m, Max take-off weight 3.4t.
Batteries Batteries are located on the under lower deck and their weight is approximately 36 tonnes. The batteries are divided in 780 modules which are able to provide a total power of 3 MWh which is sufficient to run the vessel for 12 hours without generator power.
All speeds, measurements, capacities, consumptions, etc. may be approximate or estimated.  Specifications provided for information only.  Data was obtained from sources believed to be reliable and is not guaranteed by owner or brokers.  Buyer assumes the responsibility to ascertain the correctness of all data contained herein and otherwise provided and must instruct his agent and surveyors to confirm all details for accuracy prior to purchase. Subject to prior sale price and inventory change or withdrawal from market without notice.

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