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Established in 1873 by Lorenzo Benetti, Benetti yachts is one of the most respected and renowned builders of superyachts in the world today. The shipyard is known for building yachts made of fiberglass, aluminum, and steel ranging from 30 meters and up. Search below for the Benetti yacht of your dreams.

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Benetti Yachts Models

Model Name Production Year LOA Beam Draft
ALUNYA 2023 49.9m (163' 9") 0' (0m) 0' (0m)
FANTASEA 2019 49.9m (163' 9") 0' (0m) 0' (0m)
FB700 46.95m (154' 1") 9.1m (29' 11") 2.32m (7' 8")
M/Y Triumph CUSTOM 65m 2021 65m (213' 4") 0' (0m) 0' (0m)
Motopanfilo 37 2022 36.8m (120' 9") 0' (0m) 0' (0m)
Oasis 34 2022 34.36m (112' 9") 0' (0m) 0' (0m)
Oasis 40 2023 40.8m (133' 11") 0' (0m) 0' (0m)

Company History

The Benetti shipyard is one of the oldest and most distinguished Italian luxury yacht builders. From the company’s oldest yacht in wood, to its latest, most innovative vessel of custom steel and aluminum, each has been built with dedication to Italian craftmanship.

The shipyard was founded in 1873 by Lorenzo Benetti, who sought to create commercial sailing vessels built from wood for local and international trade but whose company became world-famous for their large, custom-built, luxury mega yachts constructed in fiberglass, aluminum, and steel, and ranging from 30 to 60 meters in length and beyond.

“Upon the death of Lorenzo, his sons Gino and Emilio took over the Benetti shipyard and gave it a new name: Fratelli Benetti. Under Fratelli Benetti, the shipyard thrived and stayed in the family for decades. Fratelli Benetti, under sons Gino and Emilio, managed to pass down the Benetti shipyard for 100 years until it went under new ownership.”

The Azimut Benetti Boat Group

“In 1985, the Benetti shipyard was purchased by the Azimut Benetti boat group, who transformed the shipyard into the innovative, technologically advanced and modern yacht building boatyard it is today, with one of the world’s largest number of superyachts under construction.”

The company builds yachts of custom steel and aluminum with advanced propulsion systems and the utmost in Italian style.

The Azimut Benetti Group owns many brands, including Azimut Yachts, Benetti yachts, Yachtique, and more yacht building companies as well as Fraser Yachts, a renowned yacht brokerage company.

The Azimut Benetti Group offers the broadest range of motor yachts spanning from 34 feet up to and over 100 meters, that are built by Benetti.

The largest network producing mega yachts and the globe’s foremost private group in the luxury yacht industry, the Azimut Benetti Group operates in 68 countries with a large group of 138 offices.

“From the yard’s oldest yacht, to its latest creation of custom steel and aluminum, The Azimut Benetti Group’s passion for tradition, skill, yacht building, and fine craftsmanship has resulted in the delivery of highly sought-after luxury yachts for sale and charter.”

With advanced propulsion systems and technology, some of Benetti shipyard’s most popular vessels include the 86-meter mega yacht Nabila, which was built for a Saudi Arabian billionaire Adnan Kashoggi and was featured in the James Bond film “Never Say Never Again;” the 59-meter superyacht  Xanadu (now known as  St. David), and many more vessels.

Find Benetti yachts for sale on the World’s Most Trusted MLS for Yachts and Boats for Sale. Once you have sifted through the Benetti yachts available on YATCO, it’s time to contact a yacht broker. A seasoned yacht broker will help you narrow down your options according to your lifestyle and needs and will advise you all along the way through your purchase and delivery.

Shipyard Stats

  • Founder: Lorenzo Benetti
  • Size: 34 feet up to and over 100 meters
  • Type: Mega yachts, superyachts

Find Benetti yachts for sale on the World’s Most Trusted MLS for Yachts and Boats for Sale.



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