Women in Yachting – Part 37: Giverny Jade, Mortlock Yachts

This month we’re talking to Giverny Jade, Head of Charter for Mortlock Yachts, about how she got into yachting.

As the yachting industry continues to grow, more and more women are making a significant impact on this traditionally male-dominated space. Here, YATCO takes the time to get to know some of these women – from all areas of the market – and highlight the important work that they contribute to the industry.

Giverny Jade is the Head of Charter for Mortlock Yachts.

What drew you to the yachting world? 

When I was around 19 years old, a friend of mine shared his experience delivering a catamaran from South Africa to Brazil. It sounded like an incredible journey, and I was eager to explore the world.

Learning that one could earn a living while traveling onboard yachts, I immediately jumped at the opportunity to complete the courses and head over to Europe. My journey turned out quite differently from his when I arrived in the South of France, discovering rows of luxurious yachts in every port.

After spending 11 years working as crew on charter yachts, I decided to settle ashore in 2011 and start a family with my husband. Yachting opened my eyes to the extraordinary world of diverse cultures, unique destinations, and fascinating individuals you meet along the way. Today, I find myself overseeing the Charter Department of our own brokerage, Mortlock Yachts. 

How did you get your start in yachting? 

Upon arriving in France and realizing my French vocabulary was limited to ordering wine, croissants, and baguettes, I quickly memorized a simple introduction and began strolling the docks in Cannes. Luckily, I secured a position as a Stew/ Deck with a kind, humorous, and seasoned French Captain. During that initial year, I met my husband, and together we managed charter yachts for the same owner over the next decade. 

Who are some influential people in your life that you look up to? 

I truly consider my circle of friends (who I call “my tribe”) to be my most consistent and positive influence. I believe you should surround yourself with people who inspire and empower you regularly, and that support should be reciprocated. I’m especially motivated by the powerhouse of amazing, strong women in my life.

What are some challenges you face and how do you overcome them? 

Being away from family for long periods of time has been a challenging aspect of my years living in Europe.

I have adapted (more than overcome) to these challenges by bringing my family to Europe, flying home when possible, and growing our family here. 

What advice would you give someone who is starting in the yachting industry? 

With the increasing amount of competition in the industry (on land and onboard), I believe that the most important aspect is your attitude and approach. We cannot control what happens to us, but we can control how we handle it.

I often approach situations with a mindset of “How can I contribute more to a positive outcome and how can I learn and grow from this experience?”. 

What is the most rewarding/enjoyable element of your job? 

Quite honestly, the satisfaction of overcoming challenging tasks with positive results

What is your favorite thing about working in the yacht market? 

It’s definitely the people – both industry professionals and clients – and the amazing destinations! 

What are you currently working on and what keeps you motivated? 

Growing our business. Being busy keeps me motivated. 

 You can connect with Giverny via Instagram, LinkedIn or Facebook.

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