Northern Europe Charters

Scandinavia has a long history of cruising, boating and fishing, making it an ideal charter yacht destination.

Northern Europe / The Ideal Destination

If it is possible to grow tired of white sand beaches and warm tropical waters, Northern Europe could provide a welcome change. The rugged coastlines and chilly waters are more suited to kayaking and hiking than sunning one’s self. The Baltic Sea has hosted many of the world’s largest yachts as they’ve launched and is home to the world’s more prominent megayacht builders. North Germany and the Netherlands launch a number of the World’s Largest Yachts every year. Scandinavia has a long history of cruising, boating and fishing, making it an ideal charter yacht destination. Charter guests can hike a glacier or the fjords of Norway, visiting the bustling capital cities of Oslo, Norway, and Stockholm, Sweden. The sailing around the United Kingdom can be tricky but the scenery and the history can make being off the beaten track worth it. Although there are few megayacht berths, there are more than enough anchorages for a protected night while on charter. A yacht charter through Northern Europe and the Baltic Sea is influenced by the weather. The winter nights are long and days short; summer—though short—is the prime season. The northern latitude means the days stretch out nearly endlessly, and, when the sun shines, it warms the rugged cliffs and brightens the grasses. Northern Europe may not be Saint-Tropez, but there’s a joy to getting off the beaten path and finding a personal perfect destination.

The British Isles Charters

Although not a traditional yacht charter destination, the British Isles offer some beautiful cruising grounds.

Nordic & Arctic Charters

Today, there is more and more demand for expedition yachts to make the voyage to the top of the world and embark on a Nordic or Arctic yacht charter.

The Baltic Charters

The countries bordering the Baltic Sea have long been associated with sophisticated architecture, medieval cities, grand buildings lining cobble-stone streets, vast enchanting forests and a picture perfect coastline packed with unspoiled islands perfect for exploring on a yacht charter.

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