Caribbean and Atlantic Yacht Charter

One of the most popular regions to explore the waterworld via super yacht is the Caribbean. This region is a superyacht charterer’s dream.

Caribbean and Atlantic / A Cascade of Islands and Cultures

One of the most popular regions to explore the waterworld via super yacht is the Caribbean. Now, it is often spoke of in general terms, as if the islands that sit in the Caribbean Seaare homogenous based solely on the body of water they inhabit, but each island is an independent nation. Island hopping, by definition, becomes an international affair during a Caribbean yacht charter.From the North Caribbean and its rustic, old-world islands of the Bahamas, Turks & Caicos, Cuba, Dominican Republic, the Cayman Islands and Jamaica –where the focus is simply getting on island time and relaxing to the glitz and glamor of the southern Caribbean and the islands of The Leeward Islands, the Virgin Islands, Dutch Antilles and Windward Islands. This region is a superyacht charterer’s dream.Charter season in the Caribbean begins in November (either after the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show or at the end of hurricane season, depending on your perspective) through March, when the yachts cross the Atlantic to return to the Med.Although the Caribbean is divided up into several sections, what the entire region has in common is the opportunity to go from secluded beach cove to bustling port and back again with only a short cruise, which can often be done by tender.

Cuba -Top Marinas

Port of Havana, Havana: This port has one of the most beautiful sail-ins as you pass the ancient buildings of the city on either side of the 200-meter wide channel. It has a good selection of amenities and located close to the old town, you can waste no time and get out to explore.

Caribbean South Atlantic Charter Cuba Havana Landmarks
Caribbean South Atlantic Charter Cuba Beach

Cuba -Top Anchorages

Cayo Levisa: A stretch of sandy bays with fantastic diving and snorkeling opportunities. Each of these bays, located approximately 60KM west of Havana are very well protected and usually fairly private. A great place to get the water toys out, or tender ashore for a picnic on the beach.

Cayman Islands Yacht Charter

For family fun, high-end indulgence and islands that feel more like mainland US than the Caribbean, head to the Cayman Islands.

Cuba Yacht Charter

Although as of yet, Cuba is not a typical superyacht charter destination, its shores are becoming to be a popular choice. A few marinas have opened, and with the recent push on high-end tourism –Cuba is the yachting destination to watch in the future.

Dominican Republic Yacht Charter

Expect palm-fringed pristine beaches, dramatic cliff faces, mangrove lagoons or sweeping dunes. No other Caribbean yacht charter destination offers such a diverse range of landscapes.

Dutch Antilles Yacht Charter

The trio of islands located just north of the coast of Venezuela seem to have more in common with South America than they do with the rest of the Caribbean. So a yacht charter here has a distinctly different vibe.

Jamaica Yacht Charter

The laid back island of Jamaica has been a firm favorite wedding and honeymoon destination for many years, but the recent influx of luxury lifestyle means that the superyacht world has also officially arrived.

The Leeward Islands Charter

There is no better cluster of islands to explore via a superyacht charter than that of the Leeward Islands.

Puerto Rico Yacht Charter

The island of Puerto Rico, lovingly known as the ‘Island of Enchantment’, is an ideal superyacht charter destination.

Turks & Caicos Yacht Charter

The islands of the Turks & Caicos are located just south of the Bahamas and north of the Dominican Republic. In total there are around 40 islands of which, just seven are inhabited simply perfect for a yacht charter.

Virgin Islands Yacht Charter

Lying in the middle of the Caribbean curve lies the enchanting Virgin Islands. These islands offer emerald-colored anchorages, white sand beaches, trendy bars and restaurants all with a distinctly Caribbean feel. Perfect for a luxury yacht charter.

Windward Islands Yacht Charter

The Caribbean’s Windward Islands lie in the south-eastern waters makes for an idyllic winter sun superyacht charter.

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