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Established in 1986 by Dave Christensen, Christensen Yachts is a notable American builder of luxury mega yachts that range in size from 35 to 50 meters in length. These sought-after vessels are built of composite fiberglass construction with ultra-luxury interiors that have been designed by today’s most renowned designers. Search below for Christensen yachts for sale by length, price, year, and more.

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Company History

Christensen Yachts is an American builder of custom luxury motor yachts ranging from 35 to 50 meters in length. Founded in 1986, the yacht builder is recognized as one of the world’s leaders in composite fiberglass construction. Today, there is a large fleet of highly sought-after Christensen yachts for sale and yachts for charter in the market.

The shipyard was established nearly four decades ago when their founder, Dave Christensen, couldn’t find a beautifully finished U.S.-built luxury yacht and decide to build it on his own, focusing on yacht building the right way. Dave decided he would offer the same reliability and quality to other yacht owners, and that is why today the company is often dubbed the “yacht owner’s shipyard.”

The American shipyard is led by two owners, who own Christensen yachts and are committed to elevating further the quality and yacht building experience of the company.

Christensen, The Yacht Owner’s Shipyard

The celebrated shipyard’s flagship location is in Vancouver, Washington in 180,000 square feet of climate-controlled manufacturing space as well as a marina that spans seven acres. Due to numerous bays for shipbuilding located nearby all the significant craft shops, this convenience allows the company’s employees to efficiently construct its vessels up to 164 feet in length. The company also features in-house stonework, and a top-quality upholstery and finishing studio. 

Currently in build in Tellico Lake, Tennessee, Christensen Shipyard’s future facility will comprise of a 450,000 square foot climate-controlled manufacturing space spanning over 55 acres and will feature 13 large assembly and manufacturing bays. This will allow the company to increase its portfolio and build yachts up to 225 feet, while still keeping its original facility working. Coming soon, the shipyard will share an east and west coast presence across the United States. 

According to recent news, Vigor Industrial will be taking over the Vancouver, Washington location of Christensen Shipyard to build the US Army’s new landing craft, the MSV – maneuver support vessel. Vigor Industrial plans to employ the 400 workers at the Vancouver, Washington site and will be investing millions of dollars in upgrades and equipment. 

Decades of Boat Building Experience Combined with Highest Quality Within Budget and On Time Yacht Delivery

Christensen Shipyards offers approximately 1,000 years of combined boat building experience, with 120 boat builders that work to ensure each yacht is constructed to the highest quality and delivered on time and within budget. All semi-custom yachts by Christensen Shipyards are constructed with the strongest composite materials, through a state-of-the-art process that employs large-scale vacuum infusion processes married with exclusive in-house methods to build yachts that are stronger than steel and solid laminate. 

The company manufactures authentic semi-custom yachts that are true ocean-going vessels with its 180,000 square feet of climate-controlled manufacturing space. The company’s in-house yacht building metal department form details such as handrails, stairways, and many other stainless-steel elements that are created to the highest standards. Its stonework department sources exquisite marbles, onyx, granite, and more from all over the globe for the ultimate detailing aboard its yachts.

Meanwhile, the shipyard’s woodworking is responsible for all the built-in cabinetry and wooden finishes across the interiors. Skills include varnishing, painting, sanding and more that take place in its finishing bays.

To complete the interiors of these semi-custom yachts, Christensen also employs a series of upholstery craftsmen and women that create soft goods such as pillows, cushions, and built-in furnishings and work alongside highly recognized interior designers to create one-of-a-kind styles for its clientele.

Shipyard Stats

  • Size: 35 to 50 meters
  • Type: Luxury motor yachts

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