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Looking for explorer yachts and boats for sale? The explorer yachts we sell are for the adventurous heart. Their definition is simple, yet their boat specifications are complicated. In recent years, explorer yachts have become more attainable, and there are several plans that are just waiting for an owner to sign the dotted line to begin building. An explorer yacht is durable, strong and autonomous in nature. They allow for endless adventures. Yacht owners can go easily go anywhere for forty days without support. Finding and buying the perfect explorer yacht just got easier with YATCO. Designed by yachting professionals for today’s yacht market, we are the industry’s most trusted and accurate search platform. We provide access to the world's most comprehensive yacht database while ensuring all exclusive, central boat listings adhere to a strict code of rules and ethics. Read more...

Because of the unique nature and specifications of an explorer yacht, yacht owners can choose and buy exactly what they want aboard. In considering if an explorer yacht is the right buy for you to indulge in. There are considerations to be made about the explorer yacht itself, and the purposes and goals the boat owners have in owning an explorer yacht.

Who should buy an explorer yacht? If you are looking to buy a yacht that can handle extreme weather conditions, then the explorer boat is right for you! It can be fit for conditions such as the arctic or warm weather. The characteristics that a boat fit for the arctic would include a hull that can cut through ice and/or a reinforced ice belt. The dangers of maneuvering through the icy waters even with an experienced captain is hazardous. So, a yacht that can be handled easily and has a larger boiler, heated shell door seals, and over-sized machinery is encouraged. On the other side of the spectrum would be the amazon. In places such as this, instead of combating the frigid conditions, one is combating overheating and protection from mosquitoes. Air conditioning that can go overtime is essential. Also, a source for freshwater production would be beneficial asset. Secondly, an explorer yacht that is easy to maintain is important. This may seem to be a trivial item on the list of what to look for. However, during your explorations, the yacht crew you hire will have multiple responsibilities, and may at times have their hands full with weather conditions. If there is an added problem with upkeep, it may be harder to find a crew. Also, depending on your particular destination, certain maintenance could not be possible unless within the port and with the extended traveling times available, why waste time with unnecessary hardships? The third point, to consider when thinking about to buy an explorer yacht is what the engine room is a capable one.  Having a reliable system, and knowing the extent to push your engines will allow you to have carefree travels. With these ideas in mind, YATCO hopes you buy the perfect explorer yacht choice for your next adventure!

At YATCO, you will only find valid  yacht listings, which means no unwanted duplicates, bogus or expired listings. We also work closely with leading worldwide yacht brokerage associations to certify that all yacht broker members are qualified professionals.

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121' 11" (37.16m) JFA
$8,800,000 USD
79' (24.08m) HARTMAN YACHTS
3,975,000 € EUR
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Category: Expedition Yacht


Explorer 32 Hybrid
104' 4" (31.80m)
9,300,000 € EUR
93' 5" (28.47m) JADE YACHTS
4,250,000 € EUR
Citadel 92
92' (28.04m) CITADEL YACHTS
Call for Price
Thomas Crosby V
90' (27.43m) STAR SHIPYARD
$699,000 USD
88' 9" (27.05m) MondoMarine
Call for Price
87' (26.50m) Richard Lowestoft
1,950,000 € EUR
78' 5" (23.90m) ALUSHIP LTD
2,675,000 € EUR
75' 2" (22.91m) Washburn & Doughty
$1,450,000 USD
57' (17.37m) NORTHERN MARINE
$2,750,000 USD
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