Australia And New Zealand Charters

When planning a yacht charter to Australia, a guest’s first thought is typically The Great Barrier Reef.

Australia and New Zealand/History on the Sea

When planning a yacht charter to Australia, a guest’s first thought is typically The Great Barrier Reef. Although the Reef still attracts plenty of visitors with its diverse underwater flora and fauna, the vast coastlines of Australia — not to mention New Zealand — offer coastal cities and plenty of opportunities to explore aboard a charter yachts. Prime charter season is May through December, summer Down Under. Yacht charters through Southern Australia will be based out of Sydney. There, yachts can anchor off the Sydney Opera House and take the tender into port. Charter guests who depart out of Perth can swim where the Indian and Pacific Oceans converge. Vacationers looking to explore the Great Barrier Reef by charter yacht can also take advantage of the many islands to explore as well as coastal caves, where aboriginal paintings can still be seen. The jagged coastline of sparsely populated New Zealand is perfect for off-the-beaten-path cruising, while still being close to restaurants and wineries. New Zealand’s most populated city, Auckland, can make a key starting destination to a yacht charter. The north tip of the South Island is also a popular cruising ground. Marlborough Sound features deep fjords, perfect for cruising. The Sauvignon Blanc grape thrives in the New Zealand climate, so charter guests may relish the opportunity to walk through the local vineyards and find a new favorite wine to accompany dinner. The island nations of Australia and New Zealand have a long history with the sea. In modern cruising, many crew members are from the region, so many charter guests will be able to get an insider’s view of the area.

Auckland Yacht Charter

The capital city of New Zealand is found towards the tip of the North Island and has become known as the ‘City of Sails.’ New Zealand is known as an outdoor sports enthusiast’s dream destination and Auckland offers it all.

Bay of Islands Yacht Charter

Located in the north of New Zealand’s North Island, the Bay of Islands offer an enchanting yacht charter experience.

Great Barrier Reef Yacht Charter

A yacht charter in The Great Barrier Reef is what diving dreams are made of. Long lazy days filled with diving, sunshine and swimming in aquamarine waters.

Marlborough Sound's Yacht Charter

Located on the North east of the South Island, covering an area of 4000 square kilometers Marlborough Sound offers some fantastic sailing through craggy coves, sea-drowned valleys and sheltered bays.

Queensland Yacht Charter

Each offering white sand beaches, azure waters and some with luxury resorts, making it a perfect place to spend a week or two on a superyacht charter.

Sydney Yacht Charter

A yacht charter around the Australian city of Sydney offers fantastic panoramas from the yacht and an exciting playground on land.

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