Sales & Marketing

Software Designed and Developed for the unique needs of the Yachting Industry

YATCO BOSS provides the industry's most advanced suite of sales and marketing tools for yachting professionals availale. This online suite of applications serves as the main hub for all sales and marketing activities, whether selecting contact "vessel" preferences, setting up client insight analytics, automating email marketing, posting to social media or website blogs, everything is easily accessible via the YATCO BOSS platform.

Your Brand, Your Marketing

Our platform is fully capable of offering you the possibility of an exclusive white-labeled version and can be tailored to your unique needs, saving you company time, no more headaches and cost. Further, the Sales and Marketing Solutions provide efficiency and maintain a bridge to the worlwide yachting community while simultaneously adapting to the unique needs of your business.

Client Intelligence, Anchoring & Leads

YATCO uses state-of-the-art online tracking techniques and consumer registration to gather detailed history and intelligence reports on consumers. Based on Sales Manager CRM, Fleet Manager MLS and other YATCO BOSS services subscribers gain invaluable insight and information on interaction and interest into their inventory.

What you can do with YATCO BOSS Marketing and Sales Solution?

Sales Manager CRM

Easily manage all contacts and potential client information, track activity, organize into groups for targeted marketing campaigns and leverage vessel insight with your Fleet Manager MLS data.

Email Marker

Transfor your vessel and contact data into dynamic branded email marketing campaigns. Campaigns can be automated, prompted by user interaction or sent out manually.

Social Publisher

Instantly transform vessel data into compelling content for social media channels without ever leaving the BOSS interface and publish the YATCO MLS yacht search on your Facebook page.

Auto Prospecter

Recieve automatic alerts if a new vessel or updated vessel information matches your contact's vessel "looking for" parameters so you can alert your client in real time.

Client Tracker

Uncover invaluable data on your contacts including website interaction, search history and response to sales and marketing campaingns.

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