From Life on Board as a Superyacht Captain to Yacht Brokers: The Journey of Mortlock Yachts

The professional route to yachting varies for every individual, and while many yacht brokers and charter agents found their feet on board a vessel, their journeys rarely start with educational social media videos. That is, until Mortlock Yachts.

Tristan Mortlock and Giverny Jade, Mortlock Yachts

Founded by husband-and-wife duo Tristan Mortlock and Giverny Jade, this yacht brokerage is driven by passion, experience on board, and a social media following of yachting enthusiasts

Both hailing from illustrious careers as yacht crew, Giverny and Tristan have a combined 30+-year experience on board and left their roles as captain and chief stewardess in 2021 to start Mortlock Yachts, a full-service brokerage agency.

“We’re not just another brokerage,” Tristan emphasizes, reflecting on their journey shoreside. “Having spent years as crew, we’ve seen what it takes to run successful charter yachts. That insight drives us to offer something different.”

Yachting YouTube: Super Yacht Captain  

While working on board, Tristan started a YouTube channel, Super Yacht Captain. What began as a platform to showcase the everyday life of yacht crew blossomed into a community of over 200,000+ subscribers, with a growing number of charter clients finding and booking itineraries as a result of the videos.

“It’s about creating a connection,” Giverny explains. “Through the channel, viewers build a relationship with us. We can establish a rapport with our clients even before they make contact. That’s the essence of our approach with Mortlock.” 

When they decided to move shoreside, starting their own brokerage was a smooth transition from life as senior crew, and driven by clients reaching out to them online.

“Considering the reach we already had on social media, especially with YouTube, it just made sense,” adds Tristan.  

Their experience as crew, coupled with a keen understanding of client expectations, positions Mortlock Yachts well in both the charter and sales market. “We know the expectations from and of all parties involved,” says Tristan. “We just speak the same language.”

With a focus on charters and armed with an intimate knowledge of the charter yacht landscape, they navigate clients through the complexities of organizing an itinerary with ease. “We bridge the gap,” Giverny says, “Between crew and brokers, between vision and reality. It’s about translating a client’s dreams into experiences that they want to revisit year after year. Our method is to nurture our relationships with clients and anticipate each aspect of their charter so that they don’t have to.

“Our strength lies in our understanding,” Tristan adds. “We have an overview from both sides; the information and communication needs of the crew and the expectations and coordination necessary for the Clients”. 

Beyond Yacht Charter Brokerage 

Beyond the charter brokerage aspect of yachting, Mortlock’s influence extends to new build yachts, sales and management. 

“Last year, we had the opportunity to collaborate with a client on a new build project, a 499 GT vessel destined for luxury chartering. The client found us through the YouTube channel,” explains Tristan. 

Mortlock’s perspective as former crew members added a pragmatic dimension to the build process. “We understand that a charter yacht must not only impress with its aesthetics but also function seamlessly in the fast-paced world of chartering,” Giverny adds.

For a yacht frequented by busy charter guests or operating back-to-back charters, efficiency is paramount. Every aspect, from the choice of materials to the layout and design, must mean smooth operations. Easy-to-clean surfaces, durable hardware, and practical storage solutions are essential.

“We emphasize the importance of considering the yacht’s operational aspects from a crew’s standpoint. Factors such as the ease of launching and recovering water toys, the efficiency of mechanical systems, and the optimization of onboard workflows play a crucial role in enhancing the overall charter experience,” adds Tristan.

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