Next Generation of Yachting – Part 25: Cenk Avdan, BOA Yachts

This month we are speaking with Cenk Avdan, co-founder of BOA YACHTS. Learn about what drives his passion for yachting in the YATCO series.

Looking to the future of yachting, YATCO interviews fresh faces in the industry to discover how they got their start, their career highlights so far, and what they predict for the future of the yacht market. 

This month, we are speaking with Cenk Avdan, Founding Partner of BOA YACHTS.

What is your background and how did you start in yachting?

I have lived in Bodrum, Türkiye since I was 10 years old, and there is no other place in the world where the color blue is as beautiful as it is here. No matter what you do, you cannot stay away from the sea in Bodrum, which is how my love and passion for the sea developed. 

Growing up in a tourism city brings is a passion for luxury living. I believe that every person deserves the best, so I have turned my mission into developing, renting, and selling the best quality sea vehicles. My university education in philosophy taught me to take a philosophical approach to anything I do. My motivation comes from the joy of turning guests’ dreams into reality. 

I can say that my passion for [boats and the ocean came from] growing up in a coastal town. My childhood friends’ birthdays are always on a boat, and we took boat trips in the summer. With this childhood, I didn’t need to think much about what I would do [for work because this passion] became my motivation. 

In my early twenties, I started by researching boats for a global company. This process allowed me to acquire knowledge about boats and increased my passion. Next, I started renting boats and when I was selling boats and realized that I was starting to dislike everything, I thought it was time to set my own standards.

While thinking about new designs and ideas that will make the sea experience extraordinary, [my partners and I] started to produce ideas that would make guest satisfaction exceptional.

Today, as a founding partner of BOA YACHTS, we design boats, manufacture new boats, and go above and beyond to improve the quality of our clients’ experiences

I can clearly see that the sea will be a safe zone in the future. The factors that allow me to see this are the increase in natural disasters, flexible economic balances, and investment anxieties.

The fact that the safe zone is the sea is revealed here quite simply; you bought a plot of land or a villa and in the areas where you made this investment, economic balances are often quite turbulent, sometimes you have to sell the property you bought at a lower price than you bought it for, you can’t just walk away. However, if you have a nice boat built, you can carry your wealth with you. Even if there is an economic crisis where you live, you can easily sell your boat at its value in another country.

Now you tell me, would you prefer an investment that is mobile or stable? 

Say there is another global pandemic, could there be a safer and more isolated area for you and your family than a boat that belongs to you personally? When you look at it, I can define investment in marine vehicles as a safe zone for the future. [These investments] will evolve into nature-friendly projects. We will observe an increase in the number of sailing yachts, and I am sure we will witness cargo ships powered by wind. On the other hand, our guests who order yachts or want to buy a boat have expectations for unique designs and innovations.

There is a significant increase in personalized requests in a short time and the desire to be unique is growing rapidly. 

What are some of your most memorable and successful moments?

Every happy moment I see on the face of my guests [becomes one of] my happiest memories. The sum of these happy moments is one of the most important factors that [leads me forward in business]. If you are doing a job just to make money, you are doing the wrong job.

I believe my most successful moments depend on how we define success. Doing the impossible and creating unique designs specific to [a client’s needs] are the factors that will make you successful, but being successful is a lifelong adventure. That’s why we continue on the journey, and I focus only on the best. My most successful moment was reaching this feeling. 

What do you aspire to for the future?

My future goal will be to undertake projects that are in harmony with nature, have humanitarian awareness, and always make the seaside experience more enjoyable.

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This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity. 

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