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Backed by the Beneteau Group, the Italian shipyard Monte Carlo yachts was established in late 2008. The shipyard builds luxury motor yachts ranging in size from 65 to 105 feet. Learn much more about the builder’s history below, and search for Monte Carlo Yachts for sale by length, price, year, and more.

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Company History

In less than 13 years, Monte Carlo Yachts has racked up more awards and loyal owners than shipbuilders four times its age. So, what’s the not-so-secret secret?

First, Monte Carlo yachts are produced at a state-of-the-art yard in Monfalcone, Italy, where the company capitalizes on the region’s design talent and production expertise. Second, while it does operate autonomously, Monte Carlo Yachts is backed by the French industrial boatbuilding giant – the Beneteau Group.

Combining Italian Art and Luxury With Naval Architecture and Manufacturing Precision

Monte Carlo’s nine models vary in length from 65 to 105 feet. What makes every yacht in the line special is the combination of Italian art and love of luxury with naval architecture and the functional manufacturing precision of modular construction. Imagine interiors being bonded to hulls with less than a five-millimeter variance. It’s technological breakthroughs like this that raise Monte Carlo Yachts to the highest quality levels while creating comfortable, spacious interiors and exteriors usually reserved for mega yachts.

Monte Carlo Yachts are Every Boat Owners Dream

Monte Carlo Yachts goes to great lengths to ensure every yacht matches the tastes and dreams of its owners. From providing numerous, customizable layout options to using the most exquisite interior fabrics and furniture from world-famous designers and materials such as Murano glass mosaics and translucent alabaster, the sky’s the limit. That’s why when you find a used Monte Carlo yacht you love for sale, it’s like winning the lottery.

So, how is it possible for a fledgling shipbuilder to design, build and launch one award-winning model after another just about every year? The answer: Modular construction. Using molds to build different sections of the boat, piecing them together and then bonding them to the hull is faster, easier and less expensive than traditional shipbuilding methods.

Browse through the following verbal snapshots of each Monte Carlo model built from 2010 to 2020, along with an impressive list of their awards, to get the big picture of why Monte Carlo yachts come out on top in a mega yacht world.

MCY 76 Flybridge: WOWing the Entire Yachting World

The brand’s very first model – MCY 76 Flybridge – was presented at Cannes in September 2010. The MCY 76 highlights include low fuel consumption, silent running even at top speeds, an elegant, carbon hardtop that shades the entire upper deck and Monte Carlo’s signature Portuguese deck, which is split by a walkway.

Apparently, not only did the MCY 76 fulfill the company’s vision of redefining luxury and adding value to every build, it WOWed the entire yachting world. And it sailed away from Cannes with two World Yachts Trophies: Best New Design Yacht and Most Innovative Project. That same year it also won numerous prizes including Boat of the Year at the Genoa International Boat Show and the Nautical Design Award from the Association for Industrial Design in Milan.

MCY 65 Flybridge: The Mini Mega Yacht

When the MCY 65 Flybridge was unveiled one year later, it was immediately dubbed the “mini mega yacht” because even though it was only a 65-footer, the innovative design created vast interior and exterior spaces reminiscent of much bigger yachts. From the sizeable flybridge and Portuguese bow design to the expansive windows, everything about the MCY 65 shouts “mega space.”

Yacht designers and testers alike rewarded the trendsetting design with favorable reviews and recognition, and singled out MCY’s mini-mega yacht as Best Motor Yacht 40 to 75 feet at the 2013 Shanghai Boat Show and Motor Boat of the Year at the 2013 London Boat Show.

MCY 70 Flybridge: Your First-Class Ride

The MCY 70, the third new boat in the series, was introduced in the summer of 2012 in Trieste, Italy. Newly designed from the keel up, the MCY 70 delivers a first-class ride and features a high flared bow with an entertainment area large enough to comfortably accommodate a dozen of your favorite friends. Monte Carlo 70 yachts for sale come with either three or four cabins on the lower deck.

Not to be outdone by her sister yachts, the MCY 70 won two awards its first year out: Best Design Award at the World Yacht Trophy in Cannes and Best Import Motor Yacht 70 to 80 feet at the  2012 Editor’s Choice Award at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.

MCY 86: If You Like It Large, That’s the One

In October 2013, Monte Carlo entered the Australian market and in 2014 introduced the MCY 86 – its largest yacht yet. Showcasing the company’s patented production process and the genius of Nuvolari Lenard design, the MCY 86 offers the brand’s hallmark tailor-made interiors and remarkably vast and versatile areas including the now famous bow lounge as well as five different lower-deck layouts.

Singled out as the Best Worldwide Production Motor Yacht 80 feet and above at the Asia Boating Award 2014 and the winner of the Best Motor Yacht 80 to 89 feet at Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show’s Editor’s Choice Awards, the MCY 86 scores another mega win for Italy’s Monte Carlo team.

MCY 105: Sporty but Elegant

During Monte Carlo’s fifth year in business, it introduced its latest flagship – the 105-foot MCY 105. Because of Monte Carlo’s advanced modular construction methods, including plug-and-play wiring and plumbing, this sporty, yet elegant, customized yacht was built in six months, while other shipyards took at least a year to turn out a production yacht of the same size.

The MCY 105 mirrors the cutting-edge construction and exterior and interior styling of its four predecessors, which probably explains why it repeatedly ended up in the winner’s circle.

Monte Carlo Yachts: Awards, Awards and More Awards

  • September 2015: Most Innovative Yacht in the 80 to 120-foot category at the Invictus Yacht Trophies Awards Gala at Cannes Yachting Festival
  • April 2016: Golden A Design Award in the Yacht & Marine Vessels Design category
  • May 2016: Interior design recognized by International Yacht and Aviation Awards
  • November 2016: Robb Report Best of the Best Award for yachts from 100 to 195 feet
  • March 2017 Best of the Best Award from Robb Report China
  • May 2017 World Superyacht Award in Semi-Displacement or Planing motor yachts 105 to 112-foot category

In 2016 and 2017, Monte Carlo Yachts added 80 and 96-foot vessels to its line – each with new and improved technology and design choices to ensure unprecedented luxury, comfort and pleasure on extended cruises. The recognition these two models received showed the MCY brand once again hit its mark.

MCY 80 won for Best Layout in its class at the World Yacht Trophies, Yachts France magazine, July 2016, and Best Flybridge Yacht 55 to 80 feet at the 13th edition of the Asia Boating Award’s Ceremony, April 2017

MCY 96 received Best International Motor Yacht in the 78 to 98-foot category, January 2018, and Best Flybridge Yacht above 80 feet at Asia Boating Awards during the Singapore Yacht Show

In 2019, Monte Carlo Yachts launched the second generation MCY Collection with three new models: MCY 70, MCY 66, MCY 76.

Three Second Generation Monte Carlo Yachts Models: MCY 70, MCY 66, MCY 76

MCY 70

The first was the MCY 70. It was Monte Carlo Yachts’ sixth addition to the lineup and was the second smallest model at the time. The 2019 version of the MCY 70 offered even more customization options, a top speed of 30+ knots, wider than ever decks and superb drive-ability. Kudos from the cruising world included Best Flybridge Yacht in its size category in the Asia Boating Award 2019, and the Most Achieved Award in the 64 to 80-foot segment at the World Yacht Trophies organized by Yachts France magazine at Cannes, September 2019.

MCY 66

Then in May 2019, the MCY 66 debuted. Designed by the renowned Nuvolari Lenard studio, the most outstanding new feature of this model was the large windows that furnished sweeping views of blue water and bathed everything in natural light. The MCY 66 received the Most Achieved Award in the 64 to 80-foot category at the World Yacht Trophies organized by Yachts France magazine, and Polish Boat of the Year for yachts over 30 feet.

MCY 76

The last of the trio, released in July, was the MCY 76. Even though it shares the same name as the very first Monte Carlo Yacht, it set a new standard for technological advancements and comfort. Everything about this boat focuses on a carefree, luxurious experience. Low sound levels, even at top speeds, mean you can use your indoor voice at the helm and ease of handling leads to stress-free fingertip steering. The MCY 76, like every Monte Carlo Yacht, is well laid out with immense interiors, wide walk-around decks and relaxing spaces. The MCY 76 captured the Robb Report China Best of the Best 2019 Yacht Category (under 100 feet).

MCY 70 Skylounge

The MCY 70 Skylounge, which debuted in Hong Kong in 2020, is the brand’s first model with an enclosed flybridge, making it ideal for those who want to cruise in comfort year-round. And, like every other Monte Carlo yacht, it’s wide, roomy and completely customizable. However, it also adheres to the corporate vision of bringing people closer to nature. That’s why the MCY 70 Skylounge has a sunroof that opens, sliding glass doors and floor-to-ceiling windows throughout as well as open spaces on the top deck and an open lounge area at the front bow.

Shipyard Stats

  • Founded: Monte Carlo Yachts, late 2008, Monfalcone, Italy
  • Division of French Beneteau Groupe
  • Type: Semi-custom, luxury yachts, motor yachts and mega yachts, 65 to 105 feet
  • Models: MCY 76, MCY 65, MCY 70, MCY 86, MCY 105, MCY 80, MCY 96, MCY 66, MCY 70 Skylounge
  • Construction: Kevlar and carbon fiber hull

If you’re looking for an award-winning yacht that is the personification of beauty, versatility and, above all, luxury, check out our comprehensive yacht MLS database of Monte Carlo Yachts for sale today.



Monfalcone, Italy


Kevlar and Carbon Fiber Hull